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pankkaj 21st June 2009 15:14

pio 4950 looking for upgrade 12-13k max
lookin for hu upgrade currently pio 4950

req - nice mid and tones, usb - ok. ipod not necc

12k ll be max

interested in 9881, 9884

quoted 12k for 9881 in ekm. pio may be 7150? any idea.

is 9881 2v pre out?

current components- 608c run by gt5a 402, rear 938 by hu, alpine sws 1243d run by alpine mrp-m-352,

also intrested in pio 2din it good? when compared to 9884 or 9881

inclined to pio a bit due direct usb connections and stuff. but like alpines.

in a dilema. need to buy tommorow or day after.

thanks in advance.
reply expected as early as possible

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pankkaj 21st June 2009 16:42

need to buy tommorow.
update me soon,

shreyasma 21st June 2009 17:45

I would suggest that you listen to it before deciding.

Ony your ears can be the best judge for you. Pioneer has some nice features. However, the quality in sound from the alpine is way different to pioneer

JayD 21st June 2009 17:47

The 9881 is not worth the price. If your budget permits, go for the 84. The best option in this price range is a kenwood hu. I was in the same situation, and went for the kenwood excelon x7009, and after using it for a few days, i'm glad that i chose this over the alpine.

pankkaj 21st June 2009 22:23

pio is out, 9881 i was intrested, but after reading specs about x7009..whoa its awsome.where can i get one in cochin and the current rates.
would love to have one. but price.
also clarions, i found ther dealers some angel tech in cochin.
update me soon..
tanx in advance

anyone in cochin, please pm your number.

pankkaj 22nd June 2009 11:46

pio and kenwood is out now. In ekm one guy quoted 14500 for x7009
But for 9884e 13k with B/W, in another shop. What i want to know is the one i saw there was 9884E in Cruthfield I could see only cda-9884. What difference does these make? He also gave an option for 9885 with a discounted price as it was a demo piece. I an intrested more in 9884 as it got a 24bit DAC. Just update me on these issues.

pankkaj 29th June 2009 08:51

Oh yes, I got it. I am extremely happy with the performance of 9884e. Now thast i have this, would like to go a bit further by addind the imprint and tuning kit, simply. Any advice on that, also if any ekm guys having it, can i see or just check the unit. Do 1 need to connect the unit full time to get the eq curves or one time tuning is enough. I did read about the one time tuning and saving. But will the eq's available? Next week mostly i ll be getting the imprint kit and tuning one. ~ pxa 100 and some ktx 100. I think.

pankkaj 29th June 2009 22:30

scosche or stinger
If possible someone pls give a reply tonite. quoted 400 for scosche interconnets rca and 600 for stinger.which one should i go for? cannot afford connection audison now rated at 1500 for rca. Location- cochin. Forgot to mention this before, I already have damped with dynamat extreme. Now the thing left is imprint kit. I still havent received any updates on this also.

pankkaj 30th June 2009 19:37

went to update rca interconnect, ended up with changing power cables, all speaker cables and even changed my gt5 402 to gt5 604. also met mr jaydeep n mr muneem. but when they came in da jbl was full low in gain n da alpine was at 12'o clock. the bass was hitting a bit loud. May be after three to four days i will finish the tuning ang come to meet you.

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jithudigitised 1st July 2009 00:59

So where did you purchased the HU and the cables.
Hows the HU blending with your speakers.

pankkaj 1st July 2009 09:06

HU from emperor, Cables from galaxy. both from cochin, yes the cables are fine same with the analouge fuse block. It is blending well but cant say anything too much as almost all components are new and only completed close to 25 hours. as of now, happy with staging and sound clarity, good tone also. expecting imprint within a month, ll update then. To be frank, in components and fixing cochin is far better than tvm.

pankkaj 2nd July 2009 19:30

imprint help. help imprint.
kindly help me on imprint, PXA-H100 n tuning kit KTX-H100. I will be getting it this month.

jithudigitised 4th July 2009 02:21


Originally Posted by pankkaj (Post 1365839)
To be frank, in components and fixing cochin is far better than tvm.

Well i know that.Went to fix the Illusion speakers which i ordered and ended up teaching the installer,why a crossover is used.:Frustrati

pankkaj 4th July 2009 08:19

?? Thats wierd. I strongly feel you ended up with some bad installer ! there are some good guys, but standards below cochin.

JayD 4th July 2009 09:31

Jithu, which installer was this?

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