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Actually the target market that they aim for is wrong. Instead of personal segment, they should have aimed for the commercial market as a cheaper more safer and environment friendly auto rickshaw
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

Looks unique.

In fact looks good.

But a Nano AMT is a better option from long-term cost and usage perspective.
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

Press release, sharing as received. A fool & his money parted IMHO:

Indian Angel Network backs Mumbai based Electric Vehicle Start-up Strom Motors

Strom Motor’s work in creating a sustainable urban mobility solution has been widely recognized in the country. Recently, the company was selected as one of the top 10 start-ups to transform India by Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India and IIM Calcutta SmartFifty program.

Mumbai/New Delhi, September 27, 2018: Been recognized as one of the most innovative Electric Vehicle manufacturer in the country, Mumbai based smart mobility start-up, StromMotors(E14 Technologies Pvt Ltd), has secured angel funding from Indian Angel Network, the largest horizontal seed stage funding platform. Leading the funding round, who will also be a strategic member to the company’s board are IAN members Neeraj Garg, Sanjay Bhasin and Anirudh Agarwal. The investment will help Strom Motors to consolidate its leadership position in the technology-enabled mobility industry, setting up product sales, accelerate its geographical expansion and increase its consumer base across markets.

Founded in the year 2011, by Pratik Gupta (Founder & CEO), Jean-Luc Abaziou(co-Founder, Strategy Advisor) and Dr. Gilmer Blankenship(co-Founder, Technical Advisor), Strom Motors aims to redefine urban mobility and re-invent India’s personal transportation through its smart electric car. Earlier this year, the company unveiled Strom-R3, an all-electric urban mobility solution which addresses the pain points of the country’s mobility architecture and brings a new approach to safety, sustainability and driving experience. Strom-R3 is a fully air-conditioned, two-seater reverse trike with a compact design, premium interiors and a high torque electric drive-train that has been designed to be a perfect vehicle for densly populated cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Strom Motors will also be utilizing the funds to set up its assembly plant in Mumbai for Strom-R3 which has already received over 100 pre-orders from the Maharashtra region.

According to industry research, electric mobility is projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry. It is estimated that EVs will overtake sales of petrol cars by 2030. Strom-R3 is designed as a mobility solution for city dwellers, and with 60% to 70% passenger cars sold in urban towns and cities, the company expects high rate of consumer adoption. One of the key focus areas of the start-up is to optimize the drive dynamics of the car, in-car tech and IOT based vehicle diagnostics for condition based maintenance rather than time based.

Mr. Pratik Gupta, Founder & CEO at Strom Motors said, “We are enthralled to be a part of IAN’s funded gamut of startups. We are looking forward to leveraging the expertise and in-depth industry knowledge of IAN members to bring significant developments in the company. Sustainable personal mobility solution in India is still in its nascent stages and there is huge opportunity for electric vehicle segment to grow in the coming years. Our efforts are not only to bring substantial innovation in the EV space, but also solve some of the key challenges faced by the country today such as road congestion and air pollution. The investment will help us to strengthen our roots in India and obtain homologation and begin deliveries of Strom-R3.”

Commenting on the announcement, Lead investors Neeraj Garg, Sanjay Bhasin and Anirudh Agarwal said “It is our responsibility towards future generations to reduce carbon emissions originating from excessive use of fossil fuels. Adoption of electric vehicles combined with shifting our energy generation portfolio towards renewable sources is the way to go. In India, Electric Vehicle adoption will grow significantly in next five years. Adoption will depend if car manufacturers are able to offer products that cater to uniquely Indian set of requirements – road conditions, consumer taste, affordability and commute patterns among others. We strongly believe that entrepreneurial eco-system in India must support a domestic manufacturer of EV that offers solutions that match with requirements of Indian consumers. Strom Motors’ offering does precisely that and IAN is very excited to be part of this initiative.”

Strom Motors has recently tied up with what3words, one of the most innovative geo-addressing company based out of UK, to optimize GPS mapping and bring accuracy to navigation in a complex road infrastructure such as India. The start-up has also forged strategic partnerships with some of the leading automotive suppliers and experts to streamline manufacturing and ensure faster electric automobile delivery to its customers.

In India, electric vehicles are projected to undergo explosive growth in the coming years. As per a data brought out by Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), EV sales stood at around 56,000 units in FY 17-18 as against about 25,000 units in 2016-17. There have also been several positive moves being brought out by the government to create a stable policy framework for electric and alternate fuel powered vehicles, which will further impact the country’s economic growth and promote ease of living. Several PSUs and private organizations have also volunteered in setting up charging stations for EVs in some of the key cities in country. These developments will further catapult the growth of EV industry, making India a pioneer in electric mobility space.

About Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network is India’s first and world’s largest business angel network with close to 500 members across the world, comprising the who’s who of successful entrepreneurs and dynamic CEOs. With investors from 11 countries, IAN’s presence spans 7 locations, which includes cities in India and UK. The network is sector agnostic and has funded start-ups across 17 sectors in India and 7 other countries growing global footprint companies. With an excellent track record, IAN has been giving excellent cash exits year-on-year to its investor-members. Some of its marquee investee companies include, WebEngage, Druva, Box8, Sapience Analytics, WOW Momos, Consure amongst many others.

Indian Angel Network has been a pioneer in the seed and early stage investing. It has now launched a ₹450 Crores VC fund making it now, the single largest platform for seed & early stage, where entrepreneurs can raise from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 crores (with co investors), thus making IAN the platform of choice!
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

As per the YouTube channel (Electric Vehicles) [I have no association with their YouTube channel, just saw this news so shared], the Strom R3 is about to get open for Pre-Bookings for Mumbai Metropolitan Region, and will be launched in 2nd half of 2020 or early 2021 starting at around Rs.3 Lakhs. The car will have 3 model ranges 120Km range, 160Km range and 200Km range and also have 3 driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sport. It will be powered by Lithium Ion batteries with a 1 Lakh Kilometres battery life and a top speed of 80Km/Hr (do they have the commercial segment in mind? ) It does have a 300L boot space in the front and 100L at the rear.

Hope it is able to convince people to buy it, at least, as a second or third (beater) car in the family for intercity use. Keeping the fingers crossed. It'll come in 2 and 3 seater variants.

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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

Does it really have just 3 wheels and will it be stable enough with them?

Looks like an inverted auto-rickshaw
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

Strom R3 likely to be priced at Rs. 4.5 lakhs

The Strom R3 electric car is likely to be priced at Rs. 4.5 lakh (ex-showroom). It is said that the car was supposed to be launched in March 2020, but the launch has now been postponed. Bookings are expected to open soon for the top-end variant only.

Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India-storm-1.jpg

The 2-seater, 3-wheeled electric car measures 2,907 mm in length, 1,450 mm in width, and 1,572 mm in height with a ground clearance of 185 mm and a kerb weight of 550 kg. It gets a sunroof, a rear spoiler and is available in four 3-tone metallic colour options. The vehicle rides on 13-inch wheels shod with 155/80 section tyres. It gets alloy wheels at the front and a stamped steel wheel at the rear.

On the inside, the Strom R3 gets a dual-tone dashboard, a 3-spoke steering wheel, a 4.3-inch touchscreen digital instrument cluster, 12-way adjustable driver's seat and a 7.0-inch vertically oriented touchscreen head-unit that comes with an IOT-enabled Continuous Monitoring System and has 4G connectivity, voice control, gesture control, 20 GB onboard music storage, smart music playlist, mobile connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation with voice. There is also an auxiliary 2.4-inch touchscreen below it. The car gets a fully customisable user interface. It is equipped with power windows, climate control, remote keyless entry and 3-point seatbelts.

Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India-storm-2.jpg

The vehicle has 300 litres of luggage space at the rear and 100 litres at the front.

The Strom R3 is powered by an electric motor producing 20 BHP and 90 Nm and a lithium-ion battery. It and comes with three driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sports) and regenerative braking. The car has a top speed of 80 km/h and a claimed range of up to 200 km on a single charge. Charging time is claimed to be 3 hours.

The vehicle is based on a high-strength steel space frame and has two hydraulic disc brakes at the front and a drum brake at the rear.

The car comes with a 1 year / 15,000 km warranty.

Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India-storm-3.jpg

Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India-storm-4.jpg

Link to Team-BHP News
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

They could have spent another 50k and added an extra wheel and made it a car. With three wheels, it is going to be a very tough sell.

On the other hand, If it had 4 wheels and ~200 km real world range, this would have made a reasonable case for itself even if priced around 5lakh.
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

If a well engineered and well priced car like Nano failed in the Indian market, how can this thing survive, especially with 3 wheels which makes it even more auto rickshaw like.
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

My heart wants unique electric vehicles such as the Strom R3 to excel just like it wanted Reva to excel years ago.

However, I don't think Indians are going to appreciate 3-wheeled vehicles such as this one irrespective of the value proposition it holds unless you give a gentle nudge.

The only way for this to succeed is for the company to rope in a Varun Dhawan or a Vicky Kaushal and have them promote the vehicle accompanied by a great marketing campaign. Warming up to the target Indian audience is essential.

Oh yes and one more important thing - the car should be able to perform well!
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

The 1 year/ 15k warranty speaks of the gross lack of confidence of the manufacturer in its own product. How is the general public supposed to spend their cash on such a non confidence inspiring thing?
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

The bulge on side of doors is weird, not a good design for crowded indian roads.
I always felt our bike manufacturers have a scope of coming up with these trike designs, they will help lot of women/elderly who have to ferry kids and run errands.

Since they are protected from elements, they can be used as effective commuter vehicles, the only issue is Air Conditioning.

Our crowded cities ( i hope we get back to that point soon ) actually need a 2 lakh 2 seater car from a Major manufacturer.
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

From a common man's view point:
Looks: Front end looks like a Mahindra E2O with a body kit till the A pillar. From the rear it looks like a futuristic version of our ubiquitous Bajaj autorikshaw.
Range:120 - 200kms
Safety: Nothing mentioned apart from brakes
Warranty: 1 year/15000kms

Why would I pay 4.5 lakhs for a vehicle that looks like a cross species lovechild between a car and an autorikshaw, with a warranty that is less than some of the cellphones and laptops, that too from a company that is unheard of?

In my humble opinion, if the Nano and E2O couldn't survive in our market in spite of being supported by real manufacturers, I think this will be dead on arrival. There are lot many options to spend 4.5 lakhs of rupees.
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

I got an email:

Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India-email.jpeg

Pre-bookings have started for ₹10k; The amount is fully refundable

They are offering a 3 years warranty now
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Re: Strom Motors unveils the Strom R3 electric car in India

Another significant change from earlier reports/specifications, as per the new brochure available on the website, is R13 Alloy wheels for all 3 tyres, instead of the R17 at the rear which was showcased at the unveil. Brochure attached below.

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