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Default Love . . . . all over again!!! (OHC @ ~80,000km)

It all started when the the Ohc gave up on me for the first time just a km short of home on a very busy evening S.V. Road.
White smoke started peeping through the AC vents and the hood, it was a radiator leakage.

Spoke to the mech and he said it would be safe to drive it home after letting it cool for a short while. Did just that, and stopped by at the garage to have the car inspected.

It was pretty simple, the radiator needed to be changed. And, while we were at it, we decided to replace the clutch and lookup the suspension creaks as well.

The car had visitited the mech soon after the horrendous job at ichibaan, mountings were replaced, headlight bulbs were redone,and a couple of other small odd jobs. He was too busy to get started with the clutch and suspension back then, and after that the Ohc got too busy doing its daily duty.

The timing of the breakdown was ever so perfect, father was taking off for two days which meant i could use the Ikon to work.

The car was picked up the next morning. Instructions were simple, change the radiator, change the clutch, and get done with the creaking.
Initially the mech was of the opinion that the lower arms had to be replaced, but soon after the car was taken he called to say they were in good shape, and it was the Tyre Dens that needed to be done (not sure about the part name, will reconfirm once i get the invoice).

I enter the building gate and can see the Ohc parked, i'm glad the work has been completed in one single day, may not be much work, but this is a slightly busy small garage. Soon i have forgotten about it and gone about the chores.

Last night i had to go fetch my father, and i realised i had not driven the Honda since it was back. Grabbed the oppurtunity, rushed downstairs, started it up, and ___________________ , i was absoluetly blank!!!!!!!! It felt crisp, was idling at a little over 0.8Krpm (which the mech said would settle once its warmed up).
Rolled it out, and i could already tell the difference the new Daikin clutch has made. It felt ever so smooth, crisp, dare i say NEW!!

The khatkhat sound from the front has been well taken care of by whatever work the mech has done, the only sound i can hear apart from the ICE is the slightly loose readling lamp bulb in the front on the passenger side.

I was just as excited as the day i had brought home the Honda. Father's flight was a little over 30 minutes late, but i could not be bored, i couldn't help staring at the Honda while it was parked.

I have always wanted to write a review upon the Honda, but i feel GTO, Dippy, and a couple of others have it all well covered with their writeups, and besides there is just so much to write home about that i'd feel bad about missing out on any value of the car.

When i joined the forum, i thought that GTO, Shantanu, Dippy overdid the whole Honda deals. Back then i drove the ever so peppy zen.
A few months later i had an option to choose my car, with a budget of 8 - 9 L, i was more or less spoilt for choice, rather could have been.

I had shortlisted a Honda, vtec or 1.5, any would do, and boyyyy has it been the perfect upgrade from the zen or a PERFECT UPGRADE.

I would mention this, anyone who feels that the Ohc is overhyped, has not owned one to experience the long term values of the car or is simplly KIDDIN you.

To gather it all, the Honda has been treating me fine since almost 22 months now and long 30,000 kms of ownership. Its just a couple of hundred kms short of 80,000 now and yet has the pep to put the new babies with all their plugs and wires to shame, and that too with respectable fuel efficiency.


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Lovely write up manson. Funny you put down your report much more after I put mine knowing you got your car before I did.

Looks like the bug has hit you all over again. My car will near 40,000 kms soon. Thats when I'll write an update on my car.
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Hey Manson,

Very nice write up. Kind of marketing for Honda, but the truth is it's absolutely well deserved. Heard in one of the old top gear episodes one of them mentioning that it is a Honda and it would last much more than your granny

But a crisp and a neat write up.
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But, Im confused.
Did U buy a 50,000 km run OHC for 8-9L??
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Dippy, was no point putting down the initial impressions et all down, you freaks have gone way overboard doing that

Nitrous anna, letting the head take a weekend nap eh, lol
8-9 L was the budget i had for a new car back then, but there was nothing as fun besides the RS which was way out of reach, even if a used one came by.
About the odo, the car was at 50K when i brought it home, and now its at a good 80K and going strong!!

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Straight from the heart...whats up with you today, Manson? Whatever you had for lunch sure had a good effect so keep 'em coming.

I would mention this, anyone who feels that the Ohc is overhyped, has not owned one to experience the long term values of the car or is simplly KIDDIN you.
Absolutely agreed. You have to live with a Honda for an extended period of time to appreciate the superb ownership experience. Its very easy to take someone else's OHC out for an occasional spin and comment "yeah, the interiors suck" or something like that.

But when you have a class-leading driving experience, unfathomable reliability, extremely low service costs, fantastic FE and a miniscule parts failure rate...thats when you fall in love with the OHC all over again. My Vtec has covered more than 50,000 kms but I drive it more than the Benz of late. The RS may be faster, but I have said this before and I say it again....the OHC is more fun (and involving) to drive. This is one of the few cars that appeals to the head and to the heart.

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