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Default Rumour: Ford Mustang to get only electric powertrains from 2028

According to a media report, Ford will offer the Mustang with only electric powertrains from 2028. There will be no petrol powered version of the muscle car available.

The report suggests that the next-generation Mustang is not expected for another seven years. The car, which has been codenamed S650, was expected to be launched in either 2022 or 2023. But now, it is not likely to be launched before 2028. However, a facelifted version of the current-generation model could be launched earlier.

The delay in the launch of the next-generation Mustang is caused because Ford was having trouble making its new CD6 platform suitable for its muscle car. That made the company put off its plans to launch the new car till 2026. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in Ford pushing the launch ahead by another 2 years. By then, variants with internal combustion engines are likely to be discontinued.

Link to Team-BHP News Article

Source: Jalopnik

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Default Re: Rumour: Ford Mustang to get only electric powertrains from 2028

I hear the rumblings of a hybrid mustang in the making, which replaces all the non GT models. Hopefully it's one heck of a swan song for the 'ol pony car. I must stress that they make them audible enough so that the crowds know what's coming their way.
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Default Re: Rumour: Ford Mustang to get only electric powertrains from 2028

The muscle car culture was founded on brash, 'sporty' cars with loud & power engines (V8s) at a mostly affordable price tag.

I wonder how these cars will feel after electrification? Will they be just like any other high-end coupe (or comparable sedan)?
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Default Re: Rumour: Ford Mustang to get only electric powertrains from 2028

Honestly, it does make sense to transition the mustang to electric in 2028 and we should expect other car makers to do the same for other iconic models like the 911 as well. However, I think its a silly idea to drag the current gen till 2028. By that time, it would be 13 years old (!!?) and only body-on-frame SUVs like the Toyota LC last that long these days (the previous gen mustang lasted 9 years).

Ford should've ensured that they are able to fill the gap with an intermediate generation. Given that Ford sells quite a lot of mustangs just in the US, the development cost is justified as well.

Is it just me or does it seem like Ford seems to have lost it like GM these days! They are quitting important growth markets, essentially shut down most non-SUV production and selling cars well beyond their sell-by date. Someone needs to tell ford that their ability to take risks unlike GM and what was then Chrysler motors was what made them the only US car manufacturer to not need a US government bailout.
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Default Re: Rumour: Ford Mustang to get only electric powertrains from 2028

What this Autoline report didn't mention is there is still a "new" Mustang coming for the 23MY, the S650.
  • 2005-2014 S197 5th gen Mustang used the D2C platform.
  • 2015-present S550 6th gen Mustang uses the same D2C platform but with major modifications to the chassis and especially to the rear end because of the addition of an IRS instead of a solid axle like the last generation.
  • 2023 S650 is also expected to continue with the same D2C platform but this time with more aluminium and CD6 components. This generation will have an 8 year lifecycle.
  • And then finally maybe for 31MY we'll get to see the completely revolutionary all electric Mustang that this report is talking about.
S650 might be the last ICE or V8 powered Mustang ever.
S650 may also see hybrid powertrain options and different body styles (the long rumoured 4-door coupe/sedan) too.
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