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darshan_ms 26th December 2006 10:30

New cars to be released in 2007 --->>
Year 2007 will definitely bring in with it more traffic jams lol: ,for 18 new cars are expected to be released in the next 12 months in India, Starting JANUARY. . [ More also expected depending on the sales of these :Shockked: ]

Here's the list :

> Mahindra Renault Logan
> HYUNDAI Getz Diesel
> BMW 3 series
> BMW 5 series
> MARUTI Swift Diesel
> New MARUTI Baleno
> CHEVROLET Aveo Diesel
> CHEVROLET Optra Diesel
> VOLVO S80, XC 90
> New MAHINDRA Scorpio 2.2 CRDe
> New HONDA Accord
> New FIAT Palio
> New FIAT Petra
> New FORD Endeavour
> New TATA Sumo
> New TATA Indica

No worries for our TEAM-BHP ,as we'll have more jobs in hand :Cheering:

Minardi 26th December 2006 11:20

Let's hope at least 10 do manage to come through :)

theMAG 26th December 2006 11:20

The best part abt this list is its actually believable - I feel most of these cars will make it. Auto magazines had a way of "predicting" new car releases that were quite distant from reality: just a statement to qualify my opening statement.
The unlikely ones look to be the Volvos and perhaps the new Fiat Petra alongwith perhaps a couple of the new TATAs.

Vid6639 26th December 2006 11:23

Yeah quite a few of the cars are already present just a new heart and a nip and tuck job.

esteem_lover 26th December 2006 12:45

Most of the listed cars are only variants of the existing ones. volvo & Mahindra will be new entrants if they do come

rajshenoy 26th December 2006 12:54

I am waiting to buy a car(my first) in 2007 and i feel its the best time :Cheering:

Will soon be asking for your expert comments for sure :)

things are surely looking good..

pHiLip 26th December 2006 12:56

I really don't understand why Renault is lauching this Logan (which will not have a great VFM on the indian market). I am saying that because I am french and I know Renault car very very well and they are manufaturing excellent cars. They should have launched cars on the B/C segment instead of launching a poor car like the Logan which will be nowhere.

theMAG 26th December 2006 13:58


Originally Posted by pHiLip (Post 343646)
I really don't understand why Renault is lauching this Logan (which will not have a great VFM on the indian market). I am saying that because I am french and I know Renault car very very well and they are manufaturing excellent cars. They should have launched cars on the B/C segment instead of launching a poor car like the Logan which will be nowhere.

The reason is that the C segment is the fastest growing segment outside the B+ segment(premium compacts), and one with immense potential. Any other higher segments will always be limited in their numbers. And numbers is what every manufacturer is after.

darshan_ms 27th December 2006 11:48

All those info's provided is from the press release of cars to be launched in 2007. . Its nothing which i desire to be launched & made up tht list.

jkdas 27th December 2006 11:58

read the rest in this thread . Even the link to the post he made about cars can be found here

cooldude1988765 27th December 2006 12:05

WHAT no mention of the toyota fortuner ?? :(

Rodeo 27th December 2006 13:03

When will Optra diesel launch?

navdeep 9th January 2007 11:12

Cars to expect this year
The new year is expected to witness a flurry of activity from car manufacturers, who are getting ready to launch a series of models. Take a look at the oncoming traffic.

Suzuki Baleno
Maruti Udyog is likely to keep its promise of launching at least one new car a year with a sedan built on the Suzuki SX4 platform. The hatchback sold in Europe offers 1.6-litre petrol and 1.9-litre diesel options. In India, the sedan incarnation is likely to be sold as the new Baleno.
The older Baleno, although a competent car, lost out on the styling front to the Honda Citys and Hyundai Accents. For the new car, styling is sharp, with wraparound headlamps and a rakish front quarter glass. It is, however, unlikely to have either the 4x4 option of the European car, or airbags on all models.
This car would be pitched to fight the Honda City in the same price band, unless MUL does a Swift again and surprises the market with a low price. We also hope Maruti will offer a multijet diesel option. That should make the driver's day.
Hyundai Sonata Diesel
What the Sonata has not been able to do with petrol power,it could do with diesel. A well-built car, it got left behind by segment leader Honda Accord. Now, Hyundai Motor is planning to put a 2-litre common raildiesel mill under the bonnet that should make around 150 horses, enough to give the car decent shove.
Besides, the turbocharger will have variable vane geometry, which will ensure that the boost kicks in at pretty low revs. Even better. Now we can do some traffic signal drag racing!
Chevrolet Captiva
fter the success of the Tavera people mover, The General is said to be looking for a premium SUV to round off its range. The Chevrolet Forrester launched earlier had not been able to deliver the goods. This time around, with the Captiva, which is likely to be driven by a diesel engine delivering around 135 bhp, things could be different. From the looks of it, itcould give the Hyundai Tucson and the Honda CRV a thing or two to worry about.
Suzuki Swift Diesel
Now, this should be fun. In 2007, Maruti Udyog is going to plonk a 1.3-litre multijet diesel motor into a car which already has a good chassis and forgiving handling.
Although the new engine will deliver just around70 bhp, almost 20 bhp less than the petrol engine, it is expected to have better low-end grunt, a boon in stop-go traffic.
Expect prices to be about Rs 50,000-1 lakh more than the petrol version.
Mahindra Logan
This should be one of the most significant car launches of the year. If it can make a go of the Logan, Mahindra & Mahindra can possibly establish itself as a carmaker in one shot. Expected to cost Rs 4.5 lakh (Rs 450,000) at most, it should give Tata's Indigo sedan a run for its money. A success in Europe, it could make the flat panels and the paper folds of the Eighties chic again. The excitement is high as well as the expectations. Now just the delivery has to match up to them.
Chevrolet Spark
The former Daewoo Matiz has waited a long time to re-enter India as the Chevrolet Spark. Things kept getting put off as General Motors failed to buy defunct Daewoo's plant. Now, it has decided to make the car at its Halol unit.
As it will take on the Wagon R, the Zen Estilio, and the Hyundai Santro, expect a petrol engine that can deliver about 65 bhp at comparable prices.
Honda Accord
In 2007, Honda Siel Cars will replace the current model of its segment-leading executive sedan, the Accord, with the seventh-generation model that was launched globally in 2006. Out will go the existing tail lights, which will be replaced by a triangular wraparound set placed higher, somewhat like those on the Mercedes S Class.
The boot-lid lip will also incorporate a brake light. From the front, however, the car will look pretty much the same as the one it replaces. The other changes are likely to include the engine. A look at the Thai market, which is similar to India's, gives an idea. There, the car has been launched with a 2.4 litre iVTEC engine delivering 160 bhp and a 3-litre V6 delivering close to 250 bhp.
Hyundai's Hatch
If you thought Hyundai Motor India had the B segment of thecar market comprehensively covered with the Santro and the Getz, think again. The company is now looking to launch a third car in the compact car segment. Finally, the South Korean corporation seems to be adopting the flanking strategy that has served Maruti Udyog so well for so long.
This new car, a hatchback expected towards the end of 2007, is supposed to slot in between the Santro and the Getz. Prices, naturally, will also follow the same format. The auto manufacturing ecosystem did not part with further information on how the car is likely to be configured.
Fiat Palio
Fiat will be giving the Palio hatchback its second facelift since it was launched about six years ago. This time, it does look quite appealing with the sculpted double-barrel headlamps and fresh grill and bumper. But the interesting bit would be a return to the sub-1,200 cc category to save on excise.
That might push power down a bit, but improve fuel efficiency. Besides, expect the introduction of the 1.3-litre multijet diesel that will do duty in the Swift to live in the engine bay of the Palio too. (Even the Tata Indica could be using the same mill as it has tied up with Fiat.) With handling as good as the Palio's, enough grunt from the engine, and Tata service to back it up, there could be a hot package coming the buyer's way.
Bentley Continental GTC
There are few better ways to go bling than in a Bentley. Rockstars do it, rappers do it, and so does the queen of England. The good thing is if you sincerely do not want that much attention, you can just speed away. The 5998 cc, 550 bhp W12 engine lets the GTC get away very very quickly. This gorgeous convertible will follow the Continental GT and the Continental Flying Spur into the country.
So, you can cruise down in full view of the salivating masses and feel smug about it. Or better still: keep the top rolled up and the elements out. After you pay about Rs 1.7 crore (Rs 17 million) for it, you can do exactly what you want to.
Hyundai Getz
The company's top-end hatchback is due for a facelift. On the outside, the car is expected to sport wrapped lamps and a new grille, similar to its European edition. Interiors, too, may see a few changes.
But, the most important changes are likely to happen to the engine. With Maruti ready to launch the Swift Diesel, Hyundai has to counter the move with a diesel Getz. But small diesels are tough to develop. The 1.5-litre CRDi unit that does duty on the Accent is in the running.
Tata Indigo LWB
This long wheelbase (LWB) car was displayed in almost production-ready form at Auto Expo 2006 in New Delhi. About a year later, it isstill to be launched. But expect Tata Motors to bring it on in 2007. At a length of 4.5 metres, it will provide big legroom at the lowest price in India ever.
Besides, it had an all-leather interior, DVD displays on the backs of the front headrests, and airline style tables. As for the engine, the grapevine has it that it could come with a 90 bhp diesel or a 100 bhp petrol engine and sell for about Rs 6.5 lakh (Rs 650,000). Luxury does not get any cheaper.

Source : Make every rupee count

theMAG 9th January 2007 11:49

The thread already exists here:

CrAzY dRiVeR 9th January 2007 14:27

> Mahindra Renault Logan : Really ancious to see why the car has created so much hype... If it delivers what it has promised, and gives indigo true competition...
> HYUNDAI Pa: I really really have no idea what they plan to do... It will be a tight fit without cannibalising santro/Getz sales...
> HYUNDAI Getz Diesel: Will be out by the mid 07 or end 07... Price like all CRDis will be at a premium to the petrols...
> BMW 3 series: I hope i'll be able to check out one BMW this year
> BMW 5 series: I hope i will atleast be able to see this one, this year
> MARUTI Swift Diesel: The one am really really waiting for... Diesel+ swift...
> New Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Hope it will be a drivers car too... And doesnt go the OHC to NHC path
> CHEVROLET Spark: They really really delayed this one... All were expecting... Now, its a bit late, with similar looking even more VFM estilo in the market...
> CHEVROLET Optra Diesel: Watch out skoda!!! (and hyundai if elantra is any better than the old one)
> VOLVO S80, XC 90: Well... I have seen volvo buses... Never seen their cars.. No idea what to expect... Safety???
> New MAHINDRA Scorpio 2.2 CRDe: I hope this gets launched... My friend has his eyes on the scorpio (upgrading from santro)
> New HONDA Accord: Nothing to say... Honda will get more sales... thats all...
> New FIAT Palio: could this help FIAT??? I think it could... But its not going to bring in huge numbers... They better back it up with more produtcs...
> New FIAT Petra: YUuck! I hate the looks of the facelift
> New FORD Endeavour: Looks real macho!!!
> New TATA Sumo: Is it??? i didnt know...
> New TATA Indica: another big player coming up with yet another choice in the budget end... Hurray!!! Hope the indica gets the FIAT JTD engines

>FIAT adevnture facelift: saw it on another thread, and looks yummy!!!
>Hyundai Santro CNG: to be out by Jan end...
>New toyota corolla: They have to get things right after Civic decimated corolla sales...
>Suzuki Grand vitara: Overdrive says this one will be launched... i dont trust them much, but the spy pics seem impressive...
>Ford fiesta CNG: delaers aresaying this will be launched soon... (Said so to my friend who complained of getting only 8 kmpl for fiesta 1.4)

> > CHEVROLET Aveo Diesel: GM had declared recently that aveo will get diesel only in 2008. So... i dont take this in the list

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