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Default European First Drive: 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX FQ-360

European First Drive: 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX FQ-360

Driving the fastest Evo in the real world

The trouble with extreme cars is that they can never be extreme enough. Just as Mercedes has seen fit to increase the power of the SLR from 617 horsepower to 641 hp, so Mitsubishi UK has produced an evolution of the Evolution, the 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX FQ-360. British customers not content with the standard car's already-generous 305 hp can now indulge themselves with a 366-hp special, engineered by the importer's tuning division, Ralliart, and sold with a proper warranty.

The FQ-360 — yes, "FQ" really does stand for "f*cking quick" — is not the most powerful "Evo" that Ralliart has produced. In 2004 it indulged us with a 400-hp version of the Evolution VIII but that car was too focused for its own good. While it was fantastic fun on the right road, the PR-friendly power output compromised its drivability and undermined the Evo's "everyday supercar" aspirations. The FQ-360 is an attempt to right that wrong.

"We've worked hard to optimize the FQ-360's drivability," says Paul Brigden, Ralliart's general manager. "We wanted to deliver the best possible driving experience, rather than concentrating on a headline-grabbing power output."

The Engine

The uprated engine mixes components from the FQ-400 and the Evo IX. The 1,997cc four-cylinder twin-scroll turbo engine — used in Evos since the dawn of time — has been overhauled with the introduction of a high-pressure fuel pump and a high-flow catalytic converter, both of which were pinched from the FQ-400. The ECU is new and bespoke.

Brigden and his team have tuned the car for torque. The peak output of 363 pound-feet is 8 lb-ft more than the FQ-400 produced, and it delivers 2,200 rpm lower down the rev range at 3,200 rpm. That's also 74 lb-ft more than a U.S.-spec Evo IX musters. The peak power output is the rest of the article here.

The standard chassis is more than capable of handling the extra power. From A to B this is one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Familiar 2.0-liter turbo engine has been tuned to deliver 366 hp at 6,887 rpm and 363 lb-ft of torque at 3,200 rpm

The ride is firm but the Bilstein damping is superb. The ultrasophisticated four-wheel-drive system is no electronic killjoy — it's a genuine driving aid.

Evo spotters will notice the Ralliart Sports Meter Kit displaying battery voltage, turbo boost pressure and oil temperature.

Carbon-fiber front chin spoiler and rear vortex generator distinguish the FQ-360 from its lesser brethren

Mitsubishi UK reckons the Evo IX will pummel its way from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and top 160 mph

The leather/Alcantara chairs grip like Crazy Glue.

The "FQ" name was dreamt up by the wife of Mitsubishi UK's marketing director. It really does stand for "f*cking quick."

This is the last of the Lancer-based Evolutions. A radically different Evo X will debut next year.

The tiny Momo steering wheel remains a delight to hold.

The Evo has the five-seater practicality to justify its "everyday" supercar aspirations.

Droool :ohyeah:

Note from Mod - Please do not quote the entire article.

Last edited by Rehaan : 28th November 2006 at 03:09. Reason: Please do not quote the entire article.
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Originally Posted by nikhilb2008 View Post
Evo spotters will notice the Ralliart Sports Meter Kit displaying battery voltage, turbo boost pressure and oil temperature.[/b]
And ICE'rs will notice that Alpine . Great piece of info Nikhil. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

Wonder when we would be able to afford a beauty like this?
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*Drooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll*

Man now that's a car I would like in my garage right now! The carbonfibre splitter looks great against the Red colour. Simply fabulous!!!
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Just looking at the pics takes me to another world. Awsome.
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i cannot define how good this car looks and the snaps are well taken .
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is this the latest gen. lancer or the one we get here is the latest i keep losing track with these mitsu's.....
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This is the latest in the EVO range. The normal sedan has a different front. I've seen quite a few of them here in singapore. Awesomely modified.

I dont like the alloys star design. may look better in person but not in pic.
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Man Id give anything to get that car in my garage and some mag had snap shots of the Evo-X. boy does tha car look mean and radical especially the led head lamps and stuff.
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Hey, This is what I wud call DRROOL MAAL ... my dream car , and it just gets better with every model -- and luv the name ...

There goes my sleep for tonite ...
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