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Default Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)

A quick review of Xpress Smartwash in the city of Calicut in Kerala. Had just reached Calicut after a ~1300km trip across multiple locations and the car was pretty dirty. So decided to take it for a wash. Had been to Xpress Garage couple of times before, so was the default choice to go to.

Xpress Garage
Opposite Kings Bay, Vellayil Road,
Kozhikode (Calicut), India 673032
Ph: +91 90370 00944

Services Offered:
  • Smartwash: A mostly automated car wash. Multiple packages offered.
  • Smartwax Detailing and Polishing.
  • Pete's Custom Remaps

Service I went for: SuperWash- Body wash + Underbody machine wash + vacuuming. Cost: Rs 550

Packages Offered

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_113101.jpg

The wash process

A Dirty Car

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_113129.jpg

Interior Dry Vacuuming and cleaning

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_113541.jpg

Initial Pressure Wash and shampooing

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_114159.jpg

The Automated machine which does the rest of the washing. The first pic shows the under-body washing.

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115356.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115438.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115459.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115517.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115535.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115543.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115625.jpg

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_115829.jpg

Final wiping and cleaning

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_121337.jpg

The End Result

Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_122525.jpg

What I liked
  • A smooth flowing wash process.
  • Assembly line efficiency. Cars are moved from one stage to the other one after the other quickly. Dedicated people for each stage of the wash.
  • The automatic machine. Not really experienced it in Bangalore. Seems to be maintained well and used effectively.

What I did not like
  • Maybe a little expensive.
  • Area is a little crowded. So if there is a rush it can become difficult to park and wait.

Other Points
  • Seems to be the default choice for the big guns. Regularly see the big Germans getting washed when I pass by. Once saw a super car and today there was an antique Plymouth Suburban that had come in.
  • The SmartWax detailing package is the standard one that I saw in Bangalore.
  • Pete's Custom Remap: Enquired for the TSI. 24K + Tax for the stage 1. Existing map will be stored and can be restored at no additional cost. Ran away before I got too tempted.

    Xpress Smartwash - Xpress Garage (Kozhikode, Kerala)-img_20151028_121147.jpg

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