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Not only the manufacturer its people's awareness and attitude that makes the difference also. For example a family member of mine asked me why do you need abs or airbag or end in a city like Kolkata where you can never pickup your speed? I tried to justify and then when he was adamant i simply thought in my mind let god protect you from accidents. In general people would go for lower versions of cars of Honda or some other fancy badge where as that budget would provided them with a higher version of not so fancy/ branded manufacturer

And unless this mentality changes manufacturers will be providing us with cars without safety... They would include safety features bybdefault when the market research will show that market wants safety features without which very less people will buy the car

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Default Re: Safety Features - Myths on costs debunked

Very interesting thread. While these equipments certainly protect the car occupants in high impact collisions, looking at the accidents in India, most city accidents are at really low speeds, and majorly involve pedestrians and bikers. Most highway accidents are loss of control, unexpected structures or wrong turns, driving in opposite side, jaywalking etc.

If my impression is correct, while airbags are good and seatbelts MUST, legislative focus should be passenger collision protection, lane steering, cheaper replaceable fenders, ESC, built in GPS linked overspeed alarm, road signs and policing lane driving, in addition to properly maintaining roads. Road signs, driving skill tests before issuing licenses and traffic policing have almost gone extinct.

I have felt the ABS kick in only once in all these years of driving, and that was when I was speed testing my new car at 170 on a highway. Thanked god for averting the jaywalkers and never overspeeded again. Does it really enhance safety in India? Some more knowledge persons may comment.

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