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Default Re: Questions You May Be Asked During an Interview

Cool, i see your viewpoint.

If may i ask are you from IT field ?

Also how about other bhpians, from other sphere of fields ? What do you think ?

Originally Posted by itisravi View Post
Companies are in their every right to ask whatever *they* think is right for the role, just as you are in your every right not take the interview or to think that test is not relevant for the role.

Nope, dare I say you did not prepare enough for the interview. :-)

I don't think 'AI' or technology has anything to do with this other than automating the testing procedure as opposed to solving on paper and evaluation by an examiner.

From what I understand, it appears that the roles you seek do require some amount of quantitative or mental aptitude than say a clerical or skilled labor type of job. So If you want to work in that company, prepare, practice and crack the test. Like it says in that link you shared, "A little extra prep never hurt anyone". Of course, you could rather focus on building a brand for yourself around what you do best and let companies hire you on your terms because you are one of the best in that field.
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Interesting thread. To be honest I have never "prepared" for any interviews and usually go with what I feel is the correct response to a question. I am honest in accepting that I don't know. 90% success rate so far in my careers spanning 16 yrs.

Same thing applies when I am on other side of table. I usually start with what a candidate has done so far and take it from there. Throw in couple of bouncer questions in the middle - eg: " How do u think you can use X that u have done to solve this problem" in this I usually look for a logical approach. I also look for ablity to recover quickly if candidate realizes he made a mistake.

That said almost all the interviews I have been part of are technical interviews (except for few cases where I was a candidate). I am pretty sure going with the flow will not work for middle/upper management positions.
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