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Default General Motors new logo

On the lines of other automakers GM also announced its new logo.

General Motors debuted a new logo meant to convey the automaker’s renewed commitment to the production and sale of electric vehicles. The company is also launching a new marketing campaign to underscore that commitment, as it seeks to compete with Tesla and other automakers that are rushing new EVs to market.
General Motors new logo-gm_logo.0.jpg

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Default re: General Motors new logo

Why does it look more like the logo of a mobile app and not a billion dollar car company?

I said this on the Kia logo thread and I’ll say it again - “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. did they really have to make a new logo? And if it was required, they should’ve made a logo which doesn’t look like a smartphone app icon.
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Default re: General Motors new logo

My god! It’s like the GM logo had a lovechild with Instagram. This new logo just does not work.
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Default re: General Motors new logo

So, this is the new symbol that one of the oldest motor companies of America will be recognised by? The earlier one was classy, what was the need of this?

On a lighter note, it looks like the logo of one of the 52 apps that our government recently banned. Doesn't surprise me at all considering GM is now dependent at that market for survival because the domestic one has alienated them.

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Default re: General Motors new logo

How does the logo represent their commitment towards electric vehicles? Does the sky blue represent the color of electricity? The logo looks like GM gave the logo designing project to Facebook and Twitter.
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Default re: General Motors new logo

Me thinks these OEM logo designers are font blind. I mistook the g to be 9 on first read and wondered what 9 meters meant.

A simple graphic logo is so difficult to coin? or it just plain laziness

If there is some consolation, this is slightly less confusing than the latest Kia logo (Kia to get new logo & motto - Corporate branding revision).
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

IMHO, this new logo does look younger & youthful. But as BHPians have said, it suits a mobile app or software company more than a giant like GM. Wondering how many millions of dollars & management hours were spent on this needless exercise .

Luckily, one will hardly ever see this new logo. On its cars, you're more likely to see a Chevy or Cadillac badge.
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

Sorry for the short post. The logo stuck me as "General Messenger" like FB messenger! (without the automotive context in this post).
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

It reminds me of TV astrologers advising the callers to change names, get remarried on a different date (ofcourse, to same wife), change house plans, keep some chinese stuffs in different parts of the house, to suit numerology.

All car manufacturers must have designed their new logos with these TV Astrologers to increase their sales.

Jokes apart, the logos are the identities and representation of the company. It builds up the confidence, trust and promises companies make to the customers.

If the companies keep changing the logos like this once in a while, then, where is the identity? Where are those promises, commitment? Are they only in TV Ads or sales brochures?
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

I like it honestly. The lowercase fonts probably convey openness & youth. Blue is typically used for electric vehicles so not surprised to see that. Its a fresher logo conpared to the existing ALL CAPS logo.

But it doesn't matter outside of advertising campaigns. To the buyer what is important is the car they're buying.
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

The 'm' looks like an electric slot. Shows that GM is totally committed to electric cars.
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

Is the logo heralds a new era of electric drives, touchscreen/voice controlled everything, the death of IC engines and maybe auto enthusiasts? Or is it represent an elephant 🐘 ?

Very youngish, modernist, washing machinish. As GTO has said, you won't be seeing it too often; I reckon may be in window glass, printed in good ol' postage stamp-size.

Times are changing.
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

The 'M' looks familiar
General Motors new logo-xiaomilogo.png

Also, which one do you guys prefer? I like the black one.
General Motors new logo-cedrqa8rf8jttgdtemvw8m120080.jpg
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Default Re: General Motors new logo

Just a thought, if I company doesn’t want to have a market presence here in our primary market India, and will leave after shuttering operations after 20 years, we aught not to bother with what they do with their logo, etc. Yes, GM INDIA erstwhile customers are still reasonably happy with service/parts support, which is a regulatory compliance need; but that still doesn’t still explain or wash off the sins that come from exiting the market leaving loyal customers, employees, dealers and others in ecosystem high and dry (dead resale values, uncertainty on parts/service initially)

Just like we don’t see ourselves discussing Proton Malaysia or Vinfast Vietnam or any domestic China brand with no India presence or offering or plans, we should show these too big for India brand their rightful place in the Indian marketplace.

When the inevitable need to move on from a trusted car comes, ease of resale and good price realisation is an essential part of the ownership experience. Ask anyone who owned a Montego, Peugout 309 or Cielo in India, they would never risk buying another “up & coming brand” car after the challenge that is to sell off your old car from an exited brand. Yes, helping with parts availability during ownership softens the blow leaving you with a car that you end up running for much longer than planned coz you can’t sell it.

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Default Re: General Motors new logo

Looks pure Chinese LOL. They could have done a better job for sure!

The older logo had a " professional " look to it.

General Motors new logo-1image.jpg
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