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Default Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Unforeseen surprises are the rule in science, not the exception. Remember: Stuff happens.
Leonard Susskind

And aren’t we a forum that loves surprises. And as everyone would have gathered, I love theatrics. So cutting to the chase, let me introduce to the Mumbai sect – S K Karzone! It’s not so much as an introduction, as it is an announcement of the much revered and respected service provider, who opened shop two years back in Bangalore. @vraghuz had shared the communication on the Bangalore wing earlier in this thread: Testimony to their workmanship shows on cars of innumerable BHPians from the southern city, and cars I witnessed under their shed ranged from a BMW 7, Jaguar XF to the tout Hyundai Santro. This can be a stellar addition to the parched automotive-garage scene here in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

What I have Done so far: In my never-ending quest to get my clutch issues sorted with Mahindra, I landed up on this place by chance. Harpreet had earlier worked immaculately on my previous car, VW Polo’ suspension. So when I learnt he had moved from his erstwhile place to this new one, and one that he was quite personally raving about, I knew I had to go and check it out. Whilst there on my first cursory visit, saw a superbly maintained Scorpio with a “Got BHP?” sticker on its back. On enquiring, got to know from him “owner ka hai”. I just felt happy that a fellow BHPian was doing what we all can only dream to do one day, away from our desks at conglomerates.

Rest assured, I took my Scorpio and met the owner – happens to be the dictionary on Scorpio, Manoj Khanna (@mkhanna). Called him a day before to set up time (which went into an hour long interesting conversation) and then the next day went on a test ride to check the clutch health (which went on a rather long highway drive). Pop came out the bonnet, I was asked to go behind the wheels and press the clutch, whilst he was at his own adjustments. He took the wheels on the way back, in what I can only term as some really swift maneuvers that my car hasn’t experienced before, and probably won’t experience again. More importantly, he wiped clean my mind on the clutch issue, ‘let the gremlins be gone’! Back in the shed, he poured a couple of bottles of additives to the engine oil, and set me rolling on a car that was smoother, quieter and more responsive than ever before. In my humble submission, had a 5* experience and hopefully, a long association for my cars.

Services Provided: All brands, types, shapes and sizes of Vehicles. I would assume a special expertise on Mahindra. The center has employed the services of Bhavin, who was earlier with Mahindra too. It’s a mutli-car workshop. But more importantly, it’s a recognized Bosch Car Service center, one can be rest assured of the parts that go in the car.

What I like:
  • Straight shooter. If your car has a problem, they’ll tell. If it doesn’t, they won’t unnecessarily put the car in an OT! Why fix if something’s not broken kind of attitude.
  • A well-appointed space for a workshop. There are service bays that go well into double-digit. The space was clean too, no grease and oil spluttered around giving you a workshop feel.
  • One can stand right next to the car whilst it gets serviced. I didn’t see a notice board anywhere which said “no customers allowed”. We BHPians like that, don’t we?
  • Comes with a very well recommended and perceptibly happy customers from Bangalore. I did glance upon customers who left their posts on Facebook from Ahmednagar, Kerala, Jharkhand, Delhi etc.

What I don't like:
  • You blink, and you can miss the entrance to this place. The station is wedged amidst a host of car showrooms and service centers.

Pricing: I didn’t get anything major done yet, but the Bangalore service center has been quipped to be quite reasonable. Maybe I will update this thread in my onward experiences with them.

Specialty/ USP: I would like to believe it’s the knowledge on UVs that’s there on board in the Mumbai service center right now. However, going by their clientele, I would assume they are equally good on others too.

Contact Information:

EDIT: The workshop has now shifted location and the updated coordinates are as follows;

SK Karzone
Plot No. D 222/17, Nerul MIDC, Next to JMD Skoda Service Center, Navi Mumbai 400706

Name of the contact person: Mr. Manoj Khanna

Mobile No: 96999 92991
Service Center Helpline: 9699222266

Landmark: Next to JMD Skoda Service Center

Old Address: D-233/1, MIDC Nerul, LP Service Road, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400706


Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-f4b3234197f703b25d46493ad8943b86.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-2e700577611b77dc597034b03c8bba77.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-b8dad5df9e5d654beaeeb1d13d3bc6ff.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-75c621c18bc8aeb51e9dde82b9c14039.jpg

That's me with Manoj and his brute. One can see half-span of the workshop too.
Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-2356ae0b39d17c2bb1885a1e24eeb2f5.jpg

Some eye-candies
Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-aea6d54536177c5da8da211c386bba56.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-92d6acd78ff1eede2d18fbca492e04a0.jpg

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Default re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Thanks for sharing. The place looks spic and span and hopefully, it will do well, since so many car owners are looking for a reliable third party for servicing their vehicles.

Do they only do servicing of cars, as in oil changes, etc? Or do they also do tin work, painting, engine work, electricals?
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Default re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Finally, some reliable information for a service center in nerul. I was looking for trustworthy SC since a long time in Navi Mumbai. Hope this turns out to be the one for me too. I own a Fabia, and i was really unhappy with the JMD Skoda here at nerul. Your experience looks promising, i am going to book an appointment today itself. Thanks for the update.
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Default re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Originally Posted by Lalvaz View Post
Do they only do servicing of cars, as in oil changes, etc? Or do they also do tin work, painting, engine work, electrical?
You're more than welcomed. They do cater to the entire palette of services; whilst I got to know that the CRV was in for a seized engine, and another Honda City had its door crunched in.
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THANKS SK KARZONE. Manoj Khanna Vinay Bhat Appachu Kallichanda

My 4th consecutive visit to Bangalore S.K.Karzone today for my Scorpio paid service. This time it was 80k service. Every time after the service vehicle is more lively, smoother to drive, have no issues.

The clear benefits I have been seeing by moving to SK from Sireesh auto are:

- less expensive. Service charges and spare parts way less expensive compared to mahindra service center

- excellent workmanship and supervision. Rest assured that if you ask for something to be done, it will be taken care. They also identify issues which you may not have observed and solve them. No unnecessary work also. Just what is required.

- some niche things like changing to synthetic engine oil, synthetic transmission/gear oil, intercooler servicing, regular replacement of clutch/brake oil etc are never carried out at mahindra centres. These things are done in front of our eyes @ SK and the difference is awesome.

This time followed one advice from Manoj Khanna and tried out an engine additive and after that the engine vibrations have got reduced to great extent. Scorpio feels more and more smooth after every visit to this awesome place.

Just hope that the league continues and more and more people benefit out of their excellent service and enjoy peace of mind.

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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Reminiscent to the time when we put on that lather and take that spanking new blade; and voila!

On one of those days, when I was feeling thrifty, visited Manoj Sir with my car for a much needed re-do. The car was nearly 6 months old, and had to visit either 3M or a good washing center. Instead, had a good long chat at SK Karzone for a coating that they 'rarely' do, but results of which were astounding to say the least. Dropped the car off at his workshop for an overnight, and was assured the swiftest and quickest possible application (he was more than considerate to my situation of having a single car at home for now).

Reached in a rackety little car from Uber and drove off in a 'literally' spanking little car. My 2015 Ford Figo was glistening like it had just been out of the service line in Ford's plant. (or maybe even better)

Some pictures (apologies for not being DSLR quality)

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_2391.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_2393.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_2395.jpg

Before (on the left), After (on the right)

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-before-after-1.png

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-before-after-2.png

Shine away!
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

My Santro had been (2008/54 Km) had been running with low mileage and substantial power drop since quite some time.
Hyundai service centers off late have been a sham (unnecessary add-ons, inflated bills & scarmongering).
Visits to other FNG garage to diagnose the issue had not helped till now.

Some good references from team-bhp, and I decided to take it to S.K. Karzone, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
Met the owner, Mr. Manoj Khanna & Service Advisor, Mr. Prashant & explained the problem in detail.
Simply put, the car was running like a rickety old 100 yr old, huffing & puffing at every breath.

Mr Khanna scanned through the engine bay for hands-on check & talked at length about how they diagnose the potential problems.
He had quite a few scorpio's lined up at the workshop as well; impressive.
Also showed around his Baleno & the unique shades of colors he's created after several months of efforts.

The car needed a spark-plug change, a change of crankshaft bearings & more - at every check, there was a call from the service-center to explain need for change & confirm go-ahead.

After 5 days, the car was up & running as new!
The service-center even added 8-10 lt of fuel to test the car extensively before handing over.

Both Mr Khanna & Mr Prashanth explained that the crankshaft has developed a play & may need replacement in future.
For now the car is good to go for several thousand km.
Compare this to the experience at Hyundai service center where they were pushing for crankshaft replacement as soon as the car landed in their bay.

What I liked about them -
1. Passionate about cars, good knowledge, loyal customer base
2. Good workmanship, have driven the car for 20 days now & feel a big boost in performance.
3. Educate customers instead of scaremongering
4. Value-for-money - the labor-cost is reasonable & all spares are genuine.
5. Repair what you can, replace what you must - can't stress enough on how much this brings down the costs vis--vis ASC.
6. Customer-relationship - Mr Khanna called me the next day and after few weeks to check on how the car is running.
7. Well maintained service-center - The car-bay is well equipped & the hospitality & staff is courteous.

Would I go again -
Hell yes!
Peace of mind to have a very competent service-center which does not burn a hole in your pocket.

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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

My Alto VXi 1.1 (13 years, 88k) was in dire need of some serious TLC after a year of lack of attention. The following were the primary issues to be looked at:
- Lack of punch from the otherwise peppy 1.1 mill
- Noises from the suspension

My previous service experiences in Mumbai were the following:
- Zenita Auto Works (MASS - Marol)
- Select Auto Garage (FNG - Dadar)
- Wagenwerkz (FNG - Marol)

I was on the lookout for a garage that satisfies the following criteria:
- Efficient (I am not a fan of leaving my car at a garage for 2-3 days for a regular annual service. This is even worse when the garage is not close by)
- Trustworthy (Nothing worse than having your ride being used as a cash cow by some lowly "mechanic")
- Reasonably priced
- Quality of the work done needs to be of the highest order

I had been scourging the Mumbai directory on TBHP for quite a while for more FNG options. SK Karzone had been on the radar, obviously due to the raving reviews it has received, specially the older Bangalore outlet. It was heartening to know that a place has opened up in Navi Mumbai this year.

It was quite clear that I could only make this trip on a weekend since I did not want to leave the car at a place that I was not yet familiar with (Also because of the fact that it is in Navi Mumbai and I would have to dedicate an entire day to this). After putting it off for many weekends (primarily due to work and travel commitments), I finally decided one week to make the trip on the coming Saturday. Got in touch with the number given in previous posts, and was promptly connected with Mr. Prasad, who is their floor manager. He gave me an appointment for Saturday (3rd September) at 10 am.

When I reached the place, I had the first of my pleasant surprises. The workshop is BIG! It is quite well equipped with two bay lifts, total 10 bays. Nicely spaced out and airy, it has a paint booth in the back as well for body work. This is besides the fact that it does not look like a regular workshop which is filthy with grease and refuse lying all over the place. This place is neat, clean and evidently quite well maintained. I understand this works for a place that is relatively new, but I am quietly confident that it will continue to stay this way in the future also. Keeping my fingers crossed on this note.

I soon met Mr. Harpreet who was in charge on that day. The owner Mr. Manoj Khanna had not arrived yet. Harpreet took down the details of the car, made a jobsheet with my comments and complaints. After that, one of the mechanics took a short drive with me along, and noted that there was indeed a noise coming from the front suspension. Apart from this, he also complimented me on the way I have immaculately maintained the car, and said that she does not show her age at all.

When we got back, Mr. Khanna had arrived. A very rational, no nonsense person who knows his trade and is proud of it. His knowledge about automobiles in general is commendable, and he does well to instill the confidence in you that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Once back at the garage, work started soon. The following was done:
- Suspension taken apart. They found that the steering rack had developed play. The rubber boots at both ends were also frayed and needed replacement. Considering the fact that repairing the steering rack was a time consuming affair and would cost 60-70% the price of a new one, we decided to go ahead and replace the same after Mr. Khanna recommended it.
- Engine oil was drained. They kept draining the oil for a very long time, almost 15-20 mins, unlike regular garages who are done in a few mins. This was to ensure that all the oil was indeed drained out. After this, he added an engine flush and ran the engine for a bit. This brought out a whole lot of residue and sludge that had built up over time. We then switched to semi-synth oil from Bosch. He also specializes in an engine additive that he put in, meant to minimize vibrations and result in a smoother and quieter engine. I will come back to this point later.
- The brakes were taken apart, cleaned and serviced. Brake oil was drained and replenished. Rear right brake cylinder needed replacement.
- Spark plugs were cleaned, gap adjusted. Throttle body was disconnected, taken apart and cleaned with diesel.

After all the work was done, the car was taken into the washing area. SK Karzone differs from all other service centres in the way they wash your vehicle. It's not a case of scrubbing it with soap water, running a dirty rag over it and they hosing it down with tap water. Mr. Khanna is well versed in car cosmetics and it shows in the way he maintains his own Scorpio.

First, the car is hosed down with a pressure gun to losen debris and dirt. They use a snow foam in a snow gun, cover the entire car with it. Then it is lightly agitated with a MF cloth, and then rinsed with the pressure gun. One of the best car wash procedures that I have seen at a garage, at par with what a regular car detailing centre would do.

Talking about the detailing part, Mr. Khanna does deal in a special paint protection coat (that he imports). He has been using it on his own vehicles for years, and the way his Scorpio looks is a clear testimony of the effectiveness of the product.

When all was done, we went for a short spin to make sure everything was in order. The bill was quickly sorted.

When I sat in the car after it was ready for delivery, the difference I noticed was immediate and extremely evident. On holding the steering wheel, there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO vibrations felt. The engine note was noticeably quiter and a lot smoother as well.

Initial impressions:
- The car feels transformed. Since my major complaint was regarding the engine's responsiveness, I am happy to say that this was entirely addressed. The car feels extremely lively, quick with throttle responses. The engine's smoothness is evident as I said before, and this only became more apparent as I drove it all the way back to Andheri where I stay. Driving in traffic was a better experience, due to lesser effort on the clutch and throttle in B2B madness of Mumbai.
- The suspension was super quiet. The noise that I complained of was gone, as were the little but sharp jerks that I felt through the steering going through rough patches.

I am more of a highway driver usually, and hence had reserved my opinions till the time I took her out on a long journey. I delayed writing this review for the same reason.

Last weekend, I completed a trip of 1300 km in two days, visiting my hometown in Goa. The journey was one of the best ones I have had with her, simply owing to the complete overhaul of the driving experience that this service has created. One of the major reasons for this trip was to simply judge how well the car is doing, as compared to the experience on the same route that I had last driven in June. I am happy to say, SK Karzone has done a stellar job. The car feels several years younger. The 1.1 engine is happily munching miles on the highway, leaving a lot of other bigger engined cars in the rear view mirror!

My dad who had originally bought this car and drove it for the first 6-7 years, took the wheel after ages. His first question: "Is the engine on"? He later went on to note his impression about how smooth the car feels, and the fact that it almost drives like one that has just rolled out of the showroom.

Overall impression: SK Karzone has to be among one of the best FNGs in Mumbai. Mr. Khanna is a passionate and dedicated personnel who loves what he does, and the results are visible in his loyal clientele. There are cars coming to him for repairs and service from all over the country, including as far of as Delhi and Lucknow. Cars coming over from Gujarat, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra is a very common thing.

- Quality of work is top notch.
- Honest and straightforward. The approach is to initially try and repair to save costs, replace only when it is more feasible than to repair.
- Reasonable. Very reasonable, compared to the cost that would be incurred at most "stealerships".
- Uses original/high quality spares and material.
- Trustworthy.
- Excellent experience for a petrolhead, because of the fact that all the people working there are genuine car lovers. Also because they don't have a problem with the customer himself being present in the working area near his car, getting to see what work is being carried out. We all love that! (Precaution: Try not to talk to the mechanics needlessly while they work. It only hampers their efficiency. They know their job, they do it day in and day out)

- Well, I noticed after coming home that they had put a sticker of the workshop on the rear windshield. I personally do not like stickers of garages/shops etc. anywhere on my vehicle. If you are a person who is of the same opinion, keep an eye out for this before they deliver the car.

I am going back there soon for an AC service which is pending, which we decided not to do that day due to a time crunch. I will need to leave my car there for a day or two. Apart from this, a full and thorough inspection also has to be carried out before I depart on a long cross country drive that I am planning in November.

Some pics:

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0006-2.jpg
The car lifted onto the service bay

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0005-1.jpg
Engine oil being drained

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0013-1.jpg
Mr. Khanna's Scorpio

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0019-2.jpg
Another view of the garage

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0078-2.jpg
Car washed, ready for delivery

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img_0073-2.jpg
A parting shot
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Originally Posted by swarnava.m View Post
I was on the lookout for a garage that satisfies the following criteria:
- Efficient (I am not a fan of leaving my car at a garage for 2-3 days for a regular annual service. This is even worse when the garage is not close by)
- Trustworthy (Nothing worse than having your ride being used as a cash cow by some lowly "mechanic")
- Reasonably priced
- Quality of the work done needs to be of the highest order
Thanks for the detailed review. Looks like a great place to take our out of warranty cars. Can you please let know on the pricing front? If it under cuts the MASS substantially (since I stay in the eastern suburbs) I might be tempted to get my upcoming servicing done here.
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Originally Posted by Lij View Post
Thanks for the detailed review. Looks like a great place to take our out of warranty cars. Can you please let know on the pricing front? If it under cuts the MASS substantially (since I stay in the eastern suburbs) I might be tempted to get my upcoming servicing done here.
Here you go:

  • Engine Oil (3.5 ltr) - 1225
  • Wheel cylinder RHS RR - 380
  • Steering Rack - 3650
  • Engine Flush - 500
  • Engine Additive - 850
  • Oil Filter - 90
  • Brake Oil - 250

  • Paid Service - 1250
  • Steering Rack R/R - 650
  • Wheel Alignment - 400
  • Wheel Cylinder RHS RR R/R - 350
  • Throttle Body Clean - 350

Service Tax @ 15% - 1318

Total: 11263.

I have not been to MASS in ages, so I am not familiar with their charges, but I am assuming it would be higher than this.
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

I have a problem I own a TATA SUMO GRANDE .
Most garages dont entertain me and TASS was not my cup of tea considering unnecessary expenses useless promotions of equally useless treatments eg rat repellent.
This time just short of 1lac kms the engine light popped up (nothing new ) and refused to go away.
Accompanying drama was a loss of power and dense smoke on acceleration with marginal drop in mileage.
Manoj Khanna and SK KARZONE was the first thing that came to my mind .
Will they take my car.
Will they be able to repair it.
Will they understnd my need and budgetary constraints.
Will they be flexible.
Will the car be safe.
Will the bill be digestable.

First impression.
Place is well laid out ,clean well kitted and safeand huge.
Staff was courteous and listened in great detail to my issues. Point blank i told him i am on a tight budget dont want any addons he understood.He took detailed efforts t explain to me all that would be done and the expected expenditure.
Multiple brands were being looked into ranging from BMW to Alto.

Work done.
Problem was diagnosed on scanner as a Malfunction of MASS AIR SENSOR.
Part was procured by me(yes i got it cheaper due to some connections and they didnt have a problem with that),intercooler and all turbo plumbing cleaned.
On my insistence oil was changed.
Additionally the car was washed before delivery FOC.
The vehicle felt 50000km younger, peppy, smoke and all related issues were gone.
Overall ....a very god experience at a very reasonable cost almost on par with a FNG .
Highly recommended.
Attached Thumbnails
Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img20161003wa0019.jpg  

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-img20161003wa0030.jpg  

Attached Images

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"First rule of Economics 101: Our desires are insatiable. Second rule: We can stomach only 3 Big Macs at a time"

Not exactly Big Macs, but with a good palette of fries and burger, I was left gawking at the new Hexa with the drool worthy black hue.

Name:  ImageUploadedByTeamBHP1479128177.838684.jpg
Views: 6574
Size:  49.5 KB

Now tell me it doesn't look 'gangsta' good. So cropped an idea, and off I went to Manoj Sir's place for automotive nirvana. After a couple of 10 minutes and discussing the final look, and a day at the workshop; he converted my new Innova Crysta into what I really really like to take a second look at. Waiting to see it again tomorrow morning.

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-imageuploadedbyteambhp1479128431.654292.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-imageuploadedbyteambhp1479128381.620105.jpg

It just isn't a drab, mat colour
Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-imageuploadedbyteambhp1479128403.986637.jpg

Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)-imageuploadedbyteambhp1479128481.503374.jpg

Loving it.
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Originally Posted by methecupid View Post

Now tell me it doesn't look 'gangsta' good.
That's a great looking Innova. The quality of paint on the wheels looks very nice. Mind sharing the cost of repainting the wheels? I'd also like to get my car's wheels painted metallic grey. Thanks.
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Hi friends.
Off late I have shifted to Navi Mumbai. Decided to give my Xuv500 some pampering and wanted to get it serviced. Tried SK Karzone in Nerul.
Since a few days there was a knocking sound from the right side engine bay which would come and go so showed it to them. WithIn minutes they diagnosed the problem which was the hooter. The hooter had fallen off from its bracket and was rubbing against the belt. In the 2011 -12 models there have been instances where the hotter with a faulty bracket has fallen off, damaged the belt and stopped the car. Thankfully this did not happen to me. Since my car was in extended warranty they advised me to take it to G3 motors in Nerul. G3 motors had a big work load and they just took off the hotter and gave it to me. They sked to take an appointment for checking the belt and claim the parts in warranty. I then returned back to SK for full service. After having a long chat with the owner Mr. Manoj Khanna who was very knowledgeable I decided to leave my car for 1 day.
Next day on delivery I saw my vehicle which was shinning as new and mind you it was just cleaning.
I changed to Bosch semi-synthetic engine oil for the first time as advised. All other servicing was done as well. The final outcome was that I got the same feeling as I drove the same vehicle out of the showroom during delivery. A definite change in engine sound which was so silent that I could not hear it in the closed cabin.
They also added some special engine additive which according to Mr. Manoj improves the performance drastically.
Overall a good experience and feeling of satisfaction. I would definitely recommend people to try this place at least once.
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Default Re: Multi-car workshop : S K Karzone (Navi Mumbai)

Tried SK Karzone over the weekend.
Background - I purchased a 2011 City AT in Sept 2016. The odo at that time was just 7700 kms. Did a regular service at HASS immediately.

The odo currently stands at 13xxx kms. The City has a service interval of 6 months/ 5k kms. So just about time for an oil change. Since my experience at HASS was just about OK, wanted to try out something new. And since SK has good reviews here, tried them.

Spacious & well lit is how I would describe the service center. From an Eeco to Xuv,everything was being serviced. Was attended immediately by Mr.Khanna & his shopfloor manager.

After a short spin & a glance under the hood, they asked if i had any issues with the car. What amazed me was their attitude of not fleecing their customer. He said that no need for an oil change as even mineral oil has a life of 12 months/ 10k kms. Their suggestion was to drive another couple of thousand kms & then get the oil changed!!
So came back without getting a service done & happy with their honest approach.
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