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Default The TBHP Rally Skool (The baisics of rallying)

The TBHP rally skool - There are lots and lots of terminologies and diffrent kind of equipments and softwares used in rallying for evaluation valuation and verification.
There is also a hell lot of jargons in the rally domain !

Let this be the place to share all the information about rallying , so that a common man who is interested may gain some knowledge in the rally/automotive sports domain.

Gurus please throw in some light - your knowledge will be like a search light in dark !

Let me start with the Scandinavian flick - The Scandinavian flick is also knowan as Finnish flick or Manji Drifting or Pendulum turn
It is a technique used in automotive sports. While approaching the turn the driver applies a slight steering input to the opposite direction of the turn, then steering into the turn, while sharply lifting off the throttle and (in some cases, depending on speed and type of layout) lightly applying the brakes. This will cause the car to slide sideways facing slightly away from the turn. Then steering input is applied towards the turn and as the driver releases the brake pedal while still holding down the throttle the car will slingshot itself around the corner to the desired direction. Of course, countersteering will again be required to control the induced oversteer. A recent research paper [1] initiates a mathematical analysis of this technique.
This technique is used to help the driver get around corners that have an increasing radius, but it is also used as a show off as the result of the flick involves the car oversteering heavily.

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Default Re: The TBHP Rally Skool !!

There is already a thread on T-BHP which explains the techniques of extreme driving including Drag, Rally, Drifting and Circuit racing.
A PDF document is also available for further reading.

Mods I think we can close this thread.
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