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Default Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)

I had earlier posted about a Tata Authorised Service Centre - Narain Singh and Sons in the forum. Mandeep, the owner's son and the de-facto manager of the concern was a BHPian himself. A keen auto enthusiast, his love for cars and knowledge showed in the professionalism with which the outfit was run. I had a pleasant experience in my every visit, and owing to their professional attitude, and an honest approach, my Manza was always in top shape.

The workshop has now been closed for reasons unknown and the space has been sub let to Chevrolet to run their A$$. This came as a jolt to me when I read about it, for it was because of this particular workshop and their positive , problem solving attitude that I was assured of good health of Manza.

The car had had its 90K Service nearly a year back and it was due for a 100K Service. Now this was a major exercise, because as per the user manual, a whole lot of things were to be inspected, repaired and replaced as part of preventive maintenance. Having gotten used to Narain Singh & Sons' diligence, I just did not want to entrust anyone else with these tasks. In addition, at about 98K km, while on the way to Moradabad, the car had turned sluggish and stopped accelerating. I had taken it to the TASS there
(Shree Balaji Autowheels) and while the chief mechanic, after a test drive had accurately diagnosed the cause to be clogged Air Mass Sensor, and went on to clean it with Throttle Cleaning Spray, he still insisted that the OBD be hooked up and checked for any errors. My experience in Narain Singh & Sons with OBD hookup had always been pleasant, as they routinely used to do it for most cars as a precautionary measure. I was taken aback when I was informed that it'll cost Rs 1000/- . Additionally, he went on to say that if this doesn't solve the problem, then maybe the turbocharger will have to be replaced. I was surprised, because I for one am very cautious about idling the turbocharger for a minimum of 30 seconds before and after a drive. Not convinced , I called up Mr Hardeep, the owner of Narain Singh and Sons and he said that turbo failure is not common, and even rarer on the Quadrajet 90 engines. Eventually, it turned out to be just a clogged Air Mass Sensor which was cleaned with a bit of Throttle Cleaning spray and I was give a Rs 1800/- bill for the whole exercise. While I am thankful for Shree Balajee Autowheels working on the car and correcting the issue, I still didn't like their fleecing attitude - what with OBD charges, and the ominous talk of replacing the turbo (which would've set me back by a cool Rs 45K + labour + taxes) .

This scare only firmed my resolve that the 100K service, which would involve a fair bit of checks, inspections, fluids replacements and elbow grease would be done by someone competent and trustworthy. With that in mind I sought out Vijay's phone #. It was a relief to know that he was still in Delhi and working independently not far from the erstwhile location of Narain Singh and Sons. The good news was that he, along with three other reliable mechanics from Narain Singh and Sons had started working together not far from where the workshop was located. The other three were 'Pandit' (Virender Kashyap), Dinesh and Ayub, who is a trained electrician. Of the four, Vijay is the most experienced and qualified, having been trained in Tata Motors, Pune. He was the chief technical expert at Narain Singh and Sons and every year they sent him to Tata Motors, Pune for refresher training and to learn about new releases and their maintenance / repair.

The four work as a team, and usually have their hands full . While 'Pandit' is a skilled mechanic, Dinesh is their facilitator. He sources all spares and expendables (oils, greases, fluids etc) from a nearby TA$$. Ayub is a skilled electrician and works on all things electric.

Products/ Services Offered:
  • Routine Service
  • Specific Mechanical problems
  • Accidental repair - mechanical. For denting painting, one might have to look elsewhere, though not too far. The workshop next to them specialises in it.
  • Even TMI Insurance Renewal, through an agent (As claimed by 'Pandit')

What I like:
  • Attentiveness & eye for detail- they have the patience to hear you out and the work you need done.
  • Honest advice - if the car doesn't need a particular repair/ service/ part replacement, will not try to palm it off on you just to make a fast buck.
  • Well trained with updated knowledge on the latest product lineup - have worked on Tiago, Tigor, Nexon, Hexa in addition to the Indica, Indigo, Vista, Manza, Bolt, Nano, Safari, Storme, Aria and Zest.
  • Courteous though businesslike. Will explain cause of the problem and what will be done on the car to remedy it.
  • They source OEM parts and expendables from TA$$ at reasonable costs.
  • Can work on Fiats, and anything with a Fiat 1.3 Multijet or SAFIRE.
  • Have a captive heavy duty lift and Air Impact Nut Torque Wrench from the workshop whose premises they use for work.
  • Pressure wash facility is available.

What I Don't Like:
  • The approach road is congested and not easy to locate.Finding the workshop may be difficult for some as it is a little off the main road.
  • The work is done in the open, so if you are keen to see the work being done, you may have to brave the elements.
  • The fact that they have to share the lift means they sometime may not get it when they need it, and may have to wait for their turn. Incidentally, the workshop owner bought this heavy duty lift second hand from Narain Singh and Sons, apparently for a pittance.
  • If you want any specific thing to be changed, Dinesh has to source it from a nearby Tata A$$. This takes time. Better to show him the car, decide what needs replacement and buy things in one go from the Tata A$$.

Small Yet Significant Points
  • Amenities of a modern workshop.
  • You can go and see the service/ repair being carried out on your vehicle - a big plus for me.
  • Costs - this is a huge plus. They are lower than par. For the expertise and experience they have, and the accuracy with which they diagnose and rectify a fault, I feel they can afford to charge more, and satisfied customers will happily pay.
  • Work on Sundays too. Wednesdays off.
  • All spares, fluids, oils are sourced from TA$$, so one is assured of genuine articles being used. The downside is that these are taken from bulk storage drums, so one has to take his own clean containers for getting them back to the site of repair (Jahangirpuri Industrial Area). Anything leftover is handed back to owner for top ups later.

All things that were done :
  • Engine Oil and Filter changed
  • Fuel Filter Changed
  • Coolant drained, cooling system cleaned with pressurised water, dried out using compressed air and refilled with genuine Tata Coolant.
  • Brakes bled and refilled with correct grade Brake Fluid.
  • Power Steering Fluid drained and refilled with prescribed power steering fluid.
  • Gear (Transaxle) Oil drained and filled with correct grade oil.
  • Suspension checked and a bush replaced.
  • Engine Guard Plate, dismounted to replace Gear Oil, inspected, straightened and remounted.
  • Exterior Wash.

All this took about four hours. The heavy duty lift and Pneumatic Nut Torque Wrench helped. The overall charges were way lower than what I would've paid in a A$$ Workshop. All in all it was a pleasant experience. Those who want their car looked after well and are finicky about genuine spares and can spare the time, Vijay is one of the more knowledgeable, experienced and professionally trained mechanics specializing in Tata Cars in Delhi.

Address/ Directions

Google Maps Link :

Address - Sanjay Motors (the workshop whose lift they use) Unnamed Road
Block E, SMA Industrial Area, Jahangir Puri, GT Karnal Road, Delhi 110033

Coming from Delhi and moving north towards Karnal, cross Jahangirpuri Metro Station, enter the industrial area from an arterial road opposite Metro Pillar No 136 and 200 metres ahead you have the erstwhile Narain Singh and Sons/ now Chevrolet Workshop on your left. Turn left and move to the end of the road to a T Junction. Sanjay Motors is on the right, opposite an iron foundry.

Contact Information

Name of Person - Vijay
Contact Nos :
+918010790951 (Whatsapp/ voice call)
Name of Person - Dinesh (facilitator - main person to arrange for all genuine spares, oils and fluids)
Contact No :

One can Whatsapp Vijay on the work required to be done and things to be changed in advance so that the spares, oils and fluids can be sourced before hand.

Cheers !

Vijay Working on Bleeding the Brake Fluid
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-brake-bleed-vijay.jpg

The Steering Fluid Being Drained
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-drain-sterering-fluid.jpg

'Pandit' Working on the gearbox of another Manza
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-pandit-gearbox.jpg

The Heavy Duty Lift
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-sanjay-motors-lift.jpg

Vijay Working to Bleed the Brakes
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-vijay-brake-bleed.jpg

Vijay Re-mounting the engine plate after having straightened it out
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-vijay-engine-plate.jpg

Vijay Working on a Noisy Gearbox of another Manza
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-vijay-gearbox.jpg

Vijay checking the Suspension of the Manza
Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)-vijay-suspension.jpg

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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)

Do they service just TATA or other vehicles as well?
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Default Re: Friendly Neighbourhood Garage & Tata Specialist - Vijay & Pandit (Delhi)

Originally Posted by panky12345 View Post
Do they service just TATA or other vehicles as well?
They can work on all petrol and diesel vehicles and specialise in anything with a Fiat MJD/ SAFIRE. Here is a broad list of vehicles that they can repair / have serviced in the past :-

  • Hexa
  • Storme
  • Aria
  • Safari
  • Zest
  • Bolt
  • Manza
  • Nexon
  • Tigor
  • Tiago
  • Indigo
  • Indica
  • Nano
  • Sumo
  • Sumo Grande / Movus
  • Palio
  • Linea
  • Punto
  • Swift
  • Dzire
  • SX-4
  • Ciaz
  • Ertiga
  • Alto
  • Celerio
  • Ignis
  • Baleno
  • Innova
  • Etios
  • Liva

They insist on procuring and installing genuine spares and expendables from the A$$ nearby, and that takes time, so you might like to keep that in mind. Or else, call them before hand, speak about what definitely needs to be replaced and they can arrange for that well in time.
In addition, Ayub, in addition to being a competent electrician is also a trained AC Mechanic. So those who want to have their Tata ACs diagnosed may approach them.

Cheers !

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