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Default Difference between Power Screwdriver and Drill?

What's the difference between a power screwdriver and power drill?
Both essentially do the same work. By replacing front attachment (screw or drill) one should be able to achieve both tasks with same device. Isn't it?
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You are right, and many drills have both functionality.

There are two things that one needs to understand, rotational speed and torque. Obviously, while driving screws, one needs to have a slow speed so that the bit does not slip and damage the screw/ object. Also, screws need to be "torqued" to the correct value (too high, and there could be damage, while too low will make the whole assembly loose).

On the other hand, drills are designed to chip out metal/ wood/ plastic at a particular speed and at a particular rate (something that we instinctively seem to do when faced with the task). Basically, the smaller the drill size, the higher is the speed required, i.e. the speed depends on the drill diameter. The torque required is a function of the the material required to be cut.

Drills that also have functionality to drive screws sometimes have some kind of an adjustable clutch that will slip when the correct torque is reached (as when the screw is completely tight)

So, to answer your question, since most drills do not have speed control (most have a fixed 1500 rpm, to deal with normal drill sizes from 3 mm to maybe 12 mm) nor any control for setting the torque, is is neither recommended nor convenient to use them for driving screws.

- mvnk

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I've tried to use these 'twin function' drills but trust me the electric screwdriver is anyday better.

1 as the Old Monk suggested is the issue of slow speed torque. Most screwdrivers come with 5 to 8 torque settings (the common ones, not the exotic variety) and usually no drill can slow down to the levels of the screwdrivers...for eg if you want to make JUST ONE TURN.

2 is the whole issue of weight and ergonomics....the drill is meant to be held with two hands and pressed hard against the surface. It is designed to work in a horizontal plane. The screwdriver, on the other hand, is meant to be used with one hand, and meant to be used in either the horizontal or vertical plane. It is much more pen-like in construction and its much much lighter than any drill.

Finally screwdrivers are usually battery-powered cordless machines while the best drilles are obviously the a/c drilles with cord.

Let me put it this way - using your logic, one can also use a Volvo truck for the daily drive to work. Why dont you?
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Originally Posted by Steeroid
Let me put it this way - using your logic, one can also use a Volvo truck for the daily drive to work. Why dont you?
Where do I park it in Blr?
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Originally Posted by nitinbhag
Where do I park it in Blr?
if u did own a volvo truck(literally) then the best way to get parking would be to give parking space on that huge trailor of urs..that way u get parking for urself and also provide parking for the public..but the problem is i dont think u would wanna try it on the existing truck(for sure looks like one) u seem to be driving ..

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Where do I park it in Blr?
leave is where ever you want and let the cops figure out a way to tow that thing!
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A hand screwdriver is better than a very cheap power screwdriver.

A decent battery powered drill/screwdriver is usually good enough to do many jobs around the house. I have a Black and Decker battery powered one which I use for what I term light jobs and a mid range B&D hammer drill which I use for tougher jobs.

A cheap power screwdriver is pretty poor at screwing so I would not even bother using it for drilling and would limit for very light work.

I have used a few of the cheaper battery powered drill/screwdrivers and they can be very bad. They do not tighten the screws too well. The B&D one I have is pretty useful as a drill. It has hammer mode so works well. I have a cheap drill back in India (a 10 (RS800) generic made in China job) and that copes well with jobs around the house. In fact I am glad I did not buy a more expensive one as the cheap one is more than adequate for the jobs I tend to use it for in India.
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