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Mechanic & Exhaust Expert : SmokeAge (Mumbai)

SmokeAge excellent Mumbai mechanic - Abbas bhai and Talib. Specialists in silencers / exhaust

Completely impressed by SmokeAge, I took out the time to compose a detailed review.

My Hyundai Accent GLE had a small brush against a moving bicycle - and the left rear-view mirror got dislodged. No cracks in mirror, but the internal plastic, holding it to the car, broke.

2 different Hyundai authorized service centers quoted Rs. 1300 and Rs. 1900. They said 'cannot fix, will replace entire piece'. Stupid bums, I thought.

I took a random chance at finding a mechanic near Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel; I knew there were many in this area which would mean 1)strong competition and 2)good quality. To my fortune, I stumbled upon these dudes

Talib examined the hanging piece, said he could fix it, but couldn't guarantee that it will work as original. I may have to adjust mirror by touching it from outside.

But he gave me a 90% chance that he will make it work exactly as original.

I found genuineness in his approach; so trusted him.

Always ask - How much?
He skirted a definitive answer, but quoted - under 200.

So the worst thing that can happen is that I lose Rs. 200 - there is minimal risk here.

His idea was to completely remove the plastic and replace it with a bolt + nut. Unfortunately, his solution isn't easily communicated in text :(

He removed the mirror, and I drove off to finish some errands.

I came back after 4 hours and met his father Abbas bhai. While his assistant fitted the mirror, I chatted with Abbas Bhai for 30 mins. He was generous with very good car advice.

He even examined the small dents on my rear bumper and said that I shouldn't be bothered with flattening them because I'd have to pay Rs. 400 just to fix small things.

He also recommended using shampoo occasionally when washing the car. And to go for car polishing once a year, to keep new look, but that would cost Rs. 1600.

The mirror was fitted - it was fantastic job. The mirror worked exactly as before, but this time with the bolt in it and not Hyundai's delicate plastic.

Abbas bhai said he was hoping for more than 200 - but communicated that in a very respectful manner. I paid 200.

I could have bargained it to 150 - but this guy was so transparent about his work - I liked him. And was happy if he makes a decent profit.

Phone 98211 70246 / 2494 6675 /
'O' Gandhi Nagar, D S Road, Opp Municipal Industrial Estate, Worli, Mumbai 400 018

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they quiet good clean work
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Thank you dear friend for providing info about people like this and also promoting them.
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it does seem like an advert too me too but the people are good
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Guys Guys, It may sound like an advert but trust me i have got my 2 cars fitted with custom exhausts from Smokeage & i have to say they do a real good job. When we see & read other topics about Automech then why are no comments about advertising comes into question, just becuase he is well known.Cummon guys Amitsingh is just trying to say how transparent they are in their job & about the peace of mind.

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Mixed feelings have been expressed. Some thanked me and others suspected its an Ad.

To those who need good work - I strongly recommend showing your car to these guys - and only then decide. Please dont blindly use them. I'm unsure if they are consistent with their work - only used them once.

I can understand why some may see this as an Ad. I've lived in Mumbai for 30 years
Your inferences and actions are entirely your responsibility. I have found that leveraging from other's experience has done me a lot of good.

I love this site!!! Learn so much from others questions. Search works very well.

Thank you moderators.
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Its Smokeease

Hi guys,

The shop is called smokeease, look for a Toyota Showroom and then Apex Honda, take the next left at the signal to reach his shop, its diagonally opposite to a Mobil1 workshop called Mikasa Auto, very reasonable and quick, effective work.
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Re: SmokeAge excellent Mumbai mechanic - Abbas bhai and Talib. Specialists in silence

I've been to Smokeage a couple of times - once for fixing a wrecked silencer and once for fitting a new window winder.
Both times the work was done quickly and efficiently. Refitting of panels was perfect. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was pretty reasonable. Talib is honest and hardworking.
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