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Default HI from a "School boy" :-P n conti lover

Hi everyone there,

Am a 12th std commerce student in Thiruvanthapuram and registered in T-BHP only 2 days ago,but was admitted the next day itself.Was surprised as i read somewhere that you have to wait for a time before getting in.well finally am here.
I read about Team BHP 6 yrs ago(how time flies!!!) in autocar,but didn't bother as i didn't have net and i had my diet of autocar(60-100Rs per month),which helped me understand the indian automotive scene.Bumped into T BHP when i was searching for "ma crush,conti" ,found the site organised and informative unlike other sites which were full of bad words and disorganised.Didn't want to join till i got my hands on my conti,but waking up on new year made me think otherwise.
Coming to my automotive interests,the first 12 years of my life was spend in Saudi Arabia,"the land where land yachts still rule".So my taste basically is stuck in 80's design and grown up in a mindset where *power was expressed in no. of cylinders,
*RWD was a given,
*jap cars were the default choice,reliable,workhorses,the practical choice(no wonder all in my family had jap cars)
*american were big,boxy,used by saudis,and best for highway use.but my dad has a different idea,to him landyachts are comfortable,easy to drive,torquey engineand are nimbel wyth low turning circle.
*contrary to all your people's thinking to me korean cars are just low quality S.H.I.T.Sorry but to me till even today they are bright gift cars that can be used for 2 years and then scrapped(somehow the mindset got stuck in my childhood.)
*german meant benz and it meant luxury and high maintenance uncle had a W126,but it crashed(nobody got one scratch),beemer-black 5 series(E39),audi-what's that olympics ring??

Coming to our homeland the earliest memories i had was of our venerable amby and my uncles omni(which was todays innova equivalent),of smelly 2 stroke motorcycles,of my first lusts:tata sierra,tata estate,tata much that my mother used to tell a red Tata Estate was my first automotive love.

Coming to the cars in my life,well its not so interesting as some of you guyz have.
Earliest memories were of travellin in dad's pick ups and trucks(we have a fleet of 12 pickups and 5 trucks in Riyadh) and in my uncle's Pontiac Bonneville.At that time i was not that crazy about cars but could tell their names by just looking at them.Come 1996 and we bought our first sedan a 1980's Toyota Cressida 4 pot manual tranny.One heck of a car and its the only car that i knew me father was emotionally attached.But i was not.To me it was ol' crap,as i looked at the shiny metal of lexuses,mercs and cadillacs.Its only when i searched for it in the net did i came to know about it( a 4 door supra ) damn it shared the chassis and engine of supra.No wonder my father loved it.We also had a '79 hilux ,which even after all cars came and went is still in service as a delivery van in our bakery.
Back in india my dad had a kawasaki motorcycle and a couple of CD 100s.Then in '97 we bought the omni from my uncle and hell of a ride did it used to shuttle b/w t'puram and chennai and in our ownership it saw more of use in relatives hand than ours.During the construction of our auditorium it was used to ferry cement,wood,chairs et al.And it was only in 2003 that after spending few months in maruti workshop it was put to rest.VOILA two months after and with my driving skill mustered in a hilux in the desert,i set to put all my driving skill on the omni(was only 11 then). the torture the car went through my hands.accelerated like mad around our auditorium,turning it sharply at 60km/h(we had wide low profile tyres on it so no problemo),doing burnouts
Then 2005 my dream came true.i was lusting after the indica and even before i read an auto mag i could tell the dfrnt variants.well it was not exactly an indica,it was an indicab.Had it as a taxi,so no messing with the car.But in days when the driver took leave,i wud beg my mum for the car keys and then again drive it around our auditorium(it must rank as my test track as 90%of the cars i drove was around it). Once bitten by FF3 tokyo drift,i tried hand brake turns and maan was it good(not something i would like doing in our waggie)
Come 2009,sold the cab to the driver himself and was carless for half an was abroad and mom doesn't drive much,But when he came home,he couldn't do anything without a car ,and as a short term fix decided to buy an alto(financial difficulties!!! LOL),but the space didn't find much favour.As fate would have the showroom had a wagonr nearby the alto and dad decided to buy it and booked it.All these happened while i was checking the SX4 interior and critically,artistically viewing the Ritz rear end.Was shocked and even cried at home[Dad told we were to visit a couple of showrooms,but here he booked the waggie without even a TD]
Ordered a beige colour but due to our urgency settled for midnight black.had it extra fitted with pioneer music system(usb,aux in),the lightest green tint,wheel cups,beige and black artificial leather seat covers.Well dad didn't like the rear end at first but it was the gearbox that he was troubled with.He lamented all about it amd told taht his nissan mini truck had a far smoother shift.True ,the gearshift was something i was not expecting this worse.Heck ,even our omni could match the waggie for it tranny
Well as a car lover i am,had to love it and slowly started appreciating the kei car boxy design.maybe black is not a bad color for a small car.Haven't ripped it as its still a virgin(only 1950 kms)
Finally to the car which is the reason am here for.I didn't bother about it much initially.but watching 2 films,Christine and FF3 made the difference.The white monte carlo which black used in the first race scene made me think ,why not me??

Old american muscle car styling with latest model in 2002,isuzu engines,RWD and most importantly prices less than 50k.From 2007 to this day,have been searchin for a conti.Don't know if i wud get a good piece for Rs<50k in thiruvanthapuram or nearby.Every person i asked to,have discouraged me:its gas guzzling,its a ship not a car,why do you need that old junk,to the comments on TBHP that its dynamically unstable,the clutch will give away if you dump it,bad build and all.
But one time i sat on the driving seat,i finalized its gonna be mine.

Have to start the search n buy process in this summer vacation.
Can anyone give me an approx. price for a 2002 model petrol conti.

Know the post is to looong,but i fel a weight off me after having written all these.

"MODS- PLS edit and cut short if its too long,but be lenient ,i spend the whole night writing this .
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welcome. whats with all the teens joining suddenly? im just 2 months older than you.
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Welcome! You'll find a lot of youngsters in this forum! You'll find a lot of oldies too! Enjoy your stay!
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