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Default Audi Q5 photos leaked

no word yet on engine and specifications. will be available tomorrow when the car makes its world debut at auto china show 2008.
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Default Audi Q5

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800051280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800031280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800041280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800011280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800021280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800061280.jpg

Audi Q5 photos leaked-q50800071280.jpg

For months now we've seen spy photos and heard speculation about Audi's new Q5 CUV. Now, we finally have the official news on the latest entry from Ingolstadt. Unlike its big brother the Q7, the Q5 doesn't share an architecture with a VW model. The Q5 utilizes the same underpinnings as the A5 coupe and A4 sedan/wagon. That means the Q5 has a longitudinally mounted engine rather than the transverse powerplant found in the smaller VW Tiguan.

While we were in Germany to drive the new A4, Audi invited us into their design center in Ingolstadt to check out their new virtual reality design system and have a look at the Q5 in the metal, prior to its official coming out party in Beijing. Compared to the Q7, the Q5 looks substantially more compact than its hefty sibling and is much tidier design overall, keeping with Audi's current pretensions of being a premium sporting brand. In fact the Q5 falls right in the heart of the premium mid-size CUV segment. Learn more about the Q5 design after the jump

Source - Beijing Motor Show: Officially Official - It's the 2009 Audi Q5 - Autoblog

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khanak already beat you to this scoop.

Nice wheels though.
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Wow.. good find. looks stunningly beautiful & almost similiar to Q7
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I loved the design
  • +The front end looks well finished. One of the best Audi 'goatie' I must say.
  • +The rear end looks very similar to Q7
  • - The middle row seat doesnt look very comfortable.
For 35~40 lacs its worth it.
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More details:
2009 Audi Q5: 2009 Audi Q5 Revealed, Officially
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This looks SOOO much better than the trash mini suv MB just released.
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Now this is the way to design a scaled-down version of your mammoth German SUV. The differences between Stuttgart and Ingolstadt are fast widening, and I prefer to go the Audi way. That or the Sumo Grande, but no GLK for Gods sake!
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Kicks the BMW X3. Is it built on the same platform as the Tiguan?
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That is just pimpin...Damn it looks so hot! Perhaps MB should outsource to the Audi design team
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Looks wonderful. Lovely blue paintjob and excellent looking interiors.
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Looks great... smaller version of the Q7, nice work all around. Nice color as well.
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Nice looking SUV! A compressed version of the Q7,but still maintains every bit of road presence & style! Love it!
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Am I the only one who thinks the Q7 looks bloated and ugly?? Its like a hippo on wheels.
I wish Audi took some advice from its Sedan/sports section on SUV designs.
This one looks a bit better but not by a lot, and Audi has always known how to do interiors well.
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Wow! Looks damn cute...But it looks like a big, street legal scale model of the Q7.
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