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Default What on earth is Nokia doing with cell phone softwares?

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Nokia fan, primarily due to the reliability and useability of their older and simpler phones and softwares. Ever since I got rid of my Ericsson 337 in 1996, I have primarily used only Nokias.

Buttttttttttttttt I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with their latest higher end phones. Whats up with their new phone softwares? While I have stuck to a simple 6610, my immediate family has 4 Nokia phones in my house which have all the gizmos such as cameras, bluetooth, planners etc. etc.

But when it comes to performing on the primary function of a cell phone i.e. TALK, these phones fall blissfully short. The main problem is the software unrealiability:

- Too slow (takes twice the time my 6610 does to open SMS etc.)
- Frequent crashes (visits to the Nokia center)
- Errors (for e.g. Profiles get mixed up and dont work.)

Whats up? Its primarily due to the complicated new softwares that I have been using a Nokia 6610 since the last three years. Its extremely reliable, has great battery life/ range, very intuitive software and does exactly what it is supposed to do i.e. perform as a great cell phone. This was the primary reason behind Nokias cellular success.

I desperately want to upgrade to a new phone but the last thing I need is unreliable software due to feature loading that I couldnt care about any less.

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yeah lots of the new Nokia Series60 phones got Bugs. But my 6630 works like a charm for a year or more now
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There are software problems agreed but the situation isnt as bad as you are saying. I used 6630 for 3-4 months.... not even once did i found the phone to be slow, it hanged once or twice but that was due to all kinds of softwares that i kept installing and uninstalling.
Nokia phones apart from easier to use are also the most rugged in the market and the ones with the best resale value :P
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these sort of problems - mostly related to software have not only been found in the latest 60 series phones from nokia, but also some of the newer 40 series ones - the 6230i and the 6101 crash right and left, and you have to take out the battery to reboot them everyday

though this problem is not only limited to nokia - SE and motorola phones also crash very often - especially ones loaded with features

and you are more likely to encounter these problems in a newly released model than a old one, as in their hurry to launch new models, manufacturers often push in untested software in the market - and wait for the feedback fro m the users to solve these bugs and later release software upgrades which they can charge for
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Series 60 is a reliable platform. But these days I am facing frequent hangs and crashes , not to mention the SLOW RESPONSE on my Nokia 7610. And no its not overloaded with softwares.

But yeah I just installed an antivirus a few days back , is it due to that by any chance ? the SLOW RESPONSE time has been more noticable after the antivirus install. Does it eat into the phone's resources ?

Thank God , by next month I should be holding a new phone in my hands (if things work out as planned )

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I think you should go for the Nokia N -series.....Or if u can wait then the E-series.....The thing is that the n-series also uses the symbain 60 in 6600 n all....but it has the latest UI version...which is supposed to be really good n reliable...
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Symbian Sucks!!!!
The thing is very slow, takes a lot of time to even open the last called list. Which is exactly why you'll find Nokia retaining the previous "Nokia Operating System" in recent phones. Even your 6610 uses the "Nokia Operating System". which is why it is much faster than the Symbian phones. They have to improve on the Symbian speed, thats the thing. Also, it gives a lot of errors and hangs often. Butttttt (Sorry for copying GTO) the interface looks great AND it supports a very wide range of useful software. Softwares that you can not use on your normal "Nokia Operating System" phones. A friend of mine owns a N70, although its not as slow as the 60 Series.
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The reason for phones slowing down come to OS of mobile phones.
Symbian. Sure its great but its slow. Doesn't work as good as closed source series 40 OS.
But then again Symbian offers more advanced options.
The main problem with the crashes is that in older days mobile OS was built for specific hardware.
Now a days with smart phones OS needs to be customised for for specific hardware.
Result is clear.

For those experiencing frequent crashes/slow response:
Try to defragment your memory card.
Put memory card in card reader.
Right click on drive icon in My computer.
Select properties
Tools/ Defragment Now
And the defragment.
You will be surprised with results.

NOTE: I have done it on my Nokia 6600 and my friends N-Gage but it should work on other phones too. Please backup your data prior to defragmenting.
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the whole symbian story.

Symbian was started by Nokia with Ericsson, motorola, siemens, sendo, panasonic and other manufactuerers. This move was made by nokia with 2 main things in mind.

1) Windows, linux and palm phones were not dominant and if symbian picks up before their arrival(Which it did) they will be dominant in the market.

2) Nokia has the highest stakes hence no company can beat nokia at its own game in the symbian market. Sendo had to shut shop, motorola gave up on symbian, panasonic is not sure and benq-siemens went windows.

Now with better competition from windows and linux phones Symbian started to evolve into what is known as the series 60 6.2 and then the latest v9.1

The areas where symbian goofed up.

1) with windows catching up fast in the premium phones market symbian is trying to beat windows at its own game. Now how can they beat a leader in its own game. Its playing the same strategy with other symbian manufacturers of creating a monopoly but fighting the same losing war with windows. Windows and linux OS based pda phones cannot be beaten by symbian in its current form.

2) Symbian phonnes in the v9.1 have tried to incorporate the PDA functions similar to microsoft today screens hence losing the main purpose of what symbian devices are. smartphones against PDA phones.

4) Symbian phones usually have slower cpu's. P910 had a 168mhz cpu. nokia 6630/6680/6681/6682 uses 220mhz cpu. n-gage3650/3660/7650/6600 uses a 104 mhz ARM9 cpu. nokia 6620/7710/9300/9500 uses a 150mhz ARM9 cpu, nokia 3230/6260/6670/7610 uses a 123mhz ARM9 cpu,

compare this with the cpu speeds of 300mhz motorola e680i/A780/A1200 intel xscale, 400mh intel xscale imate/xda phones, 416mhz imate/xda phones and 520mhz imate/xda phones.

There is still a chance for saving symbian phones

1) if nokia concentrates more on smartphones than trying to beat pda phones. their communicators have never been a sales hit in real terms. the only pda phone that has been a true hit from symbian is the SE p-series.

2) Open up the platform completely. there are many thirst party applications but with a complete open source and interface and more applications users may turn towards symbian again.

3) let other manufacturers take the liberty of using symbian with full features. Sendo shut shop due to the high price of Symbian OS which they were no able to fully make use of due to restrictions. Siemens had to use older symbian OS against nokia 6600. same with panasonic.

If Nokia doesnt heed to the warnings of the market then this is what the latest reports and forecasts say for symbian phones that have seen the highest growth.

1) Windows and Linux to Erode Symbian Dominance in Advanced Mobile Operating Systems, Says TDG

2)Symbian Falling Out to Linux & Windows In Mobile OS Share,India.html

3)Linux And Microsoft To Overtake Symbian - report

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