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I am sure the registration process is designed to ensure quality rather than quantity.

Anyways, I agree that this is the best internet forum. I have had lot of help from fellow TBHPians in route planning, help in reserving hotels etc. The members voluntarily give their cell numbers via PM and mentions I can contact them if I need any help. Where else do they do this?

Proud and glad to be at TBHP.
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I also tried twice before I was accepted a a member but I have no problem with that.
and this was when I was a member here a couple of years back but lost my login details and due to a HDD failure so had to get in afresh.
I feel that Tbhp is something special in India.

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Oh yes. In this matter im the proudesttt of the all.

Iím an avid reader of Team-BHPís post. Have been reading since a long time. There is a forum dedicated for offroading. Iím a big fan of that forum.
A user named Swastikviji created a new thread stating that there is an offroading event held in Coorg on 21st of December 2008. As the name stated itís an offroading event where in a 4X4 vehicle is a must.

I wanted to witness the event badly but I did not have an off roader. So I posted on that threat asking someone to who can hitch a ride in their Jeep. Promptly got a mail from a guy named Vijay (Star aqua) stating that there are lots of vehicles participating from Bangalore and I can hop into any jeep. He also mentioned a jeeper who stays close to my home.

I contacted that person (rajeshramanujam) and told him that Iím interested in attending this event. He was glad to give me a ride and also cleared off lot of doubts which I had in my mind as I never met anyone (BHPian) in person. As the tour was scheduled to start on 20th, he told that he will pick me up from Hebbal flyover. We fixed the meeting point and disconnected the call. This happened 2 days before the tour. Man, I must say I could not sleep the whole night out of anxiousness.

Finally the day arrived. Sent an SMS telling him that I was ready. Got a prompt reply that he will be there in ten. The bag was packed, took a rick and reached the meeting point. I was waiting to see the vehicle (dint know which vehicle he had).

Finally I saw a matte black jeep coming towards me. I swear it looked amazing. A quick introduction and then dumped bag in the back. I was like a kid let in the Zoo looking here and there as it was the first time Iím sitting in a jeep. It was a two seater jeep and had few interesting things like GPS, cooling box, AC and of course the driver.

Head straight towards the common meeting point for the Bangalore jeepers which was on Mysore road. The scheduled meeting time was 9 am when everyone promptly reached at 10. Finally we head towards a hotel for a quick breakfast and thatís where I got introduced to everyone. Met so many BHPians and I must say I had a trip of my life time. Check out the Coorg OTR thread for the pictures.

Rajesh, Swastik Viji, Stataqua vijay, prabhu, Siddarth, Khan Sultan, Samurai (can recall only these IDís as of now) and many more. You people rock !!!! Im proud to be a PHPian.

PS1: If you wanna have a trip of a life time, attend an OTR with BHPians. Ull never forget. Can bet my car on that.

PS2: If you need a favour/help on anything, ask BHPian, I bet ull get it. Its just how you break the ice.

EDIT: yeah regarding the membership stuff. I was declined 3 times. But hell yeah, now im a BHPian.

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Default Re: Take a moment, feel proud being a bhpian

Re opening a old thread.

Well here goes my incident of my association with TBHP. I was here in Germany for my masters, and met up with other indian students who were in for the automotive course. Just usual hi-hello chat and learned from them about their previous work experiences and they were from Tata motors, Force and Honda and mahindra. I profoundly overjoyed to see other petrol heads, started discussing about the cars from their company and details thereof. Within a week, one of those friends came to me to ask, why did you not choose automobile engineering? you have so much knowledge about cars, sometimes more knowledge than themselves.

Then I showed them the TBHP and guess what, within another week, they came back to me saying, they have never ever seen one such forum with so much technical and general information related to cars. A moment I felt really very proud to be a part of this community.

They now say that,although they are not in India nor members of TBHP, yet they recommend to their friends and family to check TBHP for car reviews.

P.S: One inside info: Parents of those guys are still associated with Tatas and Force motors - their parents are guests to our forum and do take huge feedbacks from our reviews and user experiences. They do no want to join but they do read through our ownership/buying and TBHP official reviews.
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