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Hyundai's flying taxi to make its inaugural flight in 2028

Hyundai Motor Group has created a new company called 'Supernal'. The new firm has been formed to spearhead the brand's Urban Air Mobility vision.

Hyundai's flying taxi to make its inaugural flight in 2028-hyundaiflyingtaxi1.jpg

The company will be working on a range of flying taxis, ranging from 4 or 5-seater, autonomous and electric vertical take-off & landing (e-VTOL) aircrafts. The aircraft will be used for commercial purposes as urban flying taxis with the inaugural flight scheduled for 2028.

Hyundai also stated that Supernal's first production flying vehicle will be electric-powered with autonomous capabilities and will be able to accommodate 4 or 5 passengers.

Hyundai's flying taxi to make its inaugural flight in 2028-hyundaiflyingtaxi2.jpg

The Korean brand already showcased their first e-VTOL, the SA-1 during the CES event last year. Alongside the development of the flying vehicle, Supernal is also said to be working with private and public shareholders to bring Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technology to the market, with public acceptance beginning to grow from 2030 onwards.

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Re: Hyundai's flying taxi to make its inaugural flight in 2028

Thank you for sharing. A lot of these ideas floating around these days. They jumped around like beans in the late 1940s -early 1950s and then resurfaced in the last 5 years. For those who understand the complexities of air traffic control in 3 dimensions and the need for iron discipline while navigating in close quarters will know that these things zipping around merrily in a metropolis' airspace with one or maybe two large airports is a practical no-go. That is the reason why in New York or Sao Paulo which have significant civil local helicopter traffic the air control is tight and every pilot needs to be fully qualified for that airspace. Interesting concept. I don't see it happening. Just one man's view however. But we'll wait and see what happens.
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Re: Hyundai's flying taxi to make its inaugural flight in 2028

This is relatively a new player but a good Rich boys toys manufacturer. But, the concept and the associated difficulties seem to have been mastered well. (only time can tell though!) They say, they have mastered the problem of flying skills by using AI and autonomous (semi) pilot assistant systems. For example, should one faint or fall asleep (why would i do that!), the single seater "flying seat" (as I call it), will land itself in the nearest safest place. Also, if an imminent collision with objects to any of the sides is detected, it will auto correct. (like side collision avoidance/lane keep assist in cars).

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