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Default Those 10 minutes of my insult in Porsche New Delhi (Now Resolved)

I came to know that the new boxster and cayman brochures have arrived.

they were on display, and so i picked and went through it.
a guy from the sales department, manish, came and said in an arrogant manner- we don't allow you to see the brochures because you are not interested in purchasing the car.

"why do you come and waste our time for no reason?" he said in addition to the statement mentioned above.

anothey guy, paras ahuja, who joined just a month ago, was feeling helpless like his chamcha.
it was this guy who took some selling points of cayenne from me prior to joining the company.

feeling embarassed, i just went out and then he calls me and says "sorry sidindica, i can't help you. if i leaked inside information i will loose my job."

i would like to question that what kind of internal information he was talking about?

why the hell some people work in companies where they don't deserve to work?

i just prey that these 2 guys leave the company ASAP.

the question is-if you don't give brochures, then why do you import it?

today outside the showroom to my horror, i saw some 6-7000 old porsche brochures (all of old bosxters, caymans and 911s), gathering 1 inch of dust as if they were leaving for scrap yard.

if this is what you talk about the cost of importing the brochures, then is this the way you waste money for no reason?

i need an answer.
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Even if you dont intend to buy the car Whats the harm in going over and seeing the beauties. He has no cheek to respond in such a fool hardy manner and he is earning his salary by enlightening the customers. Wasting his time, my foot, I would rather kick his butt and raise hell at the showroom. Even now I m in half a mood to send an email over just to make a point on this incident.
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Who are they to decide if you can purchase the car or not?

This is uncalled for and totally unacceptable. I walked into the Audi showroom on my way to work to take a look at the R8 and the sales lady was glad to show me the car and let me take pics and even offered to give me the brochure.
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Please call up porsche India and send this link to their MD trust me it will work. Porsche is known the world over to inform, interact, encourage people as a way of building goodwill this is totaly not called for typical INDIAN mentality thats why we are called "crabs" send it to the MD and see the effect. I have had BMW/SAAB/Porsche/Mercedes mail me brochures in 1983/84 when I was a kid and wrote on a rough book paper with a pencil!!! This is a 10 year old kids letter to the company and they sent me the stuff knowing well they may not sell me car in the near future send it you could get a discount when you go to actually buy one in the future and spare all the other enthusiasts the same agony. Had the same thing happen to me in a local toy store which sold japanese minature bikes!!! will never forget it all my life.

Let me know if you need help we will fix them

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I think that the dealer has the right to decide whom to allow in the showroom itself, as its his property.
What happens is that if they are liberal in allowing people, almost any one would walk in to have a look at the car.
And not everybody is as disciplined as you are/a tBHPian would be.

But giving away brochures is must not be an issue at all to someone who is disciplined.
That was arrogant and rough behavior.

Now in the sms did they write " Sidinidca " ? If yes this means they are also present on TBHP.
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he didn't say "sidindica" but called my original name which I have not mentioned in the post for obvious reasons.

and they refused to give to me who has this
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They should watch this ...

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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
They should watch this ...
I was just about to paste this link. You beat me by a minute. Anyhow I don't think this kind of behaviour is acceptable and sidindica should definitely escalate it.

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Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
They should watch this ...
that was the first thing that came to my mind, when I read the post.

Last edited by Rehaan : 8th March 2009 at 00:04. Reason: Hi, please avoid quoting an entire large post. It inconveniences our small screen & mobile readers. Thanks.
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Sidindica, cool it down buddy,

I feel that guy is one loser, who's venting his frustration at you.

BTW nice collection of brochures
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I can understand not giving the brochues to all and sundry but they could have behaved politely inititate a discussion to figure if the person is serios then offer a brochure. Keeping the brochure out and denying it is cruel
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Honestly speaking I think what happened to sidindica was unjustified and rude, but if u look at the scenario in a holistic way you will find that staffs are mostly underqualified for "SALES". I had almost a similar experience while test driving ALTIS, the guy who has come was constantly gruding as the test drive was a tad exhaustive and a touch of usual redlining. And we were buying around 4 cars for our company which is a very pretty renowned one in India and abroad. I was so iritated that my colleague and myself got down midway took a cab and came to office. The 1st thing I did was to write a stinker to the national head sales and the regional head sales demanding an explaination. Believe me within 24 hrs I was flooded with phone calls from Toyota apologising for the entire incident. The net result we bought 4 Skoda Laura's which was my choice from the begining.
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Thats just not done. No matter who you are they cant talk to you in such a manner.

I spend about 20mins sometimes twice a week in the porsche showroom here in mumbai and notice that the staff there behaves in a manner they are supposed to, to anyone and everyone who walks in that door no matter how many times that person may go there.
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it's very unfortunate of me..

unfortunately, I still do not know what kind of sales staff is recruited in some Delhi showrooms.

what process of qualification and interviews happen?

its the same story at audi delhi. many salespeople do not have any product knowlede and maybe sometimes get irritated when they see me in the showroom looking at the A8 W12.

what happend that one salesperson actally called me up and asked-"sid kya aap meri madad karenge yeh batane me ki Audi Q7 ke customer ko kaise batoon ki Q7 is better then land rover range rover sport?"

WTH are you working for then man?
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Hey Thats really rude of em, I think you could have told em you are from TEAM BHP sid, We are a part of this strong team after all. We cant let em take us for granted.
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