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The new honda city no matter how much we may think its ugly is surely sold a heck of alot! Even though i hate the looks i still let my dad buy one...i hated the look of the car and never thought i would own one but some how i got convinced and let him buy one only coz my mom kept cribbing that we need a small car as she cant drive all the big cars in the house and since the corsa is gonna be sold soon we needed a replacement. My dads become an automatic freak after he got the accord so he obviously choose the CVT model. Called up the bombay showrooms every1 had 2 months waiting.. this was around June mid. Anyways one of the guy who we get our cars thru found a dealer in Surat who had one last car left and hence we had no color choice had to get a black one thats all he had and he charged a premium of 15,000! Well the car came from surat got it registered here... the day it got delivered i just couldnt stand the look of it the minute i saw it ...but when i sat in was a whole new world! This was the first time me or my dad had sat in the new honda city.He fell in love with it instantly... The next day he called up Linkway honda booked another one this time manual for one of our companys top managers who we had given the first batch city and that car needed to be changed as it was 90,000Km crossed. The waiting period again 1 month but then my dad new the owner Mariwalla well so he got it for us in a week otherwise i would have had to pay a premium once again! well its been almost a month since both those citys have come and now my dads wants to get another CVT!!! for my uncle in poona.. well we thought it would be easy to get the car this time but were we in for a suprise! Even linkway with all the pull told my dad that he wouldnt be able to give it before november! Went back to the chap in surat again to his luck he had a maroon car left this time around the premium is 25,000!! Anyways dad booked it and today the dealer called back and said i will pay u 10,000 on top cancel u r booking !! so the premium for the CVT now is 35,000! The demand for this car is insane!!
Well bottom line is...wat other option do i have? I need an automatic with a good avg (the city gives me around 9+) in the same price range for 8-8.5 or so. The optra is the only one i can think off but the avg of the auto is shit and its also cost 2 lakhs more than the city! Is there any other option??
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I think the CVT is an excellent car. it is the "right" size, power, etc.. for in city driving. I only wish other manufacturers also had a CVT in their line up. The technology has been around since the late 70s so should be quite reliable by now. my guess is Honda could easlity raise prices of the CVT without affecting sales.
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Man yor Dad looks like a major Honda lover. Hope to be like him when i start earning.

Only difference will be that you wont see any A/Ts in my garage.

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sahil i know how it feels
i hated the city and had almost made up my mind for the viva crdi but when i saw the car i was bowled over by it
now thers a lot of confusion in my mind about which car i should buy....
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