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From a name that nobody had heard, to a name that almost everybody is talking about. 9ff Tuning, received instant fame after clocking 231 mph at the Nardo circuit, during a recent tuner meet. In a 996 Turbo! I know I had said a couple of times that the car had hit 244 mph, but that was due to an over optimistic speed trap at the Nardo circuit. Now lets get back to the car.

The 9ff Turbo, at first glance, would pass as a stock Turbo. Except different alloys and a larger rear wing, could very well be explained by somebody who went tick happy at the options list. What matters most is what lies beneath the skin.

The 9F-T6, as its called, runs a stock 996 Turbo block and crank, but everything else is new, forged titanium conrods, complete cylinder heads, intake manifolds and throttle bodies, six new injectors and four fuel pumps, wild cams, two huge intercoolers and a full exhaust system with race cats, a stronger clutch and a mandatory ECU upgrade. But the meat of the conversion are two new bigger KKK 26 turbos. At 1.4 bar full boost, the T6 has measured 733 bhp with maximum torque of 622 lb ft arriving at 6000 rpm.

The T6 offered with the Turbo's 4WD system, or to minimize losses RWD *only, which was the case at the Nardo run. The entire conversion which includes a strengthened gearbox and LSD *borrowed from the GT1, costs 46,000 pounds. The T6 doesn't get full traction till about 160 kph, scary thought that, you have to wait for 100 *mph before you can unleash the cars full wrath. The T6 hits 60 mph from a standstill in around 3.5 sec and 0-124mph in 8.85 seconds, which is unbelievably bloody fast.

The majority of customers are expected from the Middle East, nor does the company expect any of it’s cars to make it to the track. But the owner, Fatthauer isn't satisfied yet. His next project the T8, which is a 840 bhp GT3! Expected to touch 252 mph. Frustrated Veyron customers, please line up here.


Engine: Horizontally opposed Flat-6, 3600cc.
Bore x Stroke: 100x76.4mm
Cylinder block: Aluminium Alloy.
Cylinder head: DOHC per bank, 4 valves per cylinder, variable valve lift.
Fuel and Ignition: Reprogrammed Bosch Motronic ME 7.8 with bigger fuel injectors and twin KKK 24/26 turbochargers.
Max Power: 733 bhp@6950 rpm
Max Torque: 622 lb-ft@6000 rpm
Weight: 1450 kg
Power to Weight: 513 bhp/ton
Wheels: 8.5x19in front, 12x19in rear, BBS center-lock race spec alloys.
Tyres: 235/35 ZR19 front, 315/25 ZR19 rear, Continental ContiSportContact 2 Vmax

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Now, thats a FAST car!! 700+ bhp......simply awesome!!
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Not to mention the incredibly tight (and misaligned) fitting in the engine bay.

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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (ported_head @ Sep. 25 2004,12:43)]At 1.4 bar full boost,
Awesome machine,

but 1.4bar full boost ?? *even for the top speed run hmmm... i'm sure they could squeeze some more out of those turbos///


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