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devarshi84 15th March 2006 21:14

New Business oportunity in performance segment
How many of you think that there is an opportunity for performance cars with company backing.

I mean if there is a chain of dealerships that proides cars with warranty and spares.

Cars to be included like

nissan 350z
mitsubishi evo
mitsubishi eclipse
subaru Impreza wrx-sti
audi TT
acura rsx and others

the price of the cars are supposed to be between 14-40 lacs.

I want an honest opinion guys. Dont just vote saying I will buy straightaway. Think logically if you are already mulling on buying or have thought of buying before but have found the availability in India lacking.

devarshi84 16th March 2006 10:50

guys only votes dont help. Please back your votes with proper details.

normally_crazy 16th March 2006 13:45

There is a small %age of the car buying population that really knows what performance cars - i think still there is a long way to go before these kind of performance cars are available here !

zulfikar 16th March 2006 14:18

a normal person will not spent 14-10 L on a car he needs to be rich...

as i see 50-60% TBHP members are just young and cannot put that amount of money.
people only talk about it over here as they read lots of books and are on internet looking for answers.

there are FEW people who live their Dreams.
as of now i am trying to do it...
trying to lIve my Dreams but 14-40 L is out of my reach(as of now)
mabe in a year or 2 i will say yes i will spend that much on my car...

well its very good opportunity for performance cars.

people started spending money on cars...
its the right time to JUMP IN...


nitrous 16th March 2006 14:28

Yes, but it'll only make sense if the FOB value is greater than US$40000.

No need of homologation and has$les. Just one demo car and cars can be imported on order. So, its genuine unlike at the 'import dealer'.

Gtea 16th March 2006 19:12

I think they are still way too expensive.
Maybe if it came down to the 8-10 Lakh range.

These are sports cars so we have to take into account the quality of fuel.
Good fuel maybe available in Big cities but go a bit further and I doubt anyone will find decent grade of fuel.

I don't know really. Just my views......

1Day 16th March 2006 20:08

if you ever want to start something up, i would have 3 guys waiting to jump in with you on this, may be even 4 including myself and 3 other friends who have the will to and some of them may be the means as well..

Also one of these guys is just returning from cardiff and wants the speedrun to come to delhi since he is from delhi and has just put an order for CLS350 and SLK..I dont know much about the speedrun but all i can gather is that it is currently runnig in bbay and blore and he wants to speak with the organizers and bring it to delhi..

I would buy..since i am going to be coming back to india in the next 2-3 years i wouldnt mind spending around 40 to get myself a nice hunk of metal...

BuRnT RuBbEr 16th March 2006 20:15

performance machines are not a bad idea. buttttt i would prefer to wait for the car to sell a bit, so that the "backing" being talked about can be judged. Everything from before sales attention to costing of a spare rim nut matters with a car.

There are people who care about performance. Develop the trust and see skoda selling like esteem...

at the end...i would go for one of them, buttttttt after three to four quarters after the launch...

devarshi84 16th March 2006 20:47

I am talking about fully backed dealerships with service and warranty my friend. read the first post.

ITS JUST SOME IDEA MY FRIEND AND I ARE mulling at. he wants to open a honda dealership but asked me to do something exclusive. i have this idea of importing 2-3 models and also stocking parts for the same.

may require some capital but for only 2-3 cars its a bit easy to provide warranty and service and also reduce the MRP in the long term.

Just an idea though.

paharino1 16th March 2006 20:53

Not too Sure...Where's the Volume for such Cars ?

The HNI ( High Net Individuals) is the limited market for such Cars - & they are already been chased by the Merc/BMW & other "luxury" car manufacturers..

Your paid up Capital for setting up such Dealerships would be huge...& ROI would take a long time..

BuRnT RuBbEr 16th March 2006 21:31

There is a market for these machines. esp the ones that are well known. like the evo. spoilt racer boyes dont go around in MB'. They mod lancers to look like evo. and throw in some mods. the tuners here will testify that many ppl come around trying to turn a poor lancer into a road burning evo.


BuRnT RuBbEr 16th March 2006 21:34

oops..IE gone crazy....:Frustrati

devarshi84 16th March 2006 21:35

so you say there should also be a performance shop under the dealership?

is it a feasible option? or can it be like an authorized performance shop for Indian cars?

Boom Shiva 16th March 2006 21:40

Devarshi, I think there would be a bigger market for used, performance cars that have been imported from abroad, but are available with some kind of backing. Eg. Mitsubishi GTOs, Toyota Supras, Skylines, Mustangs etc.

If you can find good, used examples of these cars and import them and sell for 10-15 lakhs AND provide some kind of after sales assurance, I think you can tap a pretty good share of the nascent performance market. Of course, it'll require a lot of work and network-building abroad.

BuRnT RuBbEr 16th March 2006 21:42

That shop will cater to around 0.001% of the net car buyers in india, maybe less. It is a good start, will be welcomed by enthusiasts . financially, wont be a very good idea. invest in it only if u have felt at times that a single pedal wasnt enuf in ur car...there should be more more n more. ;) and if u feel attached with others of the same viewpoint :p

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