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mohitd 24th September 2008 21:17

Hyundai Verna the beast iced
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Just got my friends Verna iced.
Has a brilliant setup.
Let the pics do the talking.

JBL GTO 608C front components
JBL P963 rear 6*9
JBL 1004 4 way Amp - 600w
JBL 7001 mono Amp - 700w
JBL GTO 1204BPD - 600w

Sorry for the Low Quality pictures.
Will upload better pics soon.

blueraven316 25th September 2008 01:17

Congrats on the install,

i would prefer a Power series component in front and something of a smaller series at the back, but that's me.

Wiring on the amps look very shabily laid out, it can get very dangerous on long term. See to that everything is secured well and stays that way.

Ali 25th September 2008 01:29

Congrats, It seems to be one powerful setup.Those woofers are good,auditioned them at the JBL store.They were very impressive,wonder how they sound in your car.

Magma 25th September 2008 07:38

thats one powerful set up you got.
Nice choice of equipment ( except-as blueraven said, you could have also got power series components up front and just regular round coaxials in the rear doors - see if an exchange is possible)
better speakers upfront better the listening pleasure

thats a lovely sub choice i want one like it but dont have that budget :-(

sathee46 25th September 2008 16:07

That's a cool setup, Do you mind throwing some light on the individual prices.

mohitd 25th September 2008 16:31

blueraven - I agree on that. The wires are definitely shabbily arranged. Will try doing something about it.

The individual prices are :
6500 for the front speakers
10000 for rear
14000 for the 4 way
20000 for the mono
and 25000 for the sub.

rocksterraghu 25th September 2008 17:56


I agree with blueraven and I would also like to know why there are different varieties of RCAs used?

PatienceWins 26th September 2008 11:36


I agree with blue raven, especially if you drive alone most of the time.

mohitd 26th September 2008 14:31

Rocksterraghu - The RCA cables arent different, just the colours differ.
Il see what can be done about the compos.
Thanks for the suggestion.

mohitd 30th September 2008 20:49

The only thing missing was Damping
got that done yesterday.
Can some one suggest which brand of RCA cables should I use because Im not quite happy with the current set.

ultimatechamp 1st October 2008 11:27

Excellent set-up Mohit. Better pictures are needed to show such an install.

IMO,you can try the Ichibahn ISTS 20 for your RCA cabling needs,though Guru's can help you with better ideas.

razor4077 1st October 2008 17:43

Nice setup Mohit. Where did you get the install done?

mohitd 1st October 2008 21:25

Thanks guys.
Got it done through pace.

Has any one heard of JBL RCAs because im using them and am not quite satisfied.

DjNik 10th October 2008 22:53

scosche is a good cable brand but dont know where to get it from in kolkata though.

dinu2506 11th October 2008 09:38


Originally Posted by mohitd (Post 999401)
Thanks guys.
Got it done through pace.

Has any one heard of JBL RCAs because im using them and am not quite satisfied.

There are lot of fakes in the market. I suspect you might have got them. I don't think JBL makes RCAs.

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