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Tool 25th November 2006 01:23

Need Info On The E68 Twin Power Intake System
hello everyone.. was just checking out the E68 Twin Power Intake System and it sounded pretty cool.. further searching lead to me finding it on was just wondering if anyone has any information about this thing. it claims to add more low end torque and better FE along with more BHP :) .. anyone played around with thins thingy yet ?? heheh thanx a lot in advance. :)

vezj420 25th November 2006 22:13

Hey Tool (by the way, is ur username referring to the band Tool - if so, great on ya bro! I love their stuff!),

I had purchased an e68 intake charger from Speedworks almost a month back (from their BLR dealer/distributor) but never got the chance to install it (I me, the circumstances were such and its a long story!).

However, JUST today, as I gave in my car for some body tinkering work, I've instructed my mechanic to go ahead and install the this space for my report! (will be getting the car back on Tuesday).

Now, I'm usually a careful aftermarket mods buyer who wouldn't have bought the module 'at all', but I read some good things about the e68 on;f=7;t=001347, and then found out that the office in BLR had only one unit left! So I rushed and picked it up without giving it a second thought.

Now, the way the e68 works (or claims to anyway) is two-fold: one, it actually has a micro-compressor in it that supposedly compresses the air intake charge. This part holds some promise. Secondly, it actually has a magnet inside that 'charges' the air intake - if u read the theory behind this (and a lot of sites do have it), it sounds like and is BS. Even if magnetizing the air intake had any effect at all on power/intake efficiency, it would be negligible. Anyways, u can also find more info including installation on (sp?).

Have fun mate! I like your signature quote too....too bad u're not in BLR eh? ;)

vezj420 5th December 2006 23:46

e68 in an ikon report!
Hey guys.....sorry about the delay in posting the report after installing the e68 intake charger in my Ikon 1.6, but I wanted to wait a few days to check mileage figures too.......

First, some info/corrections:
The e68 is actually an air-bleed device. The claimed way that this works is that the device (connected between the inlet manifold and some other line, usually the brake booster/servo) draws in an extra volume of air into the engine, thus leaning out the mixture. Those familiar with the K&N theory will agree that this IS a way to increase power and mileage, especially if the engine is running rich.

Buuuut, if you look at the entire intake's operation as per modern engines with ECUs, AFM, lambda sensors, etc, it becomes clear that simply leaning out the mixture will only cause the EMS to compensate by enriching the fuel mixture. Those interested may look into the following page/article for an expert skeptic's view on the operation of 'air-bleed' devices:

Skepticism aside, here's what I've found so far with the e68 in my vehicle:

- Adjusting the screw on the e68 during idling doesn't seem to affect the initial rpm at all....the website for the device suggests doing this to get back to normal idle rpm. However, on some cold starts (rarely), the initial rpm is slightly higher than normal, but then drops back.
- Torque: If there's been any increase, it's very marginal and even that could be a 'placebo' effect in my mind! However, I have found the engine to be a bit smoother at high rpms, probably even helping out in the change to higher gears....but I wouldn't call this a 'power' increase.
- Mileage: The interesting thing is, the e68 actually seemed to increase mileage for a quarter of my tank's worth of driving...I usually get about 10.5 kpl (city) which actually went to almost 12 kpl these past couple of days! However, it's hard to say whether this was because of the e68 or because of the fact I've had pretty late nights at the office recently! (less traffic, for those confused) :mad: To average out these factors, I'll have to wait till I get to empty-ish, hopefully at least another 110 kms....

The Verdict:
I hate to break it to y'all, but honestly, I don't feel the vehicle is any better off with the e68. Like I said, the only significant effect I've seen is a possible increase in mileage, which would cheer me up some. However, this effect does NOT justify the e68's price (~6.5 k, I'm serious!).

Now, I do need to point out two things:
1) On carb'ed cars that run a slightly rich mixture (see above and the posted link), air bleed devices ARE known to increase power by adding more air to the mixture.

2) My e68 installation is in a less-than-ideal spot - along the back of the engine bay with a relatively long line running to the inlet manifold. Perhaps exposure to colder air and shorter plumbing would help?? I am going to try this out soon and will update...

But till then, I do regret not saving the same amount of money for a) free-flow headers or b) porting and polishing work (both of which I WILL be doing, by the way!!)

See u on another thread.......

max8791 16th February 2007 00:44

are you still using e68.

any more updates about it?

company claims :
E68 Twin Power Intake System
10 Years Warranty
Dyno Tested
Performance Guarantee
Top Selling In Asia
Increase HP & Torque by 8 to 15%
Improve timing 0 to 100KM by one cycle.
Clear emission 5 to 10%.
Price: Rs.X,XXX/-

is it a good buy or junk ?

Rehaan 16th February 2007 04:22


Originally Posted by max8791 (Post 374949)
company claims :
E68 Twin Power Intake System

›› Improve timing 0 to 100KM by one cycle.

What exactly does that mean?


max8791 16th February 2007 16:56

rehaan i have no idea what that means.. but its claim by dealer of e68 Special offers from Speedworks, KDM Light Tuning Package

iam looking for more info on the device

Sankar 16th February 2007 23:36

I don't think it's worth spending 7.7k on an air bleed device. Sounds like its one from those 'intake supercharger/turbulator/vortex creator' box of tricks.

jkdas 17th February 2007 12:31


Originally Posted by Rehaan (Post 374989)
What exactly does that mean?


ah, wel simple. you race with a cycle side ba side and then check your lap timings...

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