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parichay 10th February 2009 08:08

Green Cotton Kit for Cedia.
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Hi All...I am considering fitting the green cotton kit in my cedia. Here is an indicative pic. I would like to know from the users of this forum the pros/cons of this system. According to the installer half of the oe box will be left in place during install which according to them will enable better performance. Any ideas, thoughts? I am looking to improve the top end and in gear timings and some improvements to the engine note will not hurt :). What are the other options that I can look at?

parichay 15th February 2009 19:58

No replies?
Hello! its been nearly a week now and I have not had any replies on this thread. Thats strange since the response has always been pretty fast so far! Are there any green filter users on this forum?

autopsyche 17th February 2009 12:15

Parichay, im using the same filter and adaptor pipe on my 3000GT, basically both have the same sized stock Mitsubishi MAF so its a direct fit on my car too.

The difference in performance has been definitely noticable. The only issue with open element filters are that they require frequent cleaning, i air clean my filter every 1000kms and re-oil it around 5000kms.

Keeping half of the stock box will act as a shiled against hot air blowing in from the radiator fan and from above the exhaust manifold. So yeah no harm in keeping it fitted on.

parichay 17th February 2009 12:39

Green cotton filter for cedia..
Hey thanks for the response. Had almost given up on this thread! What can I expect in terms of performance improvement in the cedia? Also since I drive long distance at least once every two months, will this effect the reliability of the vehicle on such runs? I have heard of filtration efficiency coming down in some of the forums over a period of time.

autopsyche 17th February 2009 16:06

Forum member Abix is running a Green Twister with a cold air intake pipe on his Cedia which is a similarly sized element but in a different shape and an enclosed box. Im sure he will be better be able to tell the gains on a daily driven basis.

Reliability does not get hampered in any way. Filtration efficiency wont come down if the re-oiling is evenly and properly done. They come pre-oiled from the factory anyway so its basically like new everytime you service it.

parichay 17th February 2009 17:25

Green cotton filter for cedia
Thank you. Will pm abix for the details.

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