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Originally Posted by sansvk (Post 3322273)
Great Review!

For once we see a Honda City which is loaded with features.
And what would the service interval be? (I missed it)

It is 10000 km or 6 months.:Frustrati

It should have been 10000km or one year like all other cars


Originally Posted by ecosport rules (Post 3322285)
It is 10000 km or 6 months.:Frustrati

It should have been 10000km or one year like all other cars

For petrol, it is 5000KMs or 6 months!

Awesome review once again GTO! Thanks for sharing. the Diesel version sorely misses the Variable geometry turbo, and the Chrome grill at front looks horrible to me, the outgoing City's grill was so so much classier IMO.

Fantastic review as usual.
I see the CITY D eating in to the sales of VENTO and RAPID by appealing to the VW and SKODA skeptics. VW has to get the A.S.S right if it wants to survive. HONDA stands for reliability next only to TOYOTA.

COROLLA ALTIS D sales would also see a dip.

Verna will continue to appeal to the gadget geeks. I am waiting to see if the CITY will outsell the VERNA

Overall, good product from HONDA, but enthusiasts will be left with no option but to look at VENTO.

Excellent review!

Almost everything is a tick for the petrol but for the CVT :(. Also felt the airvent and the power sockets in the back to be more of a after-market finish!

Diesel is uninspiring! Atleast for an enthusiast!

Thanks a lot GTO, for the exhaustive review. Ever since I pre-booked the diesel version I've been wondering about the little features that we would notice only after making the purchase. Thanks for highlighting them. I showed your pics to my wife and the first thing she noticed was the hump in the centre of the rear seat. Her very practical question was 'why did they have to make a hump there? Can't they provide a flat rear seat?' This got me wondering too. Any explanation from your side?
Also, do you think that by upsizing to tyres with higher aspect ratios we can get an extra few mm of ground clearance?
I also noticed there are no rear or front parking sensors. Hope aftermarket installs won't affect the warranty, since the showroom quoted 14K for front sensors, while they are available online for 3-4K for upto 8 sensors (fore and aft).
Finally, anybody in the market for a 'brand new', 13 year old, Bawa-owned Qualis?

Great review as always. So proud to be a BHPIAN.
I think honda has a great product in its hands and i do expect this car to outsell the Verna for at least 6 months. Hyundai though will bounce back with even more equipment on the Verna (great news for us customers).
The Alloys do look a bit too much like the ones on the Duster (and this is not a good thing).

Excellent Review GTO:thumbs up

Thank you for not making us wait till the launch date.

I think this will be the new segment king without doubt. The car does address whatever minuscule flaws the earlier generation had. While I like the evolutionary design approach I really feel Honda could have worked on the front a little more. The rear has to be the best looking amongst the current lot in the segment.

Did I read it right that the music system isn't touch screen? If true it's shocking and stupid. I can imagine a lot of owners trying to operate it thinking of it as a touchscreen unit.

A big grouse and a very big one at that is the lack of a diesel automatic. Frankly it's disgustingly disappointing and I wish I could sue Honda for this. Technicalities aside I feel given the amount of research Honda did while developing this engine they could have plonked the CVT here. I thought they didn't launch a diesel automatic in the Amaze because they would launch it in the city! Imagine how well that would sell assuming that just like the petrol the CVT would also have a better ARAI fuel efficiency rating than the MT! That apart I don't think there is anything that I can complain about.

Does it make me want to change my City ZX? You bet! This would be the perfect replacement. However no more MT cars for me and also need of the hour is a 7 seater for me.

:OT I sincerely am hoping the Mobilio comes with automatic transmission in both diesel and petrol. Heck I wouldn't even mind buying a petrol AT but Honda if you are reading this please do the needful. Am tired of waiting for an affordable 7 seater with AT.

Fantastic review. Top class as always.

Just a few questions though. Does this new City have the following features:

1) Rain sensing auto on wipers.
2) Darkness sensing auto on headlights.
3) Heated ORVMs.

I feel 5-star rating is pretty less for such a review. I would rate it 10 stars clap:

Here is what I did not like in the new city:

The new city seems to be more for chauffeur driven people rather than an enthusiast.

I believe on the pricing front, it is close to 12 lacs onroad for the top-end Diesel. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So the much awaited review of 4th gen Honda City is here. Thanks GTO and Stratos for the outstanding review with great quality images.

Looks like Honda City is going to give tough competition to it's rivals. It seems Honda has given more importance to mileage. Any clue why Honda gone for those skinny tires? To get extra mileage..?

GTO, thanks for sharing a elaborate review of the City. I started reading it yesterday and could leave a post only today. :p


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 3322011)
Other Points:

Thanks to Mail4ajo for pointing this trend out: 1st gen City - Better exteriors than interiors. 2nd gen City - Better interiors than exteriors. 3rd gen City - Better exteriors than interiors. 4th gen City - Focus on interiors rather than exteriors. With every new generation, the balance seems to tilt.

I don't think it is that easy to take a call on the 4th gen City.

It clearly is a mized bag. As rightly pointed out by you, the exterior styling is spoiled by that ungainly chrome grille, puny wheels, mediocre alloys and raised suspension. Also, not a big fan of the long wheelbase. And interior is spoiled by a very confused dash, poor choice of colours and materials. Some bits on the dash looks very good, I am fan of the narrow HVAC vents, the intrument panel and choice of colour for the dash. But on the whole, it lacks appeal. The 5" head-unit display looks and feels very ordinary. And same case with the choice of beige carpets and thin lackluster door pads. And its really shameful if the pads move about while operating the window. But as righty pointed out by you, I think the exterior can be fixed easily. So, can we really say its is the interior which is better in the 2014 City? :)

Also, the lack of height adjustable head restraints at rear, seat belt height adjust, wheel well cladding and exposed boot lid are clearly big misses. I hear from the ACI review that ABS will be standard across variants. That's a big plus!

The new City looks like a jack of all trades. And there are 2 major things in which it scores big, space and very efficient range of engines! CVT makes the range complete. And that is going to make the market very happy. I think this City is going make the Verna and even the Dzire very uncomfortable.

But I am not able to make that emotional connect with the car. I really feel, Honda lost a big opportunity by not giving the engines enough oomph. For instance, I would have relished a VGT instead of the 6th cog on the DTEC. Its a case of so close, but yet a bit far.

Wonderful review.

They have changed the logic of rear bumper, which is meant to protect the car against rear bumps. This rear bumper looks like a part of the body and it needs another bumper.

The visibility of rear camera would be more prone to thefts, vandalism.

Also, one point, the last City had CNG not at the factory level (as mentioned in the review), rather it was at the dealer level.

Didn't knew that the Linea is comparable to other sedans in the same category and somewhere even better in specs.

Thanks for the wonderful review.
The pics in the review are by far the best that I have seen on the net. Honda City is again poised to rule the charts.

Excellent review. The good points and bad points brought out very cleanly. Given that its a Honda certain things are always expected and in some places feels like Honda did a bit of let down like no cover for the boot lid, no cover for the fuse boxes (maybe added later?) etc. however given the Brand and engines it is set to roll in Indian markets

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