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ajmat 2nd March 2004 18:25

Actually first 4 door saloon built by Porsche was the Merc E500 W124

GTO 2nd March 2004 23:24

Now thats a true car guy. Yes indeed, the Mercedes E500 was indeed produced by Porsche in the early nineties. It is undoubtedly the best E-Class ever! In fact the editor of Motor Trend also owns one.


v12 2nd March 2004 23:36

hey cool, a four door Porsche seems a good idea. It will get them huge profits and then they'll get a faster and more powerful Carrera GT. Hey the Carrera GT engine, isnt it a Le Mans engine?

Dippy 3rd March 2004 01:26

I feel Porsche will surely find success with the four door V8 . I just really cant wait for it to hit the road. Wonder what this German car manufacturer will come up with next? A hot hatch maybe


_Crazi4Speed_ 3rd March 2004 04:47

it is a nice looking car (except for its back) but i dont know how much of a pick will it be, at more than 130,000$ it would cost more than S55, S600, 760li and I dont know if they will be able to provide the limo style lux inside while keeping the shape and everything else about it..

time will tell..


Dippy 3rd March 2004 12:54


it may cost that much but I dont think Porsche is gunning for luxury and enthusiasts who arent really concerned bout luxury may well go for it. How many times have u felt you could ride with some one in his exotic and couldnt so so since it had just 2 seats?


_Crazi4Speed_ 3rd March 2004 13:12

True true..i dont know what I was thinking, atleast in this country..u make a car it will sell..same goes for europe..

so it can be considered a good concept over all..

Dippy 3rd March 2004 13:24

You bet man so many time I have wished if my friend 355 or 360 had even a teeny weeny seat in the rear I could tag along with him since most of the time he has his business partner with him


_Crazi4Speed_ 7th March 2004 14:42

I think more than the 4 door, they are considering the 2+2, I just read it in a mag that its definetly on the cards and 4 door is also being looked at. They are trying to position it as a competition to the 612 and the other in the class like may be CL65 etc..


revtech 9th April 2005 04:47

it is finally out !!!

the 4 door porche or the cayenne is moving about the streets of india and it looks wild

all of us have seen it haven we .

ported_head 9th April 2005 09:27


Originally Posted by revtech
it is finally out !!!

the 4 door porche or the cayenne is moving about the streets of india and it looks wild

all of us have seen it haven we .

The discussion was never about the Cayenne, but a rival 2+2 to the Scaligetti.

amit V8 30th December 2007 13:51

i saw the 4 door Panamera potos as the like to call it. i hate it, it sucks. its not a porchse its something else.

crazybiker46 2nd January 2008 10:23

But four door porsche is on the way to roads,Panamera.....It will be a competitor against ferrari 612 Scalgetti.had seen only it's paper drawings on in net,not real car.probably porsche will be trying to make it as good as 612.....:)

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