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Default Re: How to lose a prospective Audi customer in 10 minutes

Woah !

Read somewhere in another thread - about how a Sales guy lost a customer - with full intentions & booking to buy a VW Touraeg to the Audi (Q7) showroom right across the road.

(I am sure a lot of us have read this post - since this is from an EXTREMELY popular & 'beautiful' thread)

Another incident - my own relative.

Cancelled his booking at VW - after paying the booking amount due to various such issues.

I too have noticed a stark snobbish behaviour or outright indifference at VW & Audi showrooms

Indifference at a Tata Showroom is a known fact (which seems to be changing)
FIAT executives go overboard to try & sell their car (quite understandable if you look at their sales figures )

So what is it with VW & Audi ?
(sister concerns - is that the right term?)

Is it the already 'good' sales & brand value?

An old saying "No one is so rich as to throw away a friend"
another one by Mahatma Gandhi
"The customer is not a disturbance to our work,
he is the purpose of our work,
he is welcome on our premises
& he is doing US a favour by allowing him to serve him"
(Apologies - not the exact words)

Maybe this should be put up in their showrooms.

Or like my disgruntled finally quoted -
"Product German, but Mentality Indian"

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Default Re: How to lose a prospective Audi customer in 10 minutes

Here's an incident involving kids in which I was an (innocent?) party:

A Merc was on display at a local mall. It was there only for display - the car was locked, and the executives at the stall were directing all potential customers/queries to the showroom.

Now, when I passed the stall with my wife and daughter, I was of course curious about the Merc and went to have a closer look. My wife wasn't interested in window-shopping the Merc, so she went away with my daughter. One of the sales executives turned out to be a friend of my BIL. He knew I wasn't really a potential customer, but (even without me asking) still unlocked the car - so that I could put my head in the car and take a look at the panoramic roof etc. I didn't enter the car. Just then, a couple of kids (7-8 year olds) entered the car through the unlocked front doors. One of them was in the driver's seat, happily maneuevering the steering, touching all the buttons on the dashboard etc. Any thoughts I may have had of entering the car were banished then and I withdrew so that the sales exec could lock the car again. The sales executive then politely asked the boys to get out of the car - which they did. He locked the car again, and then the daddy came over and asked him to open the car again - so his boy could have a look at it again. The sales executive politely refused. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Daddy: My son decides whether I should buy a Merc or not. I want him to see the car now.
Sales Exec: Sir, please visit our showroom to have a look at all our cars.
Daddy: I don't want to go to the showroom. If you don't let my son see the car now, I'm not going to the showroom.
Sales Exec: Sir, please visit our showroom to have a look the car. We can arrange a TD when you want.
Daddy: If you don't unlock the car now, I'm not buying Merc ever in my life.
Sales Exec: Sir, please visit our showroom to check out the car.

Daddy gave up and went away.
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Default Re: How to lose a prospective Audi customer in 10 minutes

I have seen audis with temp registration plates (which show they are clearly brand new) driven always so badly, that I would probably not buy an audi at all. Though probably the beemers and the mercs are brought in at late night also are.
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