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Default World's first flying car enters production

This is for real.
To meet FAA regulations, it goes only upto 10 feet, but that should take care of most traffic jams
Jalopnik Loves Flying Cars: World's First Flying Car Enters Production - Jalopnik
Price could be 90,000$ depending on demand
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Thats not a car, it looks like a flying saucer.

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That doesn't resemble a car from any angle.
Don't know who might be crazy enough to buy such thing.
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i don't see the point! and for 90k!! you'd need a flying saucer head to buy one of those.

i cannot see it being anything more than a next-gen hovercraft.
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it looks like a rather old video- notice the photographer dude's clothes and hair- very retro -late 80's type.

Also if this is how it works I Am NOT buying this!
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no way am i getting my hands on this, did you guys see the video - what a lame take of i aint getting close to this, what a waste for 36 lakhs.

we can wait for flying cars, when we drive at the speed of sound!
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I'd be queasy buying a car - esp one thats off the ground; from someone whose name rhymes with Jalopy.

No offense to anyone
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Mahesh, knowing how ''choosey" you are about the roads you drive on this could be a welcome change. You should buy one I say. Then you could fly around the world just to reach from Bangalore to Mangalore .
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Originally Posted by madan80 View Post
Also if this is how it works I Am NOT buying this!
That was downright hilarious. Wonder how many other cars it would have to wreck before a take off or a landing at a parking lot. On second thoughts one could be setting records of sorts on that count.
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