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Default Forget Swift-- Aveo UVA or Getz prime which is better?

Gosh!! there is a waiting period of 8months for Swift Vdi and 3 months for the Swift Vxi-ABS so what is the point in waiting so I thought we need to have a decent alternative for the benchmark hatch.

1. Good build
2. Better Space.
3. Different looks.
1. Mileage - 8-10kmpl
2. Expensive

1. Well built.
2. Very smooth to drive.
3. Great service.
1. Too expensive.
2. Body roll in high speeds.

team please share more information on these two hatches so that bhpians can make a choice when they are planning to buy any of these
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1. Mileage - 8-10kmpl
IS the mileage[FE] for the 1.2L aveo hatch so bad,because I have heard of aveo[sedan] owners talking of better figures than this.
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Actually if i were to make a choice i would probably opt for the Aveo U-VA. I dont like the looks of the new Getz Prime.

As for mileage, i feel they are more or less on par, while the benefit of doubt goes to the Aveo U-VA.
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Even I would prefer the UVA. Getz is overpriced IMHO.
8-10 kmpl is too low. Infact 10 kmpl is the lowest you will get on a UVA.

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Among the two, my money will go for Aveo U-VA!
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Both the cars are very well built,smooth to drive and good feul effecient.U-VA is a 1.2L where as getz is 1.1L U-VA should be a better option in this case as getz i feel is over priced for a 1.1L.. but do check the A.S.S. for the chevy's.Spares wise getz is cheaper than U-VA as told to me by the dealers at it so??

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For me its the Aveo U-VA, loads of space, built quality is better than getz, might not be too much of a difference though,

Well didnt know about the mileage part, is it that low?
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My vote goes to Uva not bcoz its from Chevy family but it offers more space and almost other aspects are evenly matched + GM's 3 years' service and warranty package.

Uva's rear bench is as spacious as the Aveo sedan.

Fe wise also i think it should be slightly better than Getz and as far as spares are concerned Chevy parts are cheap .... its only Opel parts which were expensive.
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Why not have a poll?

My vote would also be for U-VA. But i'd wait for the Swift, thank you!
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Getz 1.1 or 1.3?

Love UVA for its looks.
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My vote goes for Aveo UVA if the other option is Getz 1.1... if u meant Aveo n getz 1.3, then surely Getz 1.3 for me...heard Aveo's mileage is not that bad, tht too not in the range of 8-10
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Which one has the better resale ?? say after 3 yrs...
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getz will have better resale i would think. for sheer driving pleasure the UVA is surely peppy, for practical interiors getz is great. in fact both match up except for the engine and FE.

who said that the FE of UVA is 8kmpl? perhaps if you said getz gives that much i d believe that. but not UVA. uva will definitely give more than 11-12kmpl. there is no way uva can give that less else it would have become another palio sport story in terms of sales.

btw why is this post here? should it not be in what car section?? are we not having enough things to post in this section???

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Originally Posted by raghutk View Post
team please share more information on these two hatches so that bhpians can make a choice when they are planning to buy any of these

The UVA is more the drivers car between the two, while the Getz offers a plusher ride for the family.

Resale value would be difficult to predict, but based on the value proposition of the 2 companies as it relates to these 2 cars, both should retain/depreciate roughly the same value.
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Both cars are spacious, and looks are subjective. The Getz has more power, and better after sales, while the U-VA doesn't really score any practical brownie points.
My vote would go for the Getz prime, the engine is more powerful than the Aveo, without too much loss in FE. There've been bad reviews about the Aveo's gearbox as well - this info isn't first hand, though, read in magazines.
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