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Since its birth the Boxter was slow but steady,the introduction of the 2.7L & 3.2L S a couple of years later did not really help the cry for more power from the Boxter,cause all it needed was more bhp to enhance it.Porsche heared the cry but for obvious reasons the recent revesions only nudged the power curve up rather then shoving it emphatically into the 911 territory.

It gets to your nerves(especially enthusiasts)when such a capable car is devoid of what it really deserves i.e. more power.But independent German tuners (like Ruf has its 3600S,complete with a transplanted 996 325bhp engine,TeachArt has the 324bhp 3.7S that utilises a reworked 3.2S powerplant) have matured the 911's little brother.But at the hands of Gemballa,the Boxter S is flexing ever more muscle.Gemballa has entered the chase with its Roadster 3.6.As with the TechArt's 3.7S,the xtra CC comes from modifying the 3.2l S engine,starting with a bore increase to 3.4l.The combination os special pistons & a lightened & *balanced crank from the 3.6l Carrera raises the volume to 3.6l.
Inspite of the xtra CC from the TechArts 3.7s,the 3.6 roadster remains the favourite cause of its high revving ability to 7500rpm.

Gemballa carries out a raft of perfomance enhancements like the aggressive camshaft fitted along with a special stainless steel flywheel,but the greatest emphasis is laid on the flow of gases like the carbon air filter housing feeds a smoothed inlet manifold & cylinder head,which helps the engine to run smoothly.An increased air supply also reaches the bigger throttle due to the connector pipes being enlarged from 30mm to 40mm.Emissions too,are dealt with more afficiently cause of the new header catalyst & rear exhaust which are part of the power exhaust kit fitted

The brakes on the other hand are very different from the stock.At the front,330mm discs are used,but they are not the same as the ones used on the 996 as these utilise a motorsport composite that offers greater stopping power.The calipers are all four-pot items but those at the front are bigger than usual while those at the rear are modified versions of the standard Boxter front calipers.

Coming to the suspension upgrade,theres nothing u wldnt xpect to find:tuned shocks & springs,adjustable anti-roll bars & a strut brace to stiffen the front end.
Technological improvements have allowed Gemballa to produce a very strong but relatively lightweight wheel by reducing the thickness of the rim where strength is less important & adding it where the brunt of stress is taken.As such the wheels inner hub is just 3mm thick & the rim 12mm.These have been enhanced with the extraordinary Yokohama A048 tyres.While they may *well look like cut slicks,they r street legal.

The body has some changes since it left the factory.A bonnet design more familiar to the 911,but other changes have more impact on the aerodynamics & the handling.

So,where does it all go????a Boxter with nearly 80bhp more than a Boxter S,an engine that revs upto 7500rpm,improved stopping power,upgraded suspensions,enhanced aerodynamics & sm awesome styling.I mean what more can u ask from the boxter,its got everything its ever needed including a custom interior like:steering wheel,gear knob,mats,alloy pedals,dials,custom leather upholstery.But all this comes at a heavy price of about $14,000-$15,000.

Power unit-Flat six,water-cooled,mid-engined
Torque-291lb ft@5000rpm
Transmission-six-speed manual
Max speed-180+mph

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Hey I generally hate boxsters and hate their looks when top is up, but this man I have to agree looks good, even though I dont see much change, but something about it, make me wanna have one..sweet stuff...
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I'm seeing some Carrera GT nuances there, especially that rear spoiler.

Great stuff, and like C4S just said, boxsters generally don't look great, but this one is an exception.

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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Revvmaster @ July 27 2004,21:39)]Great stuff, and like C4S just said, boxsters generally don't look great, but this one is an exception.
I'm with you on this.
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