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gigy 30th January 2007 23:17

aftermarket bumpers
hi, i have damaged my baleno front bumper while parking and now need replacement. thinking of going for after market one which have provision for additional headlight installation as seen in many lancers. where can i get those in mumbai? what will be the cost?

HAFI 30th January 2007 23:19

hey why dont you try repairing it?? wil be of much less cost..

gigy 31st January 2007 07:26

cost is not the major factor but having a second set of lights mounted low in bumper helps in highway driving, especially in the fog. should i claim insurance and go for standard fitting or can i get a aftermarket one through insurance claim?

binz 31st January 2007 09:40

khanak 31st January 2007 15:35

I doubt if insurance will cover an aftermarket bumped....if you plan to modify your car anyways nows probably a good time to get a custom bumper....

bruce 1st February 2007 11:14


Originally Posted by binz (Post 364889)

Please can you tell where do i get these?

gigy 1st February 2007 14:01

where can i get stuff like the above post?

nikhilv12 1st February 2007 16:14

either you have to get it made or you have to import them... i dont think repacement bumpers are available in india.....

carlover84 2nd February 2007 15:58

I think u should get them made in India only as they are gonna be as per your design, cheap and quality will also depend on budget.......If u need my help further contact me.

gigy 18th February 2007 19:23

my bumper got itself corrected thanks to the sun and the bumper itself. now only a repaint and fog lamp replacement is required.

SRK 18th February 2007 19:33

How did it get corrected itself??
Wasnt your bumper broken??

gigy 19th February 2007 18:24

bumper was not broken but had a huge dent in it. physically when i9 trid to push it out it was not coming and the paint in area where i was pushing was crackinh, so left it as it is for change. after the car was parked in sun for two days i noticed the whole thing has gone missing, only the marks of my attempt to correct the dent remains. there is an other thread about similar thing happening to fellow bhpn.

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