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Default Jaguar XJ - Does the the Accident Repair Process make it an unviable option?

Does anyone here have any experience with Jaguar XJ accident repairs? We are thinking of buying a XJ in our company for our MD, but are worried about the aluminium body construction. Small accident and dent repairs supposedly cant be fixed anywhere but in the authorised service centre because of the type of construction. Also we have heard conducting such repairs on Jags taking anywhere between 2 - 3 months in India, because workshops aren't equipped well enough with good service personal and enough equipment. I spoke to the Jag dealers about this, and they mumbled about things now having improved and told me they would get back to me. I asked them for records of actual cases with turn around times.
I can understand a higher repair bill at an authorised service centre and it isnt big enough reason to tilt our decision to a Bimmer or a Merc. But if it truely does take 2 - 3 months to repair, then we'll definately have to strike the car out of our list.
The car is going to be run extensively in Mumbai and considering the traffic conditions, it is imperative for any car to have scratches and dents, as experienced on the company merc n bimmers. I can only imagine how much more damage a behemoth like the XJ will suffer.
I have tried to research this on the net, and all I have come across is that repairing the aluminium body Jag is quite a technically difficult job.
Anyone who has any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate your inputs.
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Default Re: Jaguar XJ - Does the the Accident Repair Process make it an unviable option?make

A good point

The only people who could repair these would be Audi who work on similar concepts (aluminium space frame). iF JLR are clever, they would outsource repair work to Audi until they have their set up in place.

BmW and Mercedes use aluminium panels but if I am right these are mainly bolt on panels

Main issues that I see are:

1: Spaceframe alignment in case of a major shunt

2: MIG welding techniques

3: Rivetting / bonding technologies for aluminium
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Default Re: Jaguar XJ - Does the the Accident Repair Process make it an unviable option?

Yes, Aluminium is getting a greater share on the car's body. The panels as well as the frame. It is true for Jaguar as well as Mrecedes, Audi & BMW.

The age old/traditional repair techniques are loosing edge when it comes to repairs on the latest models from the above set of manufacturers and others. (Thanks to CO2 control...)

What we now get is the following: GRAV, HSS Welding and most importantly Gluing and Rivetting.

The repair techniques are hightech but with regards to time, they are much faster. In case of an accident you have the following options:

- Small dent/scratches: live with it if you can OR get a bit of tinkering done.

- Bigger panel damaged: change the panel. It will be glued and rivetted. No welding. Easy, no thermal stresses and quick.

- Frame repair: This is a longish repair. Most likely the frame member would need to be replaced. Welding would be needed. Find a body shop that has a fully accessorized Car-O-Liner/Celette bench with the measuring system. Check the welding unit. Different for HSS and for Aluminium. If this is secured, most likely you get your car back in good time and in good shape.

Finally note that all Alumunium dent beating tools are marked in red color. Ther are different from the denter's set used on steel panels. This could be the first check at the bodyshop if you want to know the quality of work carried out there.

If Jaguar is not ready, you can use the services of Audi or BMW Bodyshops. I am sure you will be welcomed there with your Jag.
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Default Re: Jaguar XJ - Does the the Accident Repair Process make it an unviable option?

If the body panels are damaged, then they are generally replaced, and as stated these are mostly glued/riveted on. In case of chassis distortion, a chassis alignment rig is required, along with aluminum heating/welding units. On the whole it is better to write off a car whose chassis is distorted, as it is extremely difficult and tediuos to get it perfectly aligned, but then such major accidents are rare and it is mostly minor dents which are predominant.

I would not let these concerns bother me when I get a premium set of wheels, as the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in case of a freak accident serious enough to damage the chassis.
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