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Default Re: Hedges- Good or Deadly?

Hedges are supremely useful when it comes to cutting glare. But, we have uniquely Indian unintended consequences of any such well-meaning action taken by the authorities.
Member Nikhilb2008 has been involved in an accident caused by a cow jumping out through such a hedge. This happened on our Mahabalipuram drive-meet.

I have noticed on some stretches of highway, the contractor has planted flowering bushes. Looks good, and they also grow thick. And we have villagers darting across the road to pluck those flowers for puja!!

Indian highways are always going to be full of sudden and potentially deadly surprises of all sorts. It doesn't matter whether hedges exist or not, as drivers we need to be alert for anything, really! Hedges cut glare all the time, but will add to danger sometimes. So, I think they are a good idea in the end.
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Default Re: Hedges- Good or Deadly?

As already stated, hedges help in cutting down the headlight glares at night. But I have been involved in an accident where a buffalo jumped onto the road just ahead of me, from within these bushes. Some of these are so thick that a person standing on the median can't see the traffic on the road that he/she is planning to cross.

I believe the best solution would a running fence at the center of the median and these hedges/bushes being planted on the either side of the fence. At the very least this fence will prevent people from crossing the road. Whenever we have a gap in the fence for pass, no hedges to be planted in it's vicinity. This can make the driver alert and also increase the visibility for everyone.
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