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Default EV growth led by China thanks to subsidies

According to a media report, China expects 2 million EV sales by 2020 and is targeting 7 million sales by 2025. One of the reasons behind the growth in EV sales is government subsidies.

An average subsidy of US$ 10,000 is offered per EV in China. The expenditure on the subsidies would total US$ 20 billion in 2020 and US$ 70 billion in 2025. In congested cites like Beijing, local authorities restrict the number of car sales to 3,000 every month, however EVs are exempt. Other subsidies include increased access to carpool lanes.

At present, China is the largest electric vehicle market with total sales over 4 times the number of EVs sold in USA. In 2017 alone, 7,70,000 EVs were manufactured and sold in the country, an increase of 53% compared to the 2016 numbers. Not just cars, but electric bus sales also increased from 1,000 units in 2011 to 1,32,000 units in 2016. Currently, over 99% of the world's 3,52,000 e-buses are in China, with over 30 companies making them locally.

Earlier this year, China announced removal of foreign investment cap for carmakers, beginning with electric and hybrid manufacturers from 2018.

Last year, the country announced phasing out of internal combustion engines in the future along with an emission cap and credit-based system for car makers. The new rules, which are expected to come in to force by 2019 are designed to improve fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles and promote EV development. As per the rules, automobile manufacturers selling more than 30,000 cars will have to achieve a corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) of 14.86 km/l by 2020 and 19.29 km/l by 2025. Companies that fail to meet these norms will need to buy positive credits from other companies or cut down the production of fossil fuel-powered cars.

EV growth led by China thanks to subsidies-download.jpg

Source: Forbes

Link to the Team-BHP News

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Default re: EV growth led by China thanks to subsidies

Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post

In 2017 alone, 7,70,000 EVs were manufactured and sold in the country...electric bus sales also increased from 1,000 units in 2011 to 1,32,000 units in 2016.
Good to see China really making progress to eliminate IC engines.

The Indian government wants to eliminate IC engines by 2030, but where are the actions to do so?
We can't even decide what technologies get a tax break in the FAME subsidy.
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Default re: EV growth led by China thanks to subsidies

Good to see our Asian counterpart taking a lead here. Atleast some growth in china could see some action in the EV space in India as its neighbor.

The subsidy will payoff for the Chinese govt with the reduction in oil imports for sure, but there are still a lot of questions left unanswered:
Do we have enough rare earth and lithium to make all vehicles EV?
How long can an owner of a gasoline car continue driving it after the ban?
When will we attain a parity in price, that the subsidies can be totally eliminated (I hate any govt interference as they use it as a bargaining tool with the voters).

Coming to India: Let our babus first make up their mind on the 10000 EVs which they ordered from Tata and M&M first! Our country works with the hand not knowing what the mouth is saying, and the brain enters the game at the last instance! Worst case is a PIL will be filed by one of our desi automakers in court which will drag on for 10 years. Or worse case a change in govt, and we are back to square one!

So India going completely EV - Will not happen in my lifetime!


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