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Default US Airways with 159 Passengers Crashes Into Hudson River - Everyone Survived

All I can say is - this is a miracle. The Airbus A320 Crashes into Hudson river after being hit by a flock of birds in two engines. Everyone survived and taken off from the plane.

More news,pics and videos can be seen here :

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Yep, couldn't miss that one - all over the news.

Thankfully it missed the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, the GW Bridge; and ofcourse landing anywhere in Manhattan or Jersey City would have been disastrous.

ps. It's pretty cold here, I wonder why the birds haven't migrated south yet.

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Good that there is lot of water around NY. Stupendous job by the pilot.
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Thankfully everyones safe. Else, they would have thought whom to blame
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wow !

kudos to the pilots ! not even one fatality is amazing. The pilots should get a special recognition
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The flight didnt crash, it was a colossal effort by the pilot to land safely on water.
All the passengers and crew are safe, with minimal injuries. Hats-off to the pilot.
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Everybody on that plane has been gifted a second life, no two sides to that. Must have been the pilot's remarkable presence of mind. Well done!
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Later reports by CNN mentioned 2 birds flaming out one engine. In the event usually the airplane is capable of managing to fly on one engine. Why that did not happen, hopefully would be known after NTSB investigation. Is it possible that the pilot switched off the wrong engine instead of the hit engine leading to total power loss. Such incidents have happened in the past leading to catastrophic consequences. Anyway kudos to the pilot for execution of the emergency landing along with the calm manner in which the boats rescued the passengers in freezing water.
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Absolutely a miracle. That's exactly the prayers I used to have when flying weekly.

Though it makes the Gimli glider seem like a walk in the park!
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Guys checkout Flickr Photo Download: Plane crash into Hudson River
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Miracle,indeed. And a lot of experience + good thinking by the pilot.Thank God for the bird-hit happened 3 minutes into the flight..
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Some nice tips on How to survive an air crash

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