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Default BHP(ian) goes to Canada

Didn't know where to post this but I have moved to Canada recently. So get ready for canadian auto scene now
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Hey Amit great going there

No wonder you S10 makes it presence felt at the meets nowadays here in Mumbai

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hey amit ,
wherebouts in toronto do u live ?? i was there 2 weeks back ..
hit downtown toronto friday / saturday night for some crazy sightings ...
are studying here ?

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Old 8th April 2005, 22:25   #4
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Originally Posted by Dippy
Hey Amit great going there

No wonder you S10 makes it presence felt at the meets nowadays here in Mumbai


u stole my words.
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Old 8th April 2005, 23:15   #5
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What about the S10.
Enjoy Canada, lots of cool cars... and babes with cool cars.
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Old 9th April 2005, 00:03   #6
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hey dude
enjoy yourself in canada.
and we are all expecting some kool pics soon !!!

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Old 9th April 2005, 00:05   #7
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Topic moved to Shifting Gears.
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Old 11th April 2005, 15:28   #8
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Hey dude,
Enjoy u'r stay and sure lookin forward for some pics too.... btw, wat do u do??
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Old 11th April 2005, 20:27   #9
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hey dude now you are in the land of hondas and mazdas....enjoy...
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Old 27th August 2010, 12:37   #10
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Default Moving to Canada

Reviving an ancient thread. But thought of using it rather than starting a new one..

I have been offered an opportunity in Canada, Toronto. Its an Onsite opportunity through our company and is for long term, atleast 1 year.

Now I have never been onsite for a long term and never thought of relocating. I am not a bachelor anymore and things are very different.

Request advise on the following,

1. How much is the approx cost of living in Toronto for a family of 3, Me, wife and our 1.5 yrs old daughter?
2. I would be earning around 4500 Canadian $'s Gross per month, before taxes. Can I live comforatbly and save anything at this salary?
3. Also, what is the approx breakup of compulsary monthly expenses, as in Rent, Utility Payments, Food, etc.
4. How is the education and healthcare system there? When can my daughter be admitted to a school there?
5. Hows the weather and social life there? As an Indian with nice social circle here, is it going to be okay to adjust there?

Request urgent help from you guys as I have to reply with my decision as early as possible..

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cyclops, on site is different in different companies.
There are two models which are followed.
1. Model 1, followed by MNC - Company gives you a furnished house, a car and some 50-60$ per day, which is called per diem. Official trips fuel and car rental is paid by company, and so are electricity and cable tv and internet charges(upto a max ceiling, say 1500 a month)
Since food is cheap in the west, people manage to save a lot.
2. Model 2, followed by indian companies sending their people as consultants or contractors. you are getting 4500$/month, and I assume, that this is all you will get apart from your air tickets.
4500$/month in toronto is fairly average salary.
I know quite a few people living there, and a two bedroom in a decent locality rents for around 1000$/month.
If you want a locality with a good school, expect to pay around 1400$
Food expenses are limited, and will not dent much if you cook at home.

Other canadians can elaborate about utility expenses, since I am aware of california only.

As for healthcare, canada is very good, and ditto for good schools.

As for weather, look at the last years max and min temperatures on or any other weather site like BBC. They have archives over last 10 years.
Overall, the west coast is a very nice place when it comes to weather. Its the east coast which has nasty weather(snowstorms etc.,)

Overall, I think if its for a year, you should take it for your career. A 1 year on site in the west shines on your resume, and there are lot of hiring managers willing to give that extra moolah to somebody who has done on sites.

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You should find out from your company how much you will get after tax deduction and use that figure to work out further details.
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here is weather information.

Toronto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have heard following about canada "health care is good, as long as you don't get sick". it's free but you can have long wait periods to get care, almost like indian govt hospitals.

since you are going on deputation, I assume you don't care about job scene there, only living costs and issues, the only problem I see if temperature. we ready to spend around 60% of the days in an year indoors. BHPian mohit gave me some good info when I was planning to move there sometime back.

Tornoto has a big indian community, in case you need to know. and you are eligible for filing a PR (green card equivalent) after an year I think, which is why most indian companies try to bring you back within an year.
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Default I love Toronto

Hi Cyclops

In a good locality the rents could be as much as $2000.
But for 1 year I suggest you stay as close to your office or where you can reach with only one ride(I mean bus or subway on one transit, multiple city transits will take multiple tickets)

If you r office is in Toronto then stay in Toronto, there are umpteen suburbs( and people refer all of them as Toronto) and if u go across them u wil spend on transit cost, this is applicable only if you want to use public transit.

Also if your office is in East then stay twards east and like wise. But Dontown will be expensive then u can stay either east or west and use the subway).

You can buy a second hand car which comes with its own problems and a heavy insurance. My suggestion learn driving and get a car for rent when you want to go out, good cars can be rented for $50 per day- petrol extra

Fairly OK apartment in a good area is around $800 for one bedroom. If you have only one kid then you can settle with one bedroom(Just don't tell you have a kid to while booking the apartment).

Food costs - veggie around $250
With $4500 gross you may get around $3000 net. You may get a small refund if your wife does not work and if you have a kid a lil more.

It gets quite cold in winter but u will get used to it.

If you stay in Toronto then avoid staying in Jane and finch area(notoriuos black area) and Scarborough area(notorious Tamil area - but its ok).

Its a great country and enjoy it and don't get scared for winter millions are living comfortably.

Ur location is Pune, if you are a marathi then check out for marathi mandal they are very active and nice people, If anybody says Amway or related things just stop talking to them (even if they are Mr. and Mrs Bill gates).

Let me know if you want more info. I have stayed there for 10 years.

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Old 28th August 2010, 12:36   #15
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Default Thanks!

@tsk1979, amitoj, vivekiny2k, DoNotHorn

Thanks a ton for your help guys..

You guys are correct, I work for an Indian company and they will be sending me as a consultant with fixed salary including everything, so I am not much concerned about the Job Scene there. I checked with my office and as estimated by DoNotHorn, the gross would be around $3000 considering 30% deductions.

My work location there would be in University Avenue Area. On google I found out its in Downtown Toronto and very close to Union Station.

Now a few more queries,

1. Will I be able to survive a decent lifestyle (forget about saving!) at $3000 per month? By decent lifestyle I mean the kind of living standard a working professional can maintain in Pune.
2. If I look at a decent place close to or well connected to University Avenue, how much rent is expected? Also how much would be my approx spend on transportation?
3. I read somewhere that for the 1st three months one has to buy the health insurance and its not provided by govt. How much we gotta spend on this?
4. I am also worried about my daughter, who will turn 2yrs this December. In India the school starts at 2.5 years, would she be able to attend school there at the same age?

I am quite confused and gotta share my decision with my manager till Monday morning. Keep the suggestions coming guys.. They are very valuable for me..

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