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You may not have heard of it, but the Sirius has a good pedigree and the small matter of 850bhp

After several false starts, it's just about conceivable that VW's Bugatti Veyron might finally appear next year. Meanwhile, at the other end of Germany, Lotec has rolled out its own spectacular supercar with nearly as much power, considerably less weight, and an even longer gestation.
If a rich hobbyist had built the Sirius, you might doubt its credentials, but Kurt Lotterschmid, the driving force behind Lotec, has a distinguished racing background (he won the German Group C2 Championship title back in 1983).
In 1992, Lotterschmid made a one-off supercar called the Lotec C1000. Weighing just 1080kg, it was powered by an 854bhp road-legal version of the Sauber C9 Le Mans sports prototype's twin-turbo Mercedes V8, and its 235mph top speed blitzed every big-name supercar bar the McLaren F1. I rode in the C1000 on the autobahn back then, days before a member of Sheikh Mahktoum's family produced a big cheque and whipped it away.
The cheque hardly had time to clear before Lotterschmid revealed a quarter-scale model of the (then) futuristic-looking Sirius. But for lack of funds the car would have been ready in 1995, yet nearly a decade overdue the Sirius still looks neat, with smooth, homogeneous contours that make the Carrera GT and Enzo look over-styled.
Construction is carbonfibre over a tubular steel frame but the profusion of creature comforts like air-conditioning
and power-steering mean the Sirius tips the scales at 1390kg, which is Porsche GT3 territory. Kurt describes his second supercar effort as more civilised than its predecessor, but you'd still have to be pretty hard-boiled to own one.
To get in gracefully, you sit on the deep sill, grab the door opening and then slide yourself forwards into a cabin that feels more well-trimmed sports-prototype than GT. The instrument pack is Porsche 944 Turbo (a legacy from when the car was to have Porsche power), with the speedo recalibrated to 400kph (249mph).
The prototype Sirius uses the same basic 48-valve 6-litre Mercedes-Benz V12 that powers the Pagani Zonda, and with the compression ratio lowered to 8.5:1 and twin KKK K27 turbos boosting at 0.85 bar, it produces 850bhp at 6000rpm and a whopping 737lb ft of torque at 3800rpm.
The six-speed manual CIMA gearbox (same as in the Pagani and Koenigsegg) sits behind the engine, racecar-style. The package includes a limited slip differential, and the welcome safety net of electronic traction control.
Suspension is by race-style unequal- length double wishbones with inboard coil-overs and anti-roll bars, and the huge brakes have a servo and ABS. Monster 255/35 ZR19 front and 345/30 ZR19 rear Michelin Pilot Sports provide astonishing grip.
Lotec claims 0-62mph in 3.8sec, 0-120mph in 7.8 and a 242mph top speed with the tallest final drive. The lowered compression ratio costs some of the V12's crispness, but the big motor has so much inherent torque that cracking open the throttle even in top gear from just over idle produces meaningful thrust. Anywhere in the power-band between 1500rpm and 6000rpm there's no need to downshift to pass most things.
In full battle cry, the Sirius soundtrack is an amazing amalgam of V12 scream, thrashing timing chains and gargling induction, with the occasional soft flutter of the turbo. That aside, the big V12's soundtrack is a dead ringer for a Ferrari Daytona's, but attacking from behind.
Porsche standards of power-steering feel, neutral handling and staggering brakes to match its giant performance quickly impress, and the Sirius even rides pretty well on country roads. But you do have to mind the ground clearance and the car's sheer width; the Sirius makes a Diablo look trim.
As if 850bhp were not enough, Lotterschmid has dyno-tested engines up to 1200bhp. That said, the production Sirius will swap the old V12 for the current SL65 AMG motor for ease of servicing worldwide.
Even if there were more demand, Lotec can produce a maximum of just five cars a year, so the Sirius isn't likely to cause much concern amongst the established supercar makers. But if you're looking for something different...

Pictures and article courtesy :

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The car looks aggressive from the front......the side view reminds me of the McLaren F1...what say??
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me thinks the styling is absolutely gorgeous, right down to the greenhouse, just look at the windscreen wrap around the car, it just needs to be updated with a pagani zonda kinda interior, and newer tech lights, but its just beautiful
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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (Godspeed @ Aug. 12 2004,14:25)]me thinks the styling is absolutely gorgeous

This is certainly one of the most beautiful cars I've seen. Good performance specs too.
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a very good lookin infact make tht superb lookin sports car wtg!!!
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Stunning to look at. A proper super car with the bare necessities in the interior . Looks with performance to match

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