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Default 200 deg steering compatibility with GT4!!!

I dunno how many of yo'l have faced this prob but i surely did.

A day before the Alibaug trip, me and Rehaan went hunting for the Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel for my PS2/GT4. We must have tried almost every shop on lamigton road but none of them had it.

I finally zeroed in on a relatively cheaper "Galaxy 4 Shock Force Wheel" which comes in at around 3.5K.

All done, we headed back to Rehaans place, setup the PS2 and connected the steering using the PS2 cable but, nothing happened. The steering refused to repond and the power light wasn't blinking inspite of the power adapter being connected.

Having lost all hope, we switched to the PS2 game pad and resorted to single player mode.

Then i noticed that the steering had come with the PS2 cable as well as the USB cable. Out of desperation i thought id give it one last try and plugged the USB cable into the USB port on the PS2 (with the PS2 cable still attached to it). Suddenly, the steering came to and everything seemed fine until we started playing the game.

Now, the thng is that GT4 supports 900 degrees of steering rotation while the steering i had only supported 200 degress of rotation. This caused a conflict between the game and the steering which made the cars very hard to control.

There was massive steering play and the cars would react only if the steering was turned to a certain degree (which is nothing close to how a real car behaves).

Since we coudn't figure it out that night, i started using the buttons on the steering and we finally got to race each other on track.

Same thing happened yesterday when Shrivz came over to have a go at GT4.

Then i started thinking, ok maybe it doesn't well with GT4 but what about PC games? So i connected the steering to the comp using just the USB cable and loaded NFS5. It worked perfectly fine, the steering movement was in tune with the way the cars turned.

Funny, i thought. Could it be the 900 deg mode thats causing this? I immediately looged onto the net and did some reading on GT4 steerings. All i could find was info on the Logitech Driving Force (which i didn't have).

But there was one post on a certain forum that cought my eye. Here, it was mentioned that the logitech steering requires only the USB cable to be conncted to the PS2.

Hmmm, would that work for me? Hooked the steering to the PS2 (using only the USB cable), switched the steering to PC mode and began selecting the cars and tracks on Gt4.

As the car rolled to a start irealised the steering felt a lot better and precise. The steering play had vanished completely!!! Ofcourse, it was still a bit diff to control coz thats what GT4 is all about. Hehe

So, if any of you are planning on buying a steering for your PS2/GT4, try out the Logitech Momo racing wheel. It might come with only the usb cable but do give it a try, i'm pretty sure itl work.

I rejected it when it was available just bcoz it didn't have the ps2 cable but hey, how was i to know thats all you needed to play GT4.

I'm not repenting my buy bcoz this steering is good but a logitech is a logitech.

If possible, take your PS2 to the logitech showrrom and see if it works on it.

PS : The PS2 cable is only useful if you're planning on using the button mode on the steering.


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Sounds like you had fun..
Well, for any device, if you connect 2 different types of cables simultaneously, it would behave strangely.. Somebody I know did that with a USB and serial cable for a PDA and the thing crashed !!!
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