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Default Re: Concrete Highways and Tyre Quality

Originally Posted by supremeBaleno View Post
Were the tyres old or in bad condition leading to the blowout ? Do not have the details, hence the query
Apparently not. My point is that blowouts can lead to fatal situations. So, if one is going to drive fast on concrete highways, one better take every precaution:
* Tyres with atleast 2mm tread depth (some margin over legal limit of 1.6mm)
* Tyres which are correctly inflated
* Tyres without knicks or cracks on sidewall or even the contact surface
* Tyres which have done less than 55-60k km
* Tyres which are no more than 5-6 years old
I doubt blowouts can be solely attributed to only older tyres or less tread-depth. Is it that new tyres will absolutely not have a blowout ? IMO there are lot of factors at play. Ofcourse agree that it is safe to keep tyres in good condition - no doubt about that.
New tyres have much much lower probability. But underinflated tyres over a long high speed run, or if one hits some sharp object/edge can cause problems even if tyres are new!
Also, just having better gear does not mean one is "invincible". One still needs to exercise sane driving.
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With broad open roads and unkept tyres, most drivers on expressway give no heed to the technical details of what maximum their cars could achieve. Bragging about the speed run on public roads egg the sanest of drivers to fulfill the need for speed.

I hope the enthusiasts and regular readers would promote safe driving on the expressway.

The technical assessment of the tyres is a must and the link courtesy tire rack is a good way to understand the coded message on tyres.
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Default Re: Concrete Highways and Tyre Quality

Wheel cap over steel rims can contribute to a tyre blowout or damage to the valve. I have seen WagonR and even ANHC with oversized trims, they entirely cover the rim edges and go beyond to almost touch the rubber!! The sidewall can get pinched in-between the trim and the road when the tyre goes over the concrete joints or some debris on the road.

Ever tried touching the front wheel rim after an hour's drive on the highway? We won't be able to touch it without burning our fingers. And surprisingly the rear wheel are just warm. The notorious wheel caps reduce the free flow of air to the rims and thus reduce their cooling efficiency.

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