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Default SX4 FCV (Fuel Cell) around the corner!

The SX4-FCV, a fuel cell based car using US General Motors fuel cell technology finally got final approval from the Japanese government.

As a reminder, the SX4-FCV specifications are:
- 5 Seat capacity
- 4.190x1.730.1585mm
- 2.500 mm wheelbase
- Fuel-Cell output = 80kW
- Motor output = 68kW
- 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank
- Fuel type = High pressure hydrogen
- Maximum Speed 150km/h
- Range = 250km.
SX4 FCV (Fuel Cell) around the corner!-suzuki_sx4_fcv_001.jpg

More link 1 link2

btw, the front bumper looks awesome. Wish one of this is available here! Would make my already hot car an obsessively hottie

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The concept is good, also the bumper. If we get this bumper we could change to this.
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The fuel cell concept is excellent. But the costs are sky high. I agree all good things come with a great price. But even if they are put into mass production, will they be approachable (price wise)???. Its still a distant dream to own hybrids or fuel cell technology driven vehicles in India. Its a win win situation if the automobile industry comes out with a cheaper, reliable , efficient, environment saving vehicles. What with the bunch of taxes levied upon the products, how many people can really afford to buy??
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Nice to see Suzuki and GM experimenting with alternate they really have the money for something like this? I have my doubts on fuel cell getting mass-produced one day. To quote a post from another thread:

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
This news comes across as bitter-sweet to me. Its awesome because Honda is experimenting with alternative sources of energy. Leasing cars out to customers has several benefits; real world testing with real world users, the layman gets an opportunity to experience future technology and last but not the least, its a massive boost (green green green) to Honda's image. Unlike the weirdo Insight, the FCX clarity looks much like a regular sedan. Honda obviously made notes on the Prius' success.

However, there are substantial doubts over hydrogen's applicability as fuel to the everyday passenger car. Honda has limited the FCX run to only about 200 in the near future; that tells me this is only a test rather than an indication of things to come.

Dont get me wrong...this is a mega moment. Full marks to Honda for such significant R&D on alternatives to petrol / diesel / CNG etc. Unless we experiment, we will never realise.
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What would be the numbers required to make fuel cell stacks affordable ? The easiest way to the future would be to develop better batteries. In that case energy need not be used to extract hydrogen but can be stored and used directly.
I hope the next five years will decide what the future car's fuel would be.

One study showed that 2.6 times more energy is needed for a fuel cell vehicle to deliver the same energy to the wheels compared to battery.

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