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This is in continuation with what happened with my CBZ...There was an oil leak from the engine and i asked the supervisor at Fortpoint Mahim to fix it....he didnt on 2 occasions.Then the engine developed some strange noise which again i told them to fix but i got the same reply nothing is wrong...the noise is pretty normal.But the noise kept getting worse and the oil leak kept occuring.Finally on 8/4/04 i told them something was really wrong and they better take a look and had to speak to the acting head of the serivce station before any1 could take me seriously.There were some warranty issues which i got sorted out.Then finally on 9/4/04 FortPoint calls me tells me that there is a problem with the cam.shaft and needs replacement and so the same was replaced.I went to pick up the bike on the 10/4 after i had done the formalities i took the bike for a test ride and nothing had changed the same noise was still there.I immediately told them abt it but the reply i got was ride around for a couple of days and get the tappet adjusted.Since i had my exams comiing up...i decided to do as they said.
But even after 5 days of riding around there was no change....infact the noise seemed to get worse with the whole bike vibrating badly at low speeds.I again went back created a fuss at FortPoint...then they kept the bike for 2 days from 16/4...since i had my exams i couldnt go personally to keep a track of things...but whenever i called i kept getting vague answers no 1 was ready to tell me the exact detials.Then sunday 18/4 i decided to go n check for myself.The supervisor told me now there was a problem with the bearings in the engine(i not very techinally sound) and they had fixed it and there shouldnt be a problem now.When i took the bill...the following things were changed
1 cam.shaft(making me wonder if they had changed it or not the first time)
2 ball bearings radial
3 chain cam
4 sprocket cam
and quite a few small things but since the bike is under warranty i didnt have to pay.

But when i took the bike on 18/4 the vibrations where gone but the noise from before is still there and the bike wont start easily and also doesnt idle properly...they had asked me to come for a check-up after 4 days...i did go on 22/4 i got the standard answer...come back in a week and get the tappet adjusted and the noise will be gone.According to them the bike is working just fine.So i took the bike to a hero honda delear in chembur (Prakash Autoriders) and the supervisor told me the block n head need to be checked.
So i am wondering what to do with FortPoint...i will wait till wednesday and get the tappet adjusted...but if the problem still persists i wanna make their lives a living hell and i would need some co-operation from you guys

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