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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

In my humble opinion, the increase in volumes of cars has created better economies of scale for manufacturers. Once break-even is achieved, the unit cost will be lower. Hence, features like auto ORVMs, rear AC vents, auto locking system, airbags etc. reach lower segments resulting in customer delight.

One can also note the smooth AMT gearbox in the new Santro.

We will definitely be seeing more features like ABS, EPS, Cruise control in mid variants of cars in the near future.

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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

I think design and aesthetics are being taken seriously like never before! Except Maruti, all the other manufacturers have seriously started concentrating on design! Heck, Mahindra bought Pininfarina so that they don't have to deliver flops like the TUV 300+ ever again!

Deliver an ugly car in the Indian market and it'll get an ugly response! Just ask VW about what happened to the Ameo or Hyundai about the Eon! These cars might have been good on their own but design matters like never before to the non enthusiast!
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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

We are most spoilt with features these days.

You suddenly drive an old car, you wouldn't miss much except for these main features:

1) Centre locking - locking each door, left open by your family is very irritating.
2) Power windows - again the same, going to each door and rise the window with that stupid rotary handle.
3) AC - On a hot sunny day, it's better to go by Two wheeler, than a car without AC.
4) Servo Brakes - Can't imagine standing on pedal, to stop a big car without servo brakes.
5) Power Steering- Just can't drive, in stop go traffic and narrow roads. To have a feel, remove your powersteering fuse and drive on an empty road.
Apart from these, rest, atleast you live without. (Safety yes, the most needed).

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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

The trend I like the most is: Entry level cars ( even their basic versions) are coming with airbags and ABS.
My current drive, i.e. SWIFT vxi, has neither of those safety features. So it is always on my mind while driving.
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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

Good thread, Aditya. One thing I would add to your list is easy availability of spare parts in the open market. 5 years ago i was compelled to go to my official ASS since VW parts were in the grey market were of dubious quality. Now I can buy OE-quality parts in the market and have them fitted at my trust FNG at much less cost and with total control on the outcome. Enables DIY as well for those thus inclined.
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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

The ease of customization in the modern cars is a progress that must be encouraged. The availability of online knowledge aided by the online options has enabled this. This freedom of choice is crucial in the modern cars because the cars are increasingly proving inadequate in crucial capabilities of lighting, security,360-degree-visibility and, too an extent, highway horns while vain and useless features are projected to be being in demand. This might be due to the fact that our cars are focusing less on drivers and more on the passengers. The trend of customization has enabled us to overcome these limitations to a vast extent.

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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

The trends I like in the modern day cars or in addition, modern day automotive sector is that the manufacturers are now much more committing when it comes to returning the worth of money spent by the buyer(not always but in most cases) in the form of creature comforts, features, safety packages or power/mileage.
Best of all is that the cars are no more 4 wheels and an engine to both manufacturers and consumers. Indian car scene is changing from 'what is the MILEAGE' to 'how many AIRBAGS does it have'. We are moving on from 'Alto to Abarth' (both being legends). All this is I suppose is the result of synergy between the manufacturer and the consumer.
The part I love about modern day cars is that they are no more just a way to commute but a trend to follow and a craze that is actually being pampered and graced by many. (I went too far with my emotions here I see )

For me by list the trends I love-
1)Hot hatches that too 'sub 10 Lakh's (the pocket friendly rockets)
2)Bigger the Better (Growing size of SUV's)
3)Paint it my way(manufacturer providing different paint schemes)
4)Remaps and Re-tune
5)SAFETY and BUILD focus
6)Manufacturers focusing on lower service costs and longer service intervals
7)Turbo Petrol engines
8)Hill hold feature (saved many from a little heart attack they get when starting off a slope) and park assist sensors and cams.
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Default Re: Which trends do you love in modern cars?

Frankly speaking, I like nothing in the present day cars! Nothing!

They have been reduced to being gadgets of transportation with some visual/aesthetic pleasuring for a generation that isn't quite familiar with what was considered to be of appeal in the past.

Lot of people might not like the above paragraph, but can't help it. It comes from a person who still eats, sleeps and dreams cars all day long, sadly, none of them from the present era.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post

Cars getting faster & faster
There was a time when engines with 100+ BHP were found only in relatively expensive cars. Now, even some B2-segment hatchbacks produce 100 BHP! All we can do is . In the car market of today, you don't need to spend too much money to have fun.
Not really sure we made huge progress. 100+ bhp is allright, but if the 0-100kmph timings are compared, have we really moved the bar as much. Here is something for the "Josh" machine

Which trends do you love in modern cars?-1467489_10151987018971838_1864219088_n.jpg

Now, this Ford was not the only affordable Josh that was "reachable" for the Average Joes like us. Around it's vicinity was the awesome Palio 1.6 GTX (We used to be so awestruck with it, we used to call it GEE-TEE-EXXX), the stupendous performance king the Baleno 1.6 (Yes it needed just a tyre swap out of the showroom), the Esteem MPFI was faster (100 in second gear and 150 in third, was there anything more mad!!!) and the fastest of them all, the Venerable first generation Honda CITY VTEC.

Even prior to that, the Zen brought the affordable performance over the 800, the steering feel was fabulous. The Contessa Classic 1.8GL MPFI was the Indian Muscle.

This was all late 90's or early 2000, compare to the sub 10 lakh "performance" these days. If there was considerable progress in this space, I would be expecting a sub 9 second 0-100kmph timing. Pipedream at the moment.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Fun variants of everyday cars
Cars like the Tiago JTP, Baleno RS, Polo GTs, Figo S, Abarth Punto & Octavia vRS give enthusiasts the choice of buying higher performance variants of regular cars. Appealing to the head + heart? You bet.
Whatever I wrote above for the 0-100kmph timing, would also hold true for this

Yes, some people are going to say that regulations (emissions and safety mostly) have changed. Besides, most of the slightly-high-performance (none of even those cars would actually qualify to be hot-performers) hardly found any buyers. Yes! Exactly! In creating a larger appeal, that's where the current generation of cars have lost one (although insignificant) car fanatic.
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