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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Sir, audio is always subjective topic. The audio output we hear have lots of components involved right from the source file to the end components, that is the transducers which reproduce the audio and let us listen it. And each and every component of this chain is equally important for quality audio output.

Upgrading a car audio system can be a complex and costly process. It's important to do proper research before investing in upgrades to ensure that you are getting the best possible results. First, it's important to look at the current components, such as speakers, amplifier, and head unit, and determining if they fit your audio goal or they are the bottlenecks and you wish to upgrade any such components. The goal should be such that each component of the final chain is designed to excel in the role it is designed for and you get a proper taste of the music you like. Remember any particular component you install may not be the best, but it should excel in it's part otherwise that particular component may dilute the overall experience. But there comes the catch of budget and if you have a set budget in your mind then it is better to set the priorities first and explore accordingly. And from my experience the first and foremost priority should be given to the installation process. How good you may have speakers or amplifiers etc but at the end you may end up getting unsatisfactory results if your installer doesn't perform his job perfectly. Also good damping should be preferred for good end result along with better cables.

For upgrades, first it is to be considered if an active setup or passive setup you are looking at. And accordingly everything can be planned. A better head unit which can handle hi res audio is a great convenience, but there's ways to bypass the head unit completely as well and cleaner files can be fed to the system. You can consider adding a sound processor in addition to the speaker, sub and amp upgrades. Sound processors can be used for advanced features like time alignment, crossover, EQ adjustments etc to better match the acoustics of the car, and to improve the overall sound quality.
Also it is better to check component compatibility before going for purchases for avoiding any hassles during installation.

Finally, the most important thing is to enjoy your music. Upgrade your car audio system to suit your preferences, and as mentioned before by fellow bhpians if possible take auditions and try different components and go for the ones that suit your preference. Remeber audio is always subjective, some may prefer bright signature and the someone else may find the same signature as harsh to his ears. So do an in depth research and select your components carefully.
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Here are installation pictures from yesterday, installed JL audio 6 inch subwoofer in stock location. We got two custom MDF rings made and subwoofer was fitted. Panel and body where subwoofer is fitted was damped with vibromax damping.

Installation, DSP was tuned by Amandeep Singh Gujral ( old Teambhp audio geeks). Insta link -

Link to the audio output of my Safari
Attached Thumbnails
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_102900_gallery.jpg  

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_102915_gallery.jpg  

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_102945_gallery.jpg  

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_102958_gallery.jpg  

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_103012_gallery.jpg  

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-smartselect_20230124_103033_gallery.jpg  

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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Thank you all for your suggestions and inputs. I am considering all of the options. I will do this in stages and see at which point I am happy with the set up. Unfortunately, changing the head unit is out of the question, but the other options are definitely viable.

Since I have been very caught up over the last few weeks and the next 2-3 weeks also seem busy, I will mostly look at something definitive only after mid-March. However, I am already trying a few things:
  1. I have switched to playing music via AUX through an old Galaxy S10 phone. I use a Shanling UA Pro dongle along with the phone. Unfortunately, this highlights some of the issues further
  2. I have been streaming lossless off Apple Music for a while but now have also started playing FLAC files off PowerAmp.

The next thing on the list is damping. But I am sure if I get the opportunity to upgrade the speakers and sub while opening up the door pads then I will get that done too.

I normally go to Throttle in Bangalore for my audio needs but I am not sure if extensive changes are up their alley. I have a trip to Chennai coming up so I might check out speedfreaks.

Again, thank you all for your inputs.
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Hi! Usually the stock music set up for these range of vehicles are not of the highest quality even though the manufacturers market as JBL/ Bosch Sony - 8 speaker, 10 speaker , 3d sound set up.

Looking at your predicament, the thing to do is to take it slow and take things one at a time till the chime from the set up satisfies your soul.

A decent good quality set up that for every day listening pleasure can cost anything between 1.5L and beyond..and usually it segregated in the following steps which tend to improve the sound in the vehicle..

01. Damping - Atleast damp the 5 doors in two lining the door metal sheet on the inside and the other over the metal frame.

Then feel the sound for a few days.

02. Change Replace the front pair of speakers with a good pair of components - you can go with JL Audio / Morel / kicker/Audison etc- The range starts from 13-15 K for a pair upto a Lakh ..depends on your budget - between 13 -20K , you will get a much much better sound quality than stock speakers and the quality is very very good indeed..

Again feel the sound for a few days..

03. Next you can do the same thing for rear speakers.
So, by now you should get a lot of clarity in sound, and be loving it..using the low end from your existing sub..

04. If you still think something amiss, now would be the time to change to a decent sub which would cost anything between 30k upwards..again refer to the brand of speakers mentioned above..they either come with prefabricated boxes or a good installer may customise for you.
And together you will also have to change your existing amps...ideal set up shud have a minimum of one 4 channel + 1 mono amp for the sub..both the amp together from a reputed brand should set you back by atleast 50-60K..

05. This set up shud now drive you crazy, before the last upgrade that needs to be done..your stock head unit only does give an output of 2V max..since these are integrated units, the best is to keep them and add a the low end but a very good one would set you back by around 30k..there are other that run upwards to 70k, 1L and beyond.

06. Now this is an ideal real world set up for anyone who loves to daily drive and feel the music with a lot of clarity, good mid pitch and just enough punch to make the heart beat..This sound you could compare with a head phone in the bracket of 20-30k as an analogy..

Most important part:
All the above requires a master installer who understands sound and suggests you the right product as per your need..
So identify one in your installer who is passionate about sound..

02. Good brands, and equipment is the cherry on top, to have great sound you need a good back bone with high quality cables and insulation..and tuning...a slight mistake and wrong tuning can make it sound horrible with a lot of noise..

03. Since your car is a new one, see to it no original wire is cut..and only coupler fitment is done so that it doesn't infringe with your warranty and also doesn't pose any hazardous scenario with respect to safety..
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Hi all,

Has anyone tried upgrading the headunit in safari XZA? Mine gets hanged every now and then. I don't have any problem with the sound output, just the headunit upgrade. What are the aftermarket options available? Can other functions of the car work with the new head unit, like AC settings or screen colour selection?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Originally Posted by drjanakpatel View Post
Mine gets hanged every now and then. I don't have any problem with the sound output, just the headunit upgrade. .
Have you checked if any software updates are pending / required ?
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Originally Posted by condor View Post
Have you checked if any software updates are pending / required ?
Software was updated during the last service which was around 4 months back.
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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade


Just a quick update on where I am with the audio upgrade. Short answer is that I have not done anything yet . However, I plan to start the process close to the Dasara vacation.

A few things have happened in the last few months that have influenced my decision to wait and watch.

1) I spoke to Karthik at Speedfreaks, Chennai and got a quote from him. However, I want to take the car there for a thorough evaluation. This is because, I was going through other threads on the forum and came across a set up that he had recommended to someone in 2018 with the exact same components. This was for a sedan. I really dont think the same set up will work on the Safari. He also mentioned that he hadn't worked on a Safari (at that point of time) and would be able to recommend something suitable only when he had more access to it.

2) I visited Top Gear in Bangalore and spoke with Anwar. He suggested a completely different set up. Keeping the cost aside, I was a little confused about what set up would make the most sense. Karthik's suggestion was only focussed on the driver given that I told him that I would be alone in the car most of the time. Whereas Anwar's set up required a complete revamp.

3) I dont know if it is just me, but after the last software update, I think the sound has gotten way better. I asked a few other people to listen and confirm the same and most felt that it was better. I am actually enjoying the experience now.

4) A few personal commitments also came in the way and resulted in me putting the audio upgrade off.

Since I seem to like the sound now, as a next step I plan to just get the damping done and will evaluate that for a bit. This was also suggested by many of you and it makes the most sense. It will also allow me to spend a little more on quality products since I will do this in stages. The logical next step is upgrading just the speakers.

The biggest issue that may not have an immediate solution is the headunit. While it does not restart as often as before, it has begun to hang a lot. While the audio continues to play, the steering controls and touch functions stop working. I need to restart it each time this happens. Hopefully Tata has a fix for this.

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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Originally Posted by parik_ind View Post

Just a quick update on where I am with the audio upgrade.

Hi Parikshith,

Just checking in to see if you've gone ahead with upgrading the audio in your car?

I have an XZA+ dark too, and have been looking at just replacing the OEM speakers along with damping the doors and boot.

Does anyone know if I go with replacing OEMs at the fronts with components (Morel/JL, etc.) do I need to have the cross-overs still installed or is this something that isn't needed?
If needed, how does one go about this - does it simply need to be connected to the wires coming for the Door speakers and then wired to the Woofers of the component set and then to the tweeters.

Any guidance is much appreciated, this could end up being a DIY project.

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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Hello Everyone,

I've finally managed to upgrade the audio system in my Safari. 2023 has been an extremely trying year for me. Have had to deal with multiple issues including personal loss, health complications and a lot of stress on the work front. I just wanted to end the year on good note so one day I just decided to get the upgrades done. I also impulsively bought the Triumph Scrambler 400X .

Quick recap

Ever since I bought the Safari, I always felt that there was something lacking in the audio experience. There is no doubt that as an OEM system it does a good job and I know of many who are very happy with what the car offers. Once I realised that I wanted to upgrade the audio system, I became obsessed with wanting to find a solution quickly. This led to scouring Team-BHP for answers, having multiple conversations with anyone I thought would be able to add value and watching numerous YouTube videos.

Based on one of the suggestions in this thread, I reached out to Karthik at Speedfreaks in Chennai and had a few conversations with him. He recommended the following for the Safari:
  1. Head Unit - OEM
  2. DSP - Sound Magus MP6MAX
  3. Front Stage - xcelus XP
  4. Rear fill - OEM
  5. Subwoofer - MTX active 12 inch
  6. Sound proofing front doors only

Additionally, there was the usual assortment of cables, fuses, harnesses and enclosures. With labour charges, this whole setup came up to INR 1,50,000 approximately.

Do note, all of this was just based on two conversations and a few WhatsApp messages. Karthik also mentioned that he hadn't yet done an install in the new Safari and therefore he will update the recommendation once he has had a chance to look at the car.

While all of this was happening, I also met up with Anwar at Top Gear in Bangalore and asked him for a recommendation. His set-up included the following:
  1. Front and Rear Stage - Audison Prima APK 165
  2. Amplifier - 4 channel Nakamichi
  3. Mono Amp - Nakamichi
  4. Subwoofer - Focal 10 inches
  5. DSP - Rockford Fosgate DSR1
  6. Sound proofing - All doors and boot hatch as well. Foam installation in the door pads.
  7. Plus the assortment of wires, harnesses and other fittings

He quoted approximately INR 2,00,000 for this set up. Anwar also recommended that I upgrade the speakers to the Audison Prima APK 165P and said that the cost would go up by about INR 18,000.

I sat on both of these recommendations for a few months and in the meanwhile, I tried to find solutions that would improve the sound quality. I switched over to listening to music via the AUX port which was fed music from my old Galaxy S10 via a Shanling USB DAC. I listened to FLAC files and for music streaming upgraded to lossess on Apple Music. There was a difference and I decided to make do for the time being. As mentioned earlier, this was also the time when we were trying to get a handle on life given everything that was happening.

Taking the plunge

After a lot of back and forth, and a particularly bad week at work, I decided that being indecisive on this was taking me nowhere. I was really starting to get on my wife's nerves with constant discussions on whether to upgrade or not . I decided that I would go to Chennai on Dec 17 and speak to Karthik and get the upgrade process moving along. While I was checking for hotel availability and trying to set up a few work-related meetings in Chennai, Mother Nature decided to wreak havoc in Chennai. The trip was put off due to the rains and flooding. That's when I decided to go meet Anwar at Top Gear. On Dec 16, since I had already taken off, my wife and I landed up in Koramangala at Top Gear. Had a quick discussion with Anwar and decided on the following set-up:
  1. Front and Rear Stage - Audison Prima APK 165P
  2. Mono Amp - Rockford Fosgate R500X1D
  3. DSP - Rockford Fosgate DSR1
  4. Amplifier - Morel MPS 4.400 4 channel AMP
  5. Subwoofer - Audison Prima 8 inch sub
  6. Sound damping of all doors, boot interior where the sub will be installed and the boot door
  7. The required wiring harnesses and other essentials

I had listened to the Audison Prima APK 165 P in a friend's Jazz and really liked the clarity of the sound. For the rest of the stuff I relied on Anwar's expertise and experience.

I was quoted INR 2,47,000 for this set-up and after a quick conversation I handed over the keys to the car and left. The install was supposed to take 3 days.

More in the next post.

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Re: Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade

Continuing from the last post.

Normally, I would spend as much time with the installer taking in the whole installation process. Also, all my previous installs have been completed in a few hours so I could afford to spend that time there. This time around since Anwar told me that it would take 3 days I decided against sticking around. I just requested that he gives me regular updates and shares pictures with me as the install progress. All installation pictures that I am sharing in this post have been taken by Anwar.

My other instruction to Anwar was that the installation needs to look stock and therefore he had to use all the existing locations for the speakers and sub. Anwar also told me that he really wanted to install a subwoofer in the stock enclosure since he has not come across any such install in a Tata Safari and that he wanted to be one of the first to do it .

There was a slight delay in completing the install because he was waiting for a specific wiring harness from Audison and that took a couple of days to be delivered. I eventually turned up at Top Gear on the 21st of December to collect the car. Anwar and I spent about an hour listening and fine tuning before I left with the car. For now, the equiliser settings for all the speakers have been kept flat. I am to listen to the sound for about 10 days before coming back to Top Gear for a tune. This, according to Anwar, will also allow the speakers to break in. Its been a few days now and I am really enjoying the sound quality. The bass from the subwoofer is optimal and does not make any of the rear passengers uncomfortable. While Anwar told me that he will tune in after a few days, I have also been tinkering with Rockford Fosgate app . Kinda like how I have tuned it. The only thing I have not touched is the crossover settings because I am still understanding how to do it.

Here are some pictures of the OEM parts as well as of the installation process.

OEM Subwoofer
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-6x9-subwoofer.jpg

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-subwoofer-downward-firing-port.jpg

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-subwoofer-part-number.jpg

OEM Speakers and Tweeters

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-speakers-tweeter.jpg

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-speaker-part-number.jpg

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-oem-jbl-tweeter-part-number.jpg

Door damping

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-damping-sheets-door.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-door-damping-process.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-damping-completed.jpg

Speaker and Tweeter installation

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-installation-wiring.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-speaker-install.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-tweeter-install.jpg

Subwoofer installation

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-subwoofer-enclosure-1.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-subwoofer-enclosure-2.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-subwoofer-install-complete.jpg

Amplifiers and DSP

Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-4-channel-amp-mono-bloc-dsp.jpg
Tata Safari / Harrier audio upgrade-4-channel-amp-mono-bloc-dsp-2.jpg

Overall, I am pretty happy with the set up and am glad that I finally did it. I am sure that with further listening and tuning I will enjoy the new experience.

Thanks for reading.

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