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The Superb would be my first recommendation.
The Laura would be the second - saves you 5 lacs over the superb.

Cruze AT is a fantastic sedan too !!
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@Car Fan---between the Altis and the Sonata, the latter trumps the former in terms of space and comfort. It also has a light steering like the Altis.It is easy to park also.

I don't think it is much costlier than the Altis. Even the A.S.S. and maintenance will be on par, if not better. Only thing to worry about is the resale value.
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Get the Superb, dude! If you can afford a CRV, you can afford a Superb. It really is a great car. Search for and check out the Superb vs 3-series thread if you don't believe me.

This is totally in the wrong section, isn't it? Shoudn't it be in "What Car"?
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Default Hybrids

Civic Hybrid or Toyota Prius. I don't know a whole lot on the comfort of a Prius though.
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^^Civic hybrid was a disaster and is no more available.
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I suggest you go for Toyota or Honda.
I would advice against Skoda after reading about the horrible maintainace issue associated with it. Believe you can not go very wrong with Toyota.
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Assuming that your father is going to be driven, Sonata transform or a pre owned Honda Accord or Camry is the car according to me. I would say stay away from Skoda. Peace of mind is more important at that age.
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Originally Posted by StarrySky View Post
May I suggest Hyundai Sonata Transform?
Excellent suggestion. The car is excellent, is understated and non flashy. Also Hyuandi reliability means peace of mind.

Originally Posted by shankar.balan View Post

2. Honda Accord - lovely, not too flashy, very nice car indeed.

Though Superb beats the Accord hollow, I would advice against it due to reliability issues.
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[quote=sachinj12;2096818]Excellent suggestion. The car is excellent, is understated and non flashy. Also Hyuandi reliability means peace of mind.

+1 to that. Think about huge bargains man. Its powerful too.
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Fantastic - will recommend a serious look at the Corolla Altis and Sonata Transform, and they can decide whether they want a more compact or more comfortable sedan.

Since my father is keen on Skoda and will definitely check out the Yeti I will also toss in the Superb 1.8 as a recommendation, but I remain uneasy about Skoda's reliability in the context of my parents being retirees. If I had to get it for myself I may be more willing to take the risk.

No BMW for them I guess!
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@Car Fan, going by the exact parameter of your need. I think the buck stops at Altis. As its supreme comfort in back seat is what your parents would love and ofcourse the second most important parameter being very reliable.

Now the decision should be whether it should be P or D depending on how many kms they plan to gobble up during its ownership.

Happy deciding
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You haven't said what your budget is?

I think a Jetta/LauraD DSG or a Cruze AT will make both happy. Both have the Euro feel your dad is looking for and the fuel efficiency and understated (well maybe not the Cruze) image your mum is. AT is something YOU should insist and pay for.

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Your requirements are for two diverse vehicles

a) City vehicle, easy to park and maneuver
b) Vehicle for highway trips, with speed, comfort and luggage space

It is extremely difficult to combine these two requirements. The first demands a compact car, while the second required a larger heavier car. In case they will be driven around in the city, then parking a large vehicle should not be a problem. By the way most of the sedans are much larger than hatches, and approach the length of a soft road SUV.

In case you have space for parking think of two cars, one small hatch for short trips around the locality, and another larger car for formal occasions and long distance trips. I have adopted the same strategy, I have a sedan for formal occasions and bought a K10 for trips to market and other congested areas.

A K10/A Star/ i10 / Wagon R for city
An Altis/ Superb/ Sonata for formal occasions and highways.
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Only one car comes to mind, which fits all your requirements. New, not too harsh on the running costs (compared to a pre-owned 5), supremely comfortable, loaded to the gills, and a fair bit of oomph and brand value.

The Skoda Superb. And I'm guessing, it's the 1.8 TSI A/T you should be looking at.
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Default Kizashi?

A thought: my father finds the Maruti SX4 quite comfortable, and it's tall profile is of course perfect for older folks. So would the forthcoming Kizashi not be a good contender? It's smaller than the Superb/Sonata but could be a good alternative to the Corolla Altis and would have all the ownership cost benefits of a Maruti.

When is it due in India anyway -- should be soon right?
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