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Default Merc ML300CDi Vs BMW X5 3.0d Vs Cayenne D (UK)

A little background - My father has a base in Mumbai As well as in London, and he spends half his time there and half here. In August I will be moving to London for atleast 5 years(educational) and my parents visits will be more frequent. W already have a house there and now we are planning to buy a vehicle.

Our budget is about 45,000 GBP, and the requirements are that it is an SUV, diesel engine and also preferably Auto tranny, (In case my mother wants to drive), comfortable drive and decent boot space.

I've shortlisted three cars for which would be our possible purchases

Mercedez Benz ML300CDi - 41,000 GBP
This is the cheapest out of the choices and fits very well into our budget. This isn't really my personal favorite from our short-list, but my father has been a long time and loyal MB customer and insists we try it out.

BMW X5 3.0d - 43,000 GBP
I myself drive a BMW 320i here in Mumbai, and for me BMW is the way to go. Slightly more expensive than the ML300 but still fits into the budget.

Cayenne Diesel - 45,000 GBP
The snob car from the lot. The OTR price would probably stretch the budget, but this one's definitely my personal favorite. This one isn't in the battle really, as I don't see my father purchasing it. Just threw it in here as I'm still considering it.

The question is between the X5 and the ML really, as I expect the Cayenne to obviously be better than the former. So which car is really more value for money?
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Lets look at it from a UK perspective

1: First check your insurance - being a student and assuming you are less than 25 years old and the London area means you might not even get insurance. Even if the car is in your father/ company name, the insurance will insist on drivers under 25 being named. They also don't like "fronting" where the car is all but name in the youngsters name!

2: Now to the cars. All will depreciate terribly. The Cayenne diesel is not that highly regarded apparently. Dynamically it is brilliant. The ML is a pretty good all rounder but is due for replacement. The X5 is the best all rounder but check the ride out before you take the plunge. The X5 sport I used in the UK took a while to get used to due to the lumpy UK roads
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Why on earth are you looking to buy a new car here? You get loads of Pre owned X5 and ML. somebody has already taken the hit on depreciation for these beauties. I saw a pre owned GL 420 for 41000 GBP at Mercedez Brooklands today.
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I agree with artofzen!

Used car is the way to go. You should easily find good condition cars there in the UK at much cheaper prices than our country.
Also like ajmat has mentioned, insurance in UK is completely different to India and is very expensive plus hard to get at your age.

Best, go for some used Hybrid. You would save a lot on the congestion charges in London.

All the best with your studies and car
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