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amit 22nd January 2008 11:12

Find the Passat's looks boring? Passat CC is here
VW has decided to give an answer to the Mercedes CLS with their new sleek and sexy 4 door coupe, the Passat CC.

Full Story: VW Vortex.

More pictures: The Passat CC.

shuvc 22nd January 2008 11:17

Does look hot. Somehow reminds of the 6 series.

ram_hyundai 22nd January 2008 14:34

i liked the side profile of the car ,looking nice and big.the only are of a non inspiring look is the front ,but the three quarter looks would be ok.

benbsb29 22nd January 2008 15:13

Looks quite good. The Passat as such looks quite boring, but this one seems to have made the cut, looks-wise.

sabret00the 22nd January 2008 16:41

wow this restyled car looks amazing...I think VW's come a long way from the drab looks of the Passat...think this is also a huge car

Dippy 22nd January 2008 16:47

Thats a nice looking Passat. So much better than the one on sale right now in India. I'm sure VW would be thinking about getting this version here.

Absar 22nd January 2008 16:54

Passat wasn't looking boring,but then this redesigned Passat looks just awesome. The front and side looks are just catching looks. If VW brings this to India they might even put it up for sale as ANOTHER car, like how Skoda did to the Laura.


Jayabusa 22nd January 2008 17:33

the passat is seriously looking hot. now the passat's got *** appeal.

the side profile looks a bit like that of the new merc c-class.

1100D 22nd January 2008 21:19

What is a passat without the rear quarter glass that we have come to expect from many vintages.

Nitin 22nd January 2008 21:38

clap: Now we'r talkin! This Passat is probably the best looking one ever. I didn't quite think the latest design (the current style,i.e) was anything extra ordinary,but the Vortex looks superb!

AMATMO 22nd January 2008 23:14

i dout anyone would prefer this over the 6 series or the cls cause this segment is not about luxuryso in terms of looks,brand every thing the merc and bmw can beat the vw

MaserQ 23rd January 2008 16:43


Originally Posted by shuvc (Post 696659)
Does look hot. Somehow reminds of the 6 series.

Take away the grille and it looks like a genetic mutation of the CLS + 6 series + Peugeot 607 = best looking passat yet.

highwayblaze 23rd January 2008 20:42

FANTASTIC. It IS just the right company to respond to a mercedes :) Both have poor reliability as well! :)

Jayabusa 24th January 2008 15:15

i have to say the car looks too good for it's segment; i'd say the same for the Merc C-class Avantgarde.

appuchan 24th January 2008 15:30

I found one car with a VW logo but looks more like a Logan today morning and discovered that its a Passat! Really pathetic look for its price. This one looks much better though... However me think that they still have issues with designing the backside. Appears like a Cielo with Civic light cluster

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