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Default Unicorn versus Activa


Used to own a first batch pulsar dtsi 150cc from end 2003 to end 2007 till one day just went ahead and sold it off and am still living to regretfully tell the tale. Well, those days it was worth the wait since the new dtsi pulsar was being launched but now I don't see much excitement in researching at all as there is not much to research.

Here are my requirements and the assumptions I've arrived at based on all the reading and research.

I dont want to buy a pulsar now because I've already ridden one so would like a change though with the magwheels and digital speedometer, the bajaj is still leagues ahead in innovation but I really used to dislike the gearbox which after a few years becomes clumsy so the pulsar is out.

I dont want the yam fz16 cos there will the occassional rides to the supermarket or to another suburb within Bombay with my wife and the little hero and though the yam tempts me, my wife reminds me that I'm not in college anymore.

The apache RTR is again sporty seating so wont opt for it while I did consider the new suzuki, there are just not enough dealers or service stations around the city.

I zeroed down on the new activa - temptations being new launch, storage space and no gear hassles but when i stepped into the honda showroom, I saw a grey unicorn and just got mesmerised by the looks. Now i know that there have been umpteen discussions on the bland looks, non digital speedometer, lack of LED etc but still the tank and the new front suspension for the pillion foot rest just bowled me over. I stopped thinking about the activa and have only been thinking about the unicorn.

Here's the costs atleast 15k more than the activa, does not have storage space and the wife can never use it. Also, Im wondering if Honda or any other company plans to launch a new bike in this category.

Your unbiased advice and any news that you may have of new launches within this range and budget will be appreciated.


P.S. : Sorry, completely forgot to add in the previous query for advice that a colleague is offering is June 2006 Thunderbird (done 14k) for 55K. Worth it ?? Whats the mileage and maintenance cost expected ?

Thanks Again,
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The two products are a world apart and you don't seem to know your own requirements, so how can anyone else recommend anything? Just the same, go for Unicorn. At least the wife won't steal it.
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If you have pockets deep enough, buy both. Dono khush!

But, I think you are confused. As SuperSyn Sir has put, prioritize your requirements properly and then take a decision.
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Thunderbird. a ok deal.

and what was your actual usage, again?
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I prefer a Motorcycle for it is safer at higher speeds.
The Activa is a good scooter. But I am not comfortable pushing it above 50 kmph.

So if its for simple super market runs, you are better off with the Activa. The storage space makes it very useful.
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If it is for daily commute, go for Unicorn.

For weekend shopping errands, Activa is best, also your wife can use too.
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What's wrong with FZ? It will do everything a Unicorn does and, over and above, get you second looks!
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If you ask me, close your eyes and buy an Activa. No motorcycle can match it on utility front. Storage space abounds--underseat and on the footboard. Your wife and kids and senior citizens and just about anyone can use it. Then there is this hassle-free driving of clutchlessness, gearlessness and electric start. And pick up is not bad either. Can keep up with most bikes up to its top whack and can even beat some. I have been using one since 2003.

The motorcycles? Please do not get me wrong but I just hate the crop of motorcycles that we have here in India. Single cylinder bikes that start at 100 cc and inch up to 220 cc. I believe it is better to buy a scooter than these excuses for motorcycles. In my opnion, a proper motorcycle should have at least 500 cc and multi-cylinders and not a tiny-puny 100/150 cc single cylinder. Before you scream BUDGET, I must tell you that there is an answer. Go buy a good used Yamaha RD 350. I think motorcylcling starts here and goes all the way up to R1/CBR 1000/Hayabusa. While the latter cost several lakhs, an RD 350 may be yours for 60 to 70 K and you can leave all these puny crop of bikes we have here in dust. So what if it doesn't have digital speedo, alloy wheels and disk brakes. The smile it will put on your face will more than make up for that. I know. I used one for 8 months.
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i second finney's recommendation
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Originally Posted by Sagittarian View Post
What's wrong with FZ? It will do everything a Unicorn does and, over and above, get you second looks!
Unicorn engine is very refined - But, it is too refined for my taste. Though it has Honda badge to back it up, I'd close my eyes and pick up a FZ just for its naked looks and the awesome rear tyre :-)

But all said, a couple of my friends picked up Unicorn thanks to the Honda badge and the reliability that comes along with it.
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Hi All,

I am in a big dilemma and need the experts help in planning a better way.

I own a swift vxi vehicle which i use for daily commute and on average per month distance will be around 1000 to 1200 KM. I didnít have any two wheeler.

Recently my fiancee after completing her education came to Bangalore and searching out for jobs. I am planning to purchase a vehicle for her and also for me because of recession i want to cut my petrol cost by using bike rather than car.

So my confusion do i buy a Active Honda/Kenetic flite for her which we both can use (or) buy her active honda/Kenetic flite and for myself Unicorn/Avenger. Both bikes will be on a short term loan only as pocket is not full due to recession. But considering petrol usage for car i can manage paying EMI for bike.

Please suggest which will be the better approach considering the fact that we are not sure how market is turning out and the fact of no job guaranty.

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